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The classical Armenian principle of life - To save the world from climate change

by Professor Hovhaness Pilikian

According to the findings published by the Stockholm International Peace Organisation in June (2005), global arms-sale in 2004 alone exceeded one trillion US dollars – the US accounted for half the spending, and worse, 7out of the 10 countries in the G8 – the world’s richest, “are in the world’s top ten armament spenders”. (1)

One of the more intelligent US Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, in a ‘Farewell Radio and Television Address to the American People, on January 17, 1961’ [] memorably defined “The military-industrial complex” feeding on Federal income – the nation’s taxes – and warned his people against that scourge of American democracy – his words, “Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. …. a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. …The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.”

Genocidal warmongering is the mainstay of the capitalist system of wealth creation for the few, by absconding with monies from the national treasury collected from the taxes of the relative poor, as the rich are allowed by corrupt laws to avoid paying any taxes – here is an outrageous fact that could cause the French Revolution… according to a book (The Murdoch Archipelago, by Bruce Page) published two years ago and reviewed in The Independent (17 September 2003), “Murdoch the politician, and his poisonous, distorting influence on the public life of Australia, Britain, the US and China”, owner of The (London) Times, and The Sun famous for its ‘Page 3 Girls’ publishing daily nude photographs of women, a bosom-friend of Mrs Thatcher and now of Prime Minister Tony Blair, “despite [his News International company’s] vast revenues, has paid virtually no income tax to the British exchequer for decades”.

And Mr. Murdoch is a notorious gung-ho supremacist supporting every possible war he can find going on in the world – “he will stop at nothing”. With fingers like his in every pie from Australia to China, America and Britain create genocidal wars to fight on – and all wars are genocidal by definition. Wars are the only way Britain and America can keep their capitalist systems – and Mr. Murdoch’s News International – going, by feeding the monsters that their military-industrial complexes have become. They are also the two infamous governments that have been refusing point blank over 2 decades now to recognize the genocide of the Armenians.

Naïve Armenians try to convince clever Jewish intellectuals that if the world had paid attention to their national genocide by the Ottoman State in 1915, the Nazis would have spared their genocide of the Jews. The latter, out of infantile chauvinism insist on the uniqueness of their national tragedy – as if striving for acquiring the best of everything should include even ‘a genocide’…

Genocides – mad mutual annihilation – have been with man-kind from the dawn of history. People built cities to exclude the ‘others’. It is blatantly documented in the Old Testament, so much so that by the New Testament, Jesus Christ declared the… Confucian attempt of peace-making as God’s wish – “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Mat. 5.9)

What we accept with pride as the beginning of Western civilization in classical Greece was a patchwork of countless city-states at each others’ throats. Outside the city wall, a man (women even did not count as human beings!) was in mortal danger as a ‘foreigner’!

The Roman Empire that created our legal codes – although Hammurabi, a King of Babylon had done the same in the 18th c. BC – was built on genocidal rivers of human blood, creating and leaving the legacy to the late 19th and early 20th c. empires of the West born out of the barbarism of the Dark Ages. In China, continuous massacre of kith and kin is on record even before the records of the same in the West, down to Confucius, who died (c. 479 BC) dreaming of the peace he could not bring to the warring genociders among his people.

Mankind does not learn from history, alas. Otherwise by now we would have built heaven on earth instead of the hell we still live through. The genocide of the Armenians taught the world nothing, however much the Armenian intellectuals would like to think otherwise.

The Nazi genocide of the Jews has not taught anything even to the State of Israel which would genocide the Palestinians yesterday if it could – and the reason it shall not, is because it cannot, not because Blair-and-Bush make the odd noises to protect the Palestinians, but because of the struggle of the Palestinian children battling Israeli tanks with stones! They have to battle daily, just to move from one enclave to the next, fight additionally their own brother Arab states corrupted by oil wealth, who could stop America’s defence of Israel’s fascism in its tracks overnight, if they really wanted to (2).

The State of Israel built on the Socialist principles of its founders could become a beacon for the rest of the poor and the oppressed and the horribly mutilated and the genocided of the world – itself alone with its military super-power could stop American attempts of world-domination and enslavement. The Israeli State, if true to the Socialist ideals of its founding fathers could save the world single handed from the evil of globlization, pollution and climate change.

