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The Genocide of A thousand Armenian Souls by the Madmen of Azerbaijan

Nakhichevan is a stamp-sized territory – hardly 5,500 sq km, with a population of 293,900 (in 1989). It has never been anything but part of Armenia, ‘given’ in 1922 by the Soviet lunatic Stalin to ‘comrades’ in Azerbaijan, with which it has no common borders … Just as the British Prime Minister Chamberlain was to ‘give’… Czechoslovakia to Hitler presumably to stop, in fact to start the Second World War.

Such hollow diplomatic gifts were much prized by imperialist fools. Nakhichevan was famous with its ancient Armenian monuments, churches and cemeteries forested by stone-cross memorials, all of which the Azeri state tried to genocide systematically. As late as 1998, only protests from UNESCO could halt the ‘final solution’ of the state-organized cultural genocide. To-day, the genocide is complete – the last standing stones of the Armenian Soul are razed to the ground – a million and a half bits dumped into the river Arax winding its way nervously nearby.

It is a measure of Azeri government intelligence, and thank god they are so stupid, that they never thought of changing the Armenian name of the region – its historical passport of identity.

I was working on the English translation of an immensely interesting (forthcoming) book by Artsvi Bakhchinyan, on the activities of the Armenian merchants of New Julfa (a 'suburban extension' of Isfahan in Persia, modelled on the ancient city of Julfa in Nakhichevan) four hundred years ago, opening up trade routes with Russia, Scandinavia and Europe generally, supplying the courts of Western Europe with luxury silken goods etc., and by a most amazing coincidence, news came from my Scottish friend (an architect), Steve (Sim) that Azerbaijan is intensifying its massacre of the historical Armenian monuments of Nakhichevan, as a matter of State genocidal policy, to eliminate all Armenian identity from the territory – then, the evidential pictures from were broadcast …

As a total pacifist, I could still cold-shower my boiling fury – and now the Internet Magazine, GIBRAHYER – 27 December – contained the link where you can actually see with your own very eyes what you have never seen anywhere in the world – Azeri men, captured on film, mad, insane, hacking with heavy hammers, centuries old standing stones… a most incredible sight!

I would love to know what those pathetic barbarians were thinking while doing their job, obviously under neo-Nazi orders – but what were they actually thinking they were doing, and for what, to what end? Do idiots have thoughts? – They must have, as even animals have feelings that go into constituting human thoughts at its most uncivilized, violent level… so, what were those donkeys thinking doing their military duty?

Then, they loaded in army trucks the heart-broken stones, some with enormous cranes, smaller bits carried by them like mules – the stoned souls of Armenians as old as Noah – unrepeatable, hand made unique memorial records of immortality, finally murdered to smithereens by Azeri lunatics – children of Father Stalin!

Numb with despair at the sight of barbaric stupidity, let alone inhumanity of such hyenas littering the world around us – the wretched polluted of the vicious polluters of our planet – I asked my non-Armenian wife watching the video with me, – what would she feel if she were in my place – she said, they are killing your souls… Massacre by proxy!

The world-historical significance of Nakhichevan - Link with ancient Egypt

The Armenian stone-cross = khachkar is a unique cultural invention that had evolved as a Christian artefact during the middle ages, used to commemorate, hence immortalize, memorable occasions – public (like the consecration of a Church), and private – as a grave-stone, immortalizing the soul of the beloved dead.

Its origins stretch back to man’s first attempts at recording history – creating permanent ‘archival’ records of historical facts, structures labelled in archaeology as stelae – flat stone-boards, for inscriptions, with or without a curved top as an aesthetic feature.

Its erect posture unavoidably merged with ancient phallic cults, producing obelisks, topped either with penetrative pyramidal or indented conical heads – both a definitive visual representation of the glans. There is (now, alas, there was) in fact such a unique obelisk (with the conical indented head) among the ten thousand now totally destroyed that proved the historical link of the khachkars with the pre-historical Armenia, now gone for-ever – the loss is incalculable to understanding mankind’s cultural evolution still full of mysteries …

N(o)akh-ichevan (in old Armenian pronunciation) is one of the most ancient territories in ancient Armenia. The two cemeteries the Azeri military idiots have razed to the ground were landscaped very much like the ancient Egyptian Valley of the Kings. You need no eyes of the expert archaeologist to note the similarity – simply look at the photographic evidence. There is very little doubt that they are conceptually linked. I have a traditional archaeologist’s hunch that one day the Armenian Valley of the Kings will deliver its own ‘Egyptian’ funerary mysteries, proving that the Armenian variant served as a paradigm for the ancient Egyptian ruling elite.

