Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sex Shop in Armenia - my response

The GIBRAHAYER Internet Magazine ( ) had carried a news item on Tuesday November 15, 2005, about the opening of the first sex-shop in Yerevan, the capital of ex-Soviet, now Independent Armenia. Some Readers were outraged. Professor Pilikian wrote the following in defense of Simon Aynedjian, the Editor, and his cartoonist Tatiana.

Like most of your ‘traditional’ readers, I too was saddened by the news of Western Pornography finally making its ‘civilized’ appearance in our ancestral country… but unlike them, I was doubly saddened for their unfair aggression against your Magazine – I find it very odd indeed that some of your Readers seem to wish to blame… you (and poor Tatiana) for the Opening of the first Sex Shop in Yerevan, as if you were the owners… especially that you had made it abundantly clear that you were merely carrying forward a news-story from another website - Why don’t they vent their anger there? Why don’t they flood the Armenian Government with their protest letters while expressing their enormous gratitude to YOU for the information to wake them up to the facts of modern life – Western style? Humour is an idiosyncratic business. One man’s wit is another’s witlessness – fair enough, but what outrages me about the misplaced criticism of Tatiana’s sardonic caricature is the complete misunderstanding of her meaning – an apt mockery of the ‘respectable’ women involved in the porno business, not an endorsement of it… Pornography is not only the oldest profession, but also the jewel in the crown of post-modern Mafia-capitalism. It is part and parcel of the Business package imposed on the post-Soviet market economies! Bush-and-Blair freedom and democracy comes with Pornography, which is a 12 billion dollars business in the US alone… Today’s single sex-shop in Yerevan will soon mushroom to ten and a hundred in the next decades… The victims of the earthquake in Gyumri may still be living in Pipes and Containers, but they shall soon be given the fun of peeping into the porno shops – perhaps that will make them forget the misery of their living conditions! As for us in the West – the poor Armenians of Yerevan shall never be able to catch up with the sight on the British Television even today (21st November 2005) of Miss Carol Thatcher, the 52 years old daughter of the once world-famous prime minister Mrs Thatcher, pulling her underwear down, in full view of the British nation, to urinate in the jungles of Australia… - “Her action prompted the ITV show’s {I’m A Celebrity, Get me out of Here] bosses to order all the contestants to use the lavatories provided for hygiene purposes” (Evening Standard, 21 November 2005, p.7) You see, we the highly civilized British, the leaders with the US of the free nations of the world, are not shocked by the sight of the ex-PM’s daughter relieving herself in the jungle, NO, not at all, we are only concerned with the hygienic problems that entails! And finally, what of this, the most disturbing news yet – I who have seen it all, and consider myself to be shock-proof, I am shocked beyond despair – I read the news to my wife, ashen-pale and with trembling hands – a paragraph, lost in a corner of the free edition of the London Evening Standard newspaper (14 November 2005, p. 3) I shall quote fully, which has not even made the headlines – “THOMAS COOK [the world famous travel agents] is running tours of Amsterdam’s red light district – with a discount for children. Its trips will show prostitutes touting for business in licensed brothels. The tours, conducted at night, cost 12 English pounds for adults and 6 pounds for children under 12, while those four and under go free.” Children under 4 years of age do not have to pay… to tour the brothels of Amsterdam, with their parents of course, witnessing prostitutes touting for business! I think even the Mafiosi of Yerevan would not take such a tour yet…

This alone could have been cause enough for a socialist Revolution, if we in the West were not so dehumanised by the Bush-and-Blair market forces as to give Paedophilia social respectability. And where is Pat Robertson, America’s number one Christian fundamentalist and godfather of the new Cons who prays officially every Sunday? He was too busy indeed calling publicly for the the murder of Hugo Chavez, the democratically elected Christ-like President of Venezuela caring for the poor, a second Fidel Castro.

What a topsy-turvy world… can you blame the Jehovah’s Witnesses for thinking that Satan rules it?

Yours truly - Prof. H. I. Pilikian


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