Instead, having forgotten all lessons from the Shoah = the Holocaust, the State of Israel supports genocidal military regimes everywhere, denies the genocide of the Armenians – in the freshly‘re-decorated’ Yad Vashem holocaust museum, all mention of the Armenian case is genocided out of the records altogether – and has formed a secret military pact with the Turkish state supplying the genocide of the Kurds in Turkey.

Historically, Genocides have always been marked by the beating of women and children, alas part and parcel of the civilized code of male behaviour in the West. Throughout Western history, Women were always raped – something nowadays scholars are just about beginning to understand. The evidence from mythology and literature, almost without exception, describes reluctant women being chased, hunted down, and snatched by gods and men alike – traded in wars as booty, chattel, beaten and politely translated as ‘ravished’ but really meaning raped (3).

And Women are still raped and murdered daily all over the capitalist world, according to an Amnesty International report (1) It’s in Our Hands – Stop Violence Against Women, published in 2004. Every year, 2 million girls aged between… 5 and 15 are prostituted by mafia-men, this in addition to an incredible 79 million girls reported ‘missing’ mostly from Asia.

In the United States of America, a woman is raped every 1 minute – 4 are murdered each day due to domestic violence, while in Blair’s coalitionist Britain 2 women are killed each week for the same reason. In Pakistan, a thousand women are murdered every day for the glory of the male pride and honour… in Egypt, 97 % of married women aged 15 to 49 had their genitals mutilated, 130 million women globally have survived the same tragedy, with a further 2 million at risk every year…

This murderous treatment of women by men shows itself most dangerously in the capitalist rape of the world’s resources producing … Climate Change, the greatest evil yet, truly of Satanic Biblical proportion threatening the very existence of our heavenly blue-planet.

It is ironical that an inarticulate English (ex-Arsenal) Footballer should display the repulsive insight – in a Television documentary full of offensive foul words (4), he spits out “Mother nature – you are one bitch!”. Whatever he may mean, it sums up the capitalist male rapist’s historical treatment of the Earth as the Woman = Mother Nature (5).

If mankind had learnt earlier during its ‘civilizations’ the true egalitarian love and respect of the woman, Man may not have gone down the irreversible slippery slope of the pollution of his own habitat, the planet, the woman!

Western Scientists still want to dominate Nature, the way they dominate their women and children at home (6).

The Hurricane Katrina showed the American government, the most powerful in the world, to be a grotesque giant of clay feet… Chairman Mao Tse Dong used to call them a paper-tiger! There are still American scientists prostituted to their Federal government who insist that there is no climate change. Sir John Lawton, chairman of Britain’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, “In a series of outspoken comments…hit out at neoconservatives in the US who still deny the reality of climate change” calling them “climate loonies… I’d liken them to the people who denied that smoking causes lung cancer” (7), and they dig up old histories of natural disasters to prove the point, oblivious to the fact that governments of rapist men polluting the planet are nothing new either…

Decades of the sheer stupidity of the nuclear tests, first over-ground, then underground, now repeated by the new acquirers of the bomb – Pakistan, India etc. will have its long term effects – skin cancers in Australia, massive dying coastal reefs, unnecessary earthquakes, and the recent tsunami in the Indian ocean, the proximal region to the test sites of the Indo-Pakistani bombs… Because the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were re-built, extremely stupid people running the Western governments think that they got away with the possible long term damage to the environment.

Never – no-one can rape his mother (or Mother Earth) and get away with it – he will be destroyed as Orestes in Greek Drama, and as already similarly mankind is in danger of being so.

One needs no Scientific American articles to prove pollution and fatal climate change – twenty years ago, when a car passed me in London, the stinky pollutant disappeared instantly, fresh air returned immediately and could be breathed again – the world’s massive atmosphere could absorb it.

Today, a car’s stink lingers for a long time – the atmosphere we breathe is obviously saturated with the poisons we are knowingly spewing, to fatten the global banking of car manufacturers – China in our own historical memory used to use the healthy wisdom of the pedal power the West should have learnt from them – today, instead China has been taught the filthy ways of the American Tobacco, and cars, choking the Chinese people’s legendary longevity.

The Glimmer of Hope – the Armenian Life-principle

There is yet the glimmer of a single hope if men and corrupted women like Condoleeza Rice will come to their senses – there is the life principle of profound wisdom by which the traditional ‘classical’ Armenian lives – we live for our children. And therein lays the balsam to the world’s pains, and the ultimate cure to pollution, and the only path left to saving the planet.