During a seminar (before Christmas) at the London University, I was conversing with both Professors A.R.George – a leading Assyriologist, and J. David Hawkins, an authority on the extinct Luwian language. Prof. George accepted the Old Testament reference concerning Sennacherib’s sons killing their father and escaping to the Ararat Land (2Ch 32:21; Isa 37:37-8) as being Armenia – once upon a time even this was disregarded by experts! I remember the desperate efforts of Raphael Ishkhanian in Soviet Armenia trying to convince his own Soviet-Armenian scientific community that the Biblical record of the land of Ararat could mean nothing else but ancient Armenia, pre-dating foolish notions of Armenians not having appeared in history yet... Prof. Hawkins was perturbed by my suggestion that Armenian history stretches back to millennia long before even Sennacherib. He kindly gave me his card, in case I publish my ideas and would send him a copy.

The dogmatic opinion of non-Armenian speaking so-said experts on the* Armenians, and their Armenian followers imitating them, which badly needs a complete conceptual over-haul, is that the Armenians appeared in history about 7_ 8th c. BC, and ‘emigrated’ from… the Balkans.

Knowing full well Hitler’s ‘plans’ for Soviet Armenia – Hitler on several occasions mentions the Armenians among the untermensch = under-people, a Nazi euphemism for animals, the equivalent of what Orthodox Jews label non-Jews as goiim = cattle – Armenian political elites rushed into internalizing and confirming the foolish dogma about the Armenians-from-the-Balkans theory, trying to plead with Hitler not to do us in, as the Young Turks before him had done, and which Hitler was imitating.

The semi-literate idiot from Austria with the tooth-brush moustache, would not know what a distinguished Armenian Armeniologist – Aivazian – from Yerevan pointed out to me two decades ago that even the appellation ‘German’ could be shown to have derived linguistically from Herrman = Arman/Armenian. I myself could further point out that if Herr-mann = Lord-of-the-manor, it is exactly a meaning of Arman = nobleman (in Armenian).

Aivazian had already published a scholarly article demonstrating that the famous invaders of ancient Egypt, called by the Historian Manetho the Hyksos, that ruled Egypt for about 150 years and were eventually absorbed into the peoples of the region, had descended from historical Armenia – the very name Hyk-sos = the Hai, in plural form, ‘Haik’ in ‘krapar’ = classical Armenian (-sos- being a Greek particle = of, sons/seeds of; -k is the Armenian particle denoting the plural form, which leaves Hy = what the Armenians call themselves in their own Armenian language).

I myself shall go further and note that the classical Greek appellation of Egyptians is Ai-guptoi, as that of the Ethiopians is Ai-thiopoi. The mutual influences of both cultures on one another are still a matter of much ignorance, not to say study or debate. A valuable linguistic indication is that both names – and ancient nomenclature preserves the fossils of the bearers’ identities – are variants of the phonemic nucleus Ai – that of the Armenian identity in the Armenian language (it is the non-Armenians who call us ‘Armenian’ = sons/children of Aram – the patriarch ‘Abraham’ of the Old Testament that fathered both the Arabs and the Jews was one of them!)

Re-discover pre-historical Armenian Origins

Because hitherto Armeniologists have been searching for the ancient Armenian identity through the non-Armenian linguistic label of ‘Armenian’, they have missed completely the countless mentions of the (h)Ai and its derivatives, like in the feminine forms in classical Hebrew as Ai-ath, and Ai-ja (Isa 10:28; Ne 11: 31) – and this point is made and published for the very first time here, in this article in Gibrahayer – one of the most important hitherto never grasped being the name of the royal city of the Canaanites mentioned in the Old Testament (Jos 7:2; 8:11) – in King James Version, it even receives its Hebrew transliteration as Hai!

Abraham pitched his tent “with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east” (Ge 12:8; 13:3) {in the perfect literal translation of the Bible, by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, USA}.

One of the most powerful and mysterious figures of ancient Egyptian history was the grand Vizier of Akhnaten, equally instrumental in promoting the monotheism of the sun-cult, who also saw through the reign of Tutankhamun. He seems to have been the father of Nefertiti, the wife of Akhnaten. These relationships are still a matter of debate in Egyptology, but what is unquestionable is his name – And he was called literally Ai, obviously a (h)ai, as much a Hai-Armenian as Ay-nedjian, the great editor of this magazine!!