Armenian parents live by the breath of their children – they lead their lives to ensure a safe environment for their children’s future well-being. The child is the parent’s Soul for a classical Armenian. The parents truly feel and show no favouritism among the siblings. They love them equally. This contains the ‘oldest’ vital evolutionary survival instinct misunderstood by the power-obsessed British Darwinists who think (Darwin included) that the ‘fittest’ is marked, sustained and supported by the parents for survival – hence parental favouritism among the humans.

It is true that in many ancient cultures (including the Western Greco-Roman), physically unfit children were left on mountain-sides in wilderness to die (like baby Oedipus dispatched by his parents) – good enough reason for the Nazis to gas them.

It did not occur to the ‘ignorant’ Darwinists to see the full scholarly picture – such children invariably were picked up by the ordinary people – nomadic shepherds and peasants who cared for them lovingly, healthily, unlike the ‘perfect’ children of the Aristocracy who were trained hard for war and sexually abused by their paedophile masters.

In fact the same Oedipus legend is evidence for this – he was nursed to health by a Shepherd, and exacted even though unwittingly a terrifying revenge upon his Royal biological parents who had wished him dead.

The classical Armenian tradition has preserved that true evolutionary trend that should force a re-evaluation of the Darwinist proto-Nazi absurdities. It is how my parents loved me and my siblings (five of us) equally. It is how my siblings love me and I – them. We would lay down our lives for the civilized welfare of each other, never harming the interests of the neighbours. When my first wife, the child of very wealthy American parents, decided to divorce me – my healthy old mother could not take it – she developed overnight stomach cancer and died within 3 months. No modern feminist would understand or support such mother’s love for her child.

On the opposite extreme of this classical Armenian cultural continuum, in the American way of life, I know, the whole world knows, they themselves know it too, how American parents do not know how to love their children (8) – they think it is through buying them presents…usually a cursed car – made the cornerstone of the US economy.

American parents then make the evil mistake of showing favouritism, playing one child against the other, breaking their hearts and minds, pushing them to the walls of competitive madness in preparation for the capitalist markets…and drug addiction. The American psychoanalytical literature abounds in confessions of un-favoured children competing for their foolish parents’ love.

The Americans live for themselves, worse than ever today by the philosophy of their Radical Lesbian Feminists – me-me-me-here-now-winner-winner-instant satisfaction! The horrendous Drug-addiction, with its consequent Mafia infestation of routine petty crime and prostitution are the norms for vast numbers of American children, documented by the scripts of endless Hollywood films.

The American government has been trying insidiously to hamburgarize (my word for globalization) independent Armenia, to destroy the Soul of Armenia. The result is starving children and their grannies begging in the streets of mafia-restauranted Yerevan, the capital city. Such sights were unheard of amidst the hardships of Soviet Armenia.

The classical Armenian life-principle, of parents living for their children’s bright future, moreover manifests the evolutionary law of civilizational development for the human species. There is not an alternative path to resist the masculinist regression (even when manifested in power-crazed women) to Barbarism.

The Armenian principle must be saved and taught to the world instead of being destroyed by the ultra ego-centric, ego-neurotic excesses of the hamburgarized American culture. The US is responsible for the 25 % of global pollution. The Amazon rainforests in Brazil are the lungs of our planet – they are being cut down, to create ranches… for beef-burgers down the American gullets and guts – those carbon dioxide cleansing, oxygen producing beautiful trees for all mankind forced down the American toilets! How stupid an arrogant nation can be? (1)

· 17.3 % of the Amazon rainforest has already been destroyed irrevocably
· 2.7 million acres of rainforest are destroyed every year in Brazil
· 22 % of Brazil’s population live below the poverty line while flushing their forests down American toilets! (9)

The Only cure to Climate Change

Systemic Capitalism will not, and cannot save the world from climate change, especially that it is the very cause of its exploitative destruction. Its cold non-human ideology that causes directly man’s inhumanity to man is one of sheer maximal amoral exploitation of anything and everything for limitless monetary profits. There are no other rules than this one in the Market, and don’t believe anyone who otherwise lies.

People, in Capitalism, do not matter – they are fodder for money-making sausage machines… its robotic stupidity is excellently displayed by Hitler’s idol – the American Henry Ford’s design for massive de-humanized factories producing petrol- guzzling, pollutants-spewing cars.

The British Mrs Thatcher, in awe of a rapacious and rapist US capitalism led by a clown like Ronald Regan had conceived a lunatic agenda to tarmac over the magnificent Railway network covering the whole of Britain, to hand it over to presumably the American car manufacturers to refresh the evil of a saturated market choking the British people of many cultures to death. And she was a compulsive (Churchillian) Red-hater advocating free markets while interfering with them. She was determined to make British Socialism (for her limited Reganite mind – embodied in the Labour Party) a footnote of History. She trumpeted so, ironically turning her own Conservatives into that footnote… Her US style Capitalism, indeed like all diabolical evil, contained the seeds of its own destruction – desirous of endless golden eggs in pure gold, capitalism always kills the goose that lays them…

As Mrs Thatcher was stopped just in time by the British voter, time is ripe for the world to stop capitalist world-destruction through the socialist humanism of the Armenian principle of life – people and governments must live for the children of the world, not kill them! (1)

· 30,000 children die every day in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, only and only through poverty and starvation. 300 African children die every hour from poverty related diseases. Every year, 4.5 million Africans die before they reach the age of 5. These are hard-core United Nations research figures. Over 22,000 children die in work-related accidents every year.
· The 3, yes, only 3, you are not reading it wrongly, richest people in the world control more wealth than the 600 million people living in the world’s poorest countries.

If this is not enough to boil your blood and turn you socialist – you may be one of those who rather fantasize about being one of the 3 – then what about the following, how far can average human decency be tried by the capitalist devil take all?

· 2.8 billion human beings, nearly half of the world’s population survive
on less than 1 English pound and 40 pence per day, the amount the average cow receives in subsidy in the European union…
· In the United States, the richest 1 % of the population owns 40 % of its wealth, while 40 million American human beings suffer homelessness…And the super-intelligent President Bush is determined to cut the taxes for the rich…

Nothing illustrates better the neo-Nazi inhumanity to man of the US neo-Con style multi-national capitalism than the sports manufacturer Nike’s own survey of its globalized works (published in April 2005) (1) –

· 25-50 % of the products sold globally by the German multi-national Nike is produced in factories in South Asia, incredibly and satanically restricting access to toilets and drinking water to the workers, and denying them at least one day off in seven!

All the above is practical capitalism and globalization in action for you!

There is no antidote to capitalist inhumanity than its diametrical opposite – Socialist humanism that puts people before profits where they belong. Forget the Churchill/Hitler/ McCarthy madness of anti-communist hatred – there is no alternative to the socialist humanism to save the world from climate change. When the flood shall come…the British Royalty may be saved in the vastness of their Balmoral estates on the highlands of Scotland, as the rest of Britain sinks under the waves, but they would not want to spend their days staring at the waters – they would need people to rule over, even of socialist hue, to toil away to preserve them up there hunting and shooting foxes and pheasants.

The mentally retarded US Senator McCarthy, in cahoots with the equally grotesque Edgar Hoover of the FBI, was convinced that Marylin Monroe was a…Communist (10). The Soviet Union is over, but official America still will not give up its ghost – like those forgotten Japanese soldiers still fighting the Second World War in their island jungles, waiting for their Emperor Hirohito to arrive… out of his grave, likewise the American neo-Cons are convinced Usama Binladen is a communist…

The American hurricanes are bound to increase in frequency and force, finally to achieve what the Communists of the world since the Manifesto written by Marx and Engels in 1848 could not for a century and a half – the final fall of capitalism, at least the eradication of capitalist inhumanity.
The great immediate wisdom would be to grasp that no capitalist of any kind, be it the American neo-Cons or the British merely Cons, is equipped mentally to save the planet from the Climate Change caused by the capitalist mindset of ruthless genocidal inhumanity. Time is approaching – and the demolition at the Ballot box of the British Conservative Party branded by the Reganite Mrs Thatcher is the sign to read – when no political party servile to the capitalist system will be able to solve the problems of doomed mankind, doomed because of the evolution of capitalism from the rise of a benign Industrial Revolution about 1760 in Britain to the genocidal madness of globalized imperialism raping the planet – killing people in wars, starving them in peace, raping women and children, eliminating the old, while exploiting the earth’s resources to dilapidation.