Taken the mention of historical Ai’s into account, the conclusion is inevitable that it is not only a single waive from ancient Armenia that has dispersed into the other parts of the ancient world, but wave after wave over many millennia.

The Armenians were not the Balkan migrants, immigrating into the lands of ancient Anatolia-Armenia, but were the autochthonous native people of the region, surrounding the Ararat Mountains, emigrating to other parts of the world, for many historical reasons not yet fully identified – including the volcanic activity in their land of a mountainous plateau.

The Pyramids of ancient Egypt were dedicated to the worship of the oldest god of the Egyptian pantheon, the sun god Ra – the Semitic inversion of Ar, which is the root in the Armenian word meaning the sun =Ar-ekag.

To me it is beyond reasonable doubt that thus, the Egyptian Pyramids were built as a commemoration of the Mountains of Ararat, on flattened earth, by a people who considered their origins to be from that region in ancient Armenia (remember their Greek-given name Ai-guptoi) – and the Ararat mountains to be the cult-object, viz. the most sacred manifestation of the god itself, of the sun-worship, hence its man-made ‘epiphany’ in ancient Egypt.

Link with biblical Noah

The appellation of N(o)akhichevan is a linguistic fossil of immense historical significance – I do not know (and do not care) how the ridiculous theorists of the Nazi-scared Balkan-origin of the Armenians think – it is crystal clear to me that Noakh is the true Hebrew appellation of Noah, preserved nowhere else (besides the Bible) but in the Armenian language here, signifying the pre-historical record of Biblical Noah’s descent from the Mountains of Ararat into this region of ancient Armenia – itchevan (in classical Armenian) = arrival-and-stay, it is where some Homo sapiens, perhaps Homo Sapiens sapiens re-started mankind post a major global crisis = the Flood – perhaps a major climate-change!

In Hebrew, Noa(k)h's name itself is eponymous, and literally means Hai-Armenian thus; reversing the Semitic form to its Indo-European equivalent produces the root (k)Ha(o), which is the Van dialect pronounciation of Hai - an Armenian from the Van region would pronounce Hai, as kh(o)ai. It indicates that the Armenians of Nakhichevan originated from the Armenian people in the Van region, spreading out of the Ararat mountains.

According to Dr.s Armen Haghnazarian, and Dieter Wickmann ( .icomos,org – ‘Destruction of the Armenian Cemetery at Djulfa’, 27/12/2005);

“Alexander Rotes mentions this cemetery in his description of journeys in 1648 and reports of 10.000 fully decorated cross stones. In 1605 the Armenian people of Djulfa were forced by Shah Abbas to settle in Persia in order to have trade and commerce developed by them in his country. He destroyed the town to prevent their return, however left the cemetery untouched. At the beginning of the 20th century, 6000 reclining and standing Katchkars were still counted.”

According to Gayane Mktchyan’s article ( – ‘Monumental Effort: Scotsman [Steve Sim] wants to prove Azeri policy of cultural destruction in Nakhijevan’, September 02, 2005);

“In 1903-4… there were 5,000… [by] 1928-9, there were up to 3,000… in 1971-3, only 2,707 were preserved…”, and now there are literally none – all broken up and dumped by enormous trucks in the river Arax flowing nearby like Egypt’s Nile…

A case for Freudian analysis

As psychologists, neither my wife, nor I are Freudian psychoanalysts – although we acknowledge the profound insights it may occasionally deliver if properly conducted. To me, what the Azeri military state has perpetrated may serve as a classic case for psycho-history, using Freudian insights to unravel the onion peels covering the hidden truth – the true intentions lying behind the bizarre human behaviour, by analyzing the behavioural patterns interacting with the metaphors of historical symbols.

As there can be no doubt that the medieval Christian Armenian stone-cross (not unlike the usual equivalent of ordinary grave-stones say in modern Britain) placed on the grave represents the dead person’s immortal soul, it is also a visual display of God’s omnipotence, his divine fertility, which in Freudian terms is the priapic phallus of the patriarchal god = the permanently erect, hence fertile, divine sexual organ.

By massacring these, the Azeri military donkeys were obsessively and homo-erotically hacking at the Armenian nation’s fertility, which can only mean one thing – genocidal intent, and perpetration by proxy. They could not murder the Armenian bodies in the neighbouring Republic of Armenia; hence, they transferred their murderous sado-masochist homo-erotic desires onto the phalli of the Armenians, violently stabbing at the very souls of the Armenians globally, and not only in the neighbouring Armenia.

Was Britain’s Baroness Cox right?