Politics very soon – if the planet must be saved – will be forced to go beyond all politics to solve the problems caused by counting stinking money in sinking Banks! The cornerstone of human misery, Warmongering, the staple diet of imperialist capitalism will have to finally end – modern technological warfare is a massive pollutant of global climate – the aerial bombardment of Iraq destroyed more of the globe’s protective Ozone layer from the sun’s ultra-violet rays than a thousand factories in China working for a year!

To repair scientifically the damage perpetrated on the climate, global peace must be made, as the ancient Greeks declared during the time their Olympic Games were held. The Greeks went back to their warring. Surely, 2 thousand years later, we should know better by making peace in the whole world permanent. This is no left-wing intellectual wishful thinking – it is the force of the capitalist-polluted globe that shall force it on filthy politicians.

It would be better if the world leaders begin converting themselves to socialist humanism, and convert their arms production factories to useful goods-production, before they are forced into doing so, while still there is some hope of saving ourselves on this planet.

There simply is no alternative to the classical Armenian tradition of living by the children’s breath – the foundation stone of socialist compassion and care for the innocent and the meek, as opposed to the Darwinist capitalist jungle of battling beasts.

Socialism is not a matter of Marylin Monroe communism, or sclerotic Soviet Bureaucracy, but the highest, noblest, most humane concept of civilized life, against the beastly uncaring capitalist cut-throat criminal barbarism, which was never the aim of the Industrial revolution that initially brought some plenty to the masses via advances in technology – very much the case of today.

We have enough technology to reverse the Climate Change, cut away and throw away for good the Damoclian sword hanging over mankind’s head, raised there by power-obsessed rapists threatening human life on earth – those mad men and women will have to learn that Mother Nature is all powerful –Life itself can never be wiped out by fiddly men and women, who can only suicide and destroy their own lives…

Life goes on in the universe even if there were no people in it – Astronomers make the childishly arrogant mistake thinking that the “dead planets” are dead – they may lack human life, but they definitely have their own life – they exist and evolve for all eternity.

Human beings could do the same if they were not so foolish, or short-sighted capitalists seeing no further than their noses…If only men and women could learn from their mistakes, and evolve out of capitalist inhumanity into socialist civilization – it shall also be the beginning of the very first true civilization, if such they would achieve.

And they could, when they shall agree to stop all wars, merely to re-build what their capitalism has destroyed of the ozone layer. Surely, mankind has the scientific know-how and technology to patch-up the hole in the sky, and in their heads – ozone can be pumped upwards to repair what foolish men have sucked in downwards, for stinking mammon in sinking banks…


(1) These and all subsequent statistics I shall quote are cited in Society Matters, No. 8, Autumn/Winter 2005-2006, edited by Richard Skellington, for the Social Sciences Faculty, at Britain’s largest University, the Open University, Milton Keynes.

(2) During the Vietnam war, the American Army was running on empty, and were happily surprised when the Saudi King flooded them with petrol, prolonging the genocide of the Vietnamese and the massacre of the poor illiterate American soldiers (mostly black) fighting they knew not for what!

(3) Machiavelli, who first tore the hypocritical Christian mask of virtuous Renaissance Princes by condoning abundant lying and murdering for the sake of holding onto power, was himself exiled just outside the gates of the city-state of Florence, where he was tortured in 1513, and wrote his famous book The Prince advocating for others what he himself had suffered!

Unsurprisingly, Machiavelli believed in being born lucky. He was also convinced that good fortune favours only the young ones and the bold ones. And, in a most disturbing passage, he defines good fortune as a woman who succumbs to the ruthless young man who beats and rapes her!

Machiavelli’s metaphor is truly documentary evidence that reflects the common social custom of his times in Europe. Until then, women were reluctant victims. It took 2000 years for the social evolution of the woman-kind into a victim beginning to enjoy her physical abuse in general, and the sexual one in particular – something that began to crack up only in our own times in the West under pressure from the Feminist revolution (of the 1960s).

(4) Shown on 6 October, 2005, Sky One – ‘Ian Wright’s Excellent Adventure’.

(5) Women themselves, under oppression and slavery to men for thousands of years (if not a million), have been corrupted to monsters and harridans, the kind of Britain’s Prime Minister once, Mrs Thatcher, whose destruction of Britain’s Health and Educational systems was such that for over a decade now, subsequent British governments are unable to put them right, in spite of massive investments from the nation’s Taxes, which in turn is creating new opportunities for further financial corruption on a massive scale. Money is disappearing down the NHS drains without noticeable improvements – Britain’s hospitals are still infected with the incurable MRSA etc.

Mrs Thatcher’s protection of the mass-murderer General Pinochet – the ex-president of Chile, who used to throw groups of political prisoners live out of aeroplanes like rag-dolls to kill them! – compares well with her failure as a nurturing mother displayed to the whole world by the criminal antics of her child, Mark Thatcher, who planned to lay his hands on the oil wealth of an African country, hiring a gang of poor pathetic pilots from… Armenia to fly his aeroplanes.

One of the great genocidal crimes of the male of the species was to prevent women’s Education. One of the few truly good men of history, John Stuart Mill (1806-73), philosopher and economist, shocked his world by advocating passionately the need to educate women – something the notorious Taliban government of Afghanistan invented by the CIA to destroy the communist regime there, even today would prevent tooth and nail… If the McCarthyism of the American governments was not terminally infected by Winston Churchill’s drunken hatred of Communism he shared with Hitler, then Afghanistan today would have been out of Genghis Khan’s Barbarism of two decades of genocidal wars… producing most of the heroin that goes into destroying the young in America.

Any wonder that women like Mrs Thatcher, and Condoleezza Rice are corrupted into the power-games that men play, only to play it better, and worse! Ms Rice today is the most evil face on earth doing Bush’s bidding in Iraq, only and only to keep her and the President’s petrol shares afloat, in full daylight robbery every day of untold millions of barrels of Iraq’s oil.

(6) I remember Harold Wilson, Britain’s prime minister, in 1970s, when declaring the North Sea Gas Wells ‘open’, he expressed British pride at demonstrating yet again Man’s continuous success at dominating Nature…his dominated wife found solace in versification, while his horrendous mistress was allowed to dominate both!

(7) The Independent, 23 September 2005, 1st Page headlines, ‘This is global warming, says environmental chief. As Hurricane Rita threatens devastation, scientist blames climate change’, by Michael MacCArthy.

(8) One of those horrendous child-hating women that must not be approached even with a mile long barge pole, Madeleine Albright, once the US ambassador at the UN and her country’s shame on motherhood, made satanic history in 1996, when asked on CBS by Lesley Stahl, if the death of 500,000 Iraqi children caused directly by the US forced economic Sanctions via UN could be justified – Ms Albright said in congealed cold blood (and Baboon English!), “That’s a price worth paying”.

(9) The mass stupidity in London is such that “Front gardens in London are disappearing at an alarming rate – a trend which is being blamed for flash floods in the capital. Two-thirds of all front gardens… have been paved or concreted over within one generation, according to a report from the London Assembly environmental committee”, Evening Standard, 19 September 2005 (‘Flash flooding is blamed on disappearing front gardens’ by Mira Bar-Hillel and Valentine Low, p.8).

And for what, you may well ask? – “The gardens are often turned into parking space.” Some house-owners, sacrifice even their front living room, converting it into a garage for their beloved car!

2,300 years ago, the great Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) was puzzled by one of his ‘minor’ observations – in Nicomachean Ethics, he labelled it akrasia=powerlessness – and he could still not decipher the causality of an individual’s behaviour whereby he knows that what he is doing is wrong and destructive, and will bring misery to himself and others, yet he still goes ahead and does it.

Aristotle’s stunning observation was misunderstood, mistranslated as the ‘weakness of will’ and produced worse havoc with the German philosopher Nietzsche’s (1844-1900) counter-arguments advocating ‘the strength of the will’, yielding Hitler’s Churchillian obsession with it – trying to impose his own impotent man’s will on the world, on the way producing the ultimate evil of global war and the genocide of the Jews.

Poor, Aristotle, if only he could foretell what total evil his innocent observation of human behaviour would produce 2 thousand years later… he had taught Alexander the Great – and when this latter began his conquests of the world displaying a proto-Nazi/modern American lust for world-domination, Aristotle left him – ‘escaped’ to Athens to dissociate himself from his errant student!

(10) If you can believe that Marylin Monroe was a communist, you will believe anything, especially as most Americans seem to, in alien abductions… always laced with stories of internal sexual examinations!


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