A few years ago, Baroness Cox, the Deputy-speaker of Britain’s House of Lords – one of the very few decent politicians left in the world, and a politician of sheer Christian decency – addressed an Open Letter to the Armenians of the Diaspora – to warn them of an impending 2nd genocide to be perpetrated by the same forces that attempted the first.

Ordinary Armenians – most of the Armenians – were stunned. They did not know what to do. I asked my MP, Sir Sydney Chapman, to seek out the truth from the government of Prime Minister Blair. His minister responsible for European affairs was Keith Vaz, MP, who naturally denied it, and decried it.

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Armenia meanwhile, that should have known better, was pretending to being staffed with world-class diplomats, submissive to British-US interests. They reprimanded Baroness Cox for being an alarmist, though about what, they did not know. And the clever-dick Keith Vaz, in a great vicious circle, was cheekily quoting in his letter to my MP Armenia’s own Foreign Minister to cold-shower Baroness Cox… only to himself resign a few months later for lying corruptly to the British parliament and people!

Ordinary sweet Armenians took comfort that after all the Coxian prophecy was not fulfilled. And now, the equally horrendous massacre of the Armenian Soul-stones seems to me to be vindicating the Lady’s prophecy … alerting the Armenians once again of an impending genocide that they may be ignoring at their peril.

Enough is enough – and is letter-writing protests enough?

I joined the peaceful computer protesters of – they had composed a very nice civilized letter to Secretary Rice of the Bush Administration. I wrote my name and address – on the computer-provided list, I had a difficult time finding my country, which used to be called Great Britain, England, a small Britain? Finally I located it as United Kingdom, and clicked it – the British, like insecure children, always gather around their Daddy King or Queen Mummy in times of crisis…but lo and behold, for some strange reason the computer converted my country to…Uzbekistan.

I wonder what Condoleezza Rice is going to think about this – Pilikian, London, Uzbekistan! As if she is going to read it… The letter to which I subscribed makes the sweet assumption that the Bush government knows nothing about the Azeri state-organized genocide of the Armenian Souls (“calling upon you …. To investigate, protest, and halt the Azerbaijani government’s ongoing destruction…” indeed!)

Poor, honey-sweet, naive Armenians, like the priestly looking journalist reporting the event on, and sweetly, impotently, raging and cursing in the name of God the Azeri soldiers, while filming their murderous deeds… then, having run out of polite curses ends up playing soul-enhancing Armenian Church music…

With Azeri Baku-oil, guzzled down the gullets and pockets of the Bush administration, they probably pricked the Azeri donkeys into genocidal action.

The letter goes on to flatter old George’s old Condie – “Knowing of your commitment to tolerance for religious diversity and your appreciation of the need for adherence by all parties to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention etc.” And I signed under this lie without even having read it – commitment to religious diversity… murdering thousands of Iraqis everyday, with a single commitment to oil-robbery!

What the Armenians can do

Option (1) Full Spectrum Dominance Armenian Style

The Armenian Military (and government) as a US ally (in Iraq for example), can follow his Master’s Voice, and have the honour of being the first member of the United Nations to adopt the US government’s paradigm and imitate its pre-emptive military action by invading Nakhichevan, which is an extension of Armenia, while lacking completely in any congruent boundary with Azerbaijan… Armenia has every reason under the sun to claim legitimacy, and legality in international law, while America had none to invade Iraq.

(a) The American and British governments lied, to create a casus belli = Roman Empire trickery to start a war of aggression. There never was any WMD, let alone their activation in 45 minutes… The Armenian cameras do not lie, and the grotesque evidence of intended genocide by the Azeri military is for the whole world to see – enough truth to take –

(b) Military action in self-defence – The Armenian souls are being massacred in physically congruent geographical territory, while neither America nor Britain were physically attacked by … a thousand mile away distant Iraq.

(c) The whole essence and definitional identity of the United Nations was decimated by the attack on Iraq. The UN’s definitional charter outlaws aggression on a member country, endorses military action only in proven self-defence. The American and British governments committed a horrendously, unforgivably illegal, and entirely criminal act by attacking Iraq. It is the equivalent in the individual, of rape that can never ever be legally exonerated, let alone justified.

(d) The Armenian government on the other hand, will be acting precisely in self defence, not as an aggressor, in full protection of the UN charter, as the fact of the massacre of the Armenian soul-stones is incontrovertible, hideously proven, precisely like a rapist’s murderous act caught on public TV cameras.

(e) Unlike the vicious military destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, and the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents, the Armenian government shall not need to employ heavy military equipment – as the whole territory of Nakhichevan is sparsely populated. As for the Azeri military – they probably know that the Armenian public has the Bomb.

Does the Armenian Republic have the nuclear Bomb?

Of course I do not know. A mere intellectual, who am I to know?

But perhaps it is safe to assume with the Azeri military that Armenia indeed has the Bomb, and admire its administration’s wisdom not to play with fire.

Armenia has been running a nuclear reactor to generate electricity for at least two decades now, even at a great cost to the health of its citizens in the vicinity, and worst – built on a geological fault line, it is only a matter of ‘divine’ good fortune that it has not exploded hitherto in an earthquake…

During Perestroika, I asked my MP, then Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher to personally negotiate its closure with President Gorbachov of the Soviet Union. It was shut down and stayed shut for several years. Unfortunately, the combined massive stupidity of Turkish and Azerbaijani governments’ economic blockade of Armenia later, forced the Armenian government to re-open it.

It is therefore hugely unlikely, that after so many decades, and genocidal threats from its Tukic neighbours, Armenia would lack the ability to produce the Bomb, when moreover; Armenia was a much valued first class centre of scientific achievement in the Soviet Union.

I thus conclude, by sheer philosophical logic, that Armenia must have the Bomb, as not to, would be a sign of congenital stupidity which is not at all the historical case of the Armenian people. The same Minister of Foreign Affairs, who questioned the veracity of Baroness Cox’s warning, playing super-duper diplomacy, will honour me, I am certain, by denying the truth of Armenia’s Bomb.

Option (2) the Ukrainean Orange Path

There is no just war. As a total pacifist, I advocate no war at all – I support wholeheartedly the Anglican vicar Bruce Kent’s movement to abolish war itself, its very abhorrent and inhuman concept and contexts.

It is ridiculous that some (even the Archbishop of Canterbury) categorize last-resort self-defence action as a form of war. It is not at all – it is the life-force, the survival instinct empowered. Gandhi’s peaceful mass-resistance defeated one of the greatest military powers in history – the British Empire. And as recently as last year, the Ukrainian masses achieved their revolution without a drop of blood spilt.

A million Armenians from Armenia, unarmed, can drive in buses into Nakhichevan on a Sunday, under the protective shield of the Armenian military, and once and for all re-take what has been theirs since time immemorial, viciously torn from their bosom not even by military force, but in mere communist brotherhood – the Armenian communists had voluntarily accepted the donation of their land to their Azeri fraudulent-communist false-brothers, to cement Stalin-sponsored lunatic policies.

Are there other options? – a lot, like writing letters to President Bush, and the New York Times, that denied the 1915 genocide of the Armenians for decades, and the Time magazine which even a few months ago distributed with its European edition a Turkish sponsored DVD denying the same…

The first two options mentioned above remain the only effective options. Failing those, Baroness Cox’s prophecy shall be the last option.

P.S. As I finished writing my last sentence, by a puzzling coincidence, news arrived that my 25 years old daughter Thea Pilikian’s close friend, Rachel, has… killed herself – a sensible girl, sporty, full of life, adventurous, parachutist, decent loving parents, she has walked out on Christmas day after a joyous family lunch, she has gone onto a bridge overlooking car traffic, and thrown herself onto the harsh tarmac… I shed a thousand tears, incredible news, at an incredible time, Jewish holocaust, Armenian genocide, what life, so sad, so…


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Edwina Charles said...

I find Professor Pilikian's article extremely moving and thought provoking. What a unique and corageous writer. I look forward with great interest to reading his next piece.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Artyom said...

Hi prof. pilikain. so much passion. great job. i just came across your blog, and i too blog on armenian issues. and i am going to link away your post, if you don't mind.

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Hi prof.Pillikian. I always receive your intersting e-mails. I`m from Uruguay. I don`t understand English very well, but here I stay...visiting your Blog-spot.
Vartan Kalemkerian

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Hello Prof. Pilikian.
This is gonna sound really strange, but then life can be strange sumtimes. Anyway. My name is Craig Keane and I met you, I think at a metaphysics bookshop or near it in the Holborn area, can't remember which. It was about 2/3 years ago. We walked and talked for about an hour or so about studying and meditation etc. I was thinking about studying and you were trying to help me. I can't really explain in words what happened that day, but something unexpected and ordained grabbed my Spirit then. It freaked me out and I never got in contact with you again even though I had your number and really wanted to. Now my friend Christoff and I would like to talk to you.

How do we meet up again?


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