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Will the State of Israel Survive Its Zionist Policies ?


Our understanding of the ancients (History, philosophy – all) needs a complete intellectual overhaul – we admire them for the wrong reasons, and here is a case in point – the great achievement of Judaism is not its concept of monotheism, which it lacks entirely, but, for the very first time in recorded history,

(1) Preserving the self-critical, conscience-building texts of a culture in barbaric turmoil,
(2) Struggling to create Civil Society obeying laws, laws that attempt to humanize the violent beast that man is –
(3) Preserving even the very record of the failures of those who tried their damnedest against all the odds, of the Sodom and Gomorrah, where even the children were corrupted beyond redemption – they too demanded sexual intercourse with the Angels sent by Jehovah to deliver Lot and his family…

In a sense, there is no ancient civilization in the true meaning of this word. All of them perpetrated and institutionalized Slavery – the worse of humanity – the pits of inhumanity!

The Pyramids, and the Parthenon, and the Wall of China were built by enslaved people – I am aware of foolish recent theories pretending otherwise – some airy-fairy historians even romanticise the lot of the Roman slaves, because the latter could theoretically (one in a hundred thousand…) get rich enough to buy his (never her!) freedom.

No ancient ‘civilization’

Historians confuse technology with civilized behaviour. Today, the US and Russian Mafia pornographers live in absolute luxury, exuding the impression that they possess any other culture but violent crime. Sometime Russia’s drunk President Yeltsin sold the country’s natural gas wealth to Yukos Company-mates for perhaps a bottle of Whisky… from the country of the other of History’s famous drunkard, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, whose famously slurred speech broadcasts during the second world war was not because it was his natural trademark rhythm, but because he was drunk most of the time…

The ancient Egyptians could build the Pyramids, but their aristocracy lacked the civilization of not-marrying their sisters. The ancient Chinese could invent silk from nature, but their aristocracy lacked the civilization of not-binding the feet of their women folk – they desired women with the feet of 3 year-olds… they then castrated big-men for eunuchs to carry their small-feet women around, like Barbie-dolls…

And the great wise Confucius said – “One hundred women are not worth a single testicle”. Gay men today may fully agree with Confucius, but any man that confused about women – their mothers and sisters – can never hope to achieve any degree of civilization.

I define Freedom, Peace, and Compassionate-living as the 3 pillars of a civilized society. If so, and other factors being well (like no global destruction because of the Climate change), then present-day mankind shall need another 10,000 years to get finally civilized… At the beginning of the 21st century, with the genocidal 20th c. behind us – the most violent yet in human history with 2 World Wars, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam etc. – we have not even begun yet to build ANY civilization…

The Multi-ethnic Secret of History revealed here for the very First Time

One of the greatest errors, whether by design or as a result of sheer ignorance by the so-called experts is the concept of nations as ‘pure’ this and that; German, English, Italian, Armenian, Jew, Greek… There never was such an exclusive ethnos – the perversion of this historical fact has produced the great fraud of ‘pure race’ or homogenous ethnicity, something experts would do well to begin to finally understand and put to rest, after the massive genocidal harm 19th c. nationalism caused as a result of it

The Founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, whose parenthood is still questioned (he had blue eyes…), forged ‘pure Turks’ from the Ottoman… melting pot, inventing the myth of a dozen Turkish medieval forefathers, like Genghis Khan, Hulagoo, Alparslan etc. whose busts can be seen in a public Park in Istanbul – the hilarious thing is that all the statues look alike, as they are born out of a sculptural fantasy… Today, there are ‘pure’ Turks who do not know they are mixed Armenian, Greek, Jewish, Kurdish, Black African – I know a most charming Black African lady in London, born and bred in Istanbul – she considers herself to be a Turk, and assures me that there is indeed a centuries-old black Turkish community in Istanbul – I was surprised the Grey Wolves of modern Alpaslan have not massacred them…yet!

Because all the Chinese look the same to the eyes of the white racist historians in the West – “slitty-eyed” in the immortal phrase of Britain’s Duke of Edinburgh – they never bothered to discover that China was one of the first multi-ethnic, multi-cultural melting pots the ‘civilized’ world had begun with. A Chinese can be any one of a hundred inter-mixed nomadic tribes.

One of the great proto-Nazi perpetrators of the pure race concept – the British Eugenicists (of which Winston Churchill was an ardent supporter – he wanted to eliminate, never mind the horribly labelled “mental defectives”, but even people with migraine!), who served as paradigms for later Nazi purifiers, could not grasp that the English were from the ‘compoundation’ of Normans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Celts, Armenians – according to the Preface of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, Romans – nothing could be more multi ethnic than the Roman armies and their camp followers teeming with breeding women – Germans, Greeks, Africans – post-slavery ethnically absorbed – their skin-colour vanished through mixed marriages – via the Victorian lower classes.

It is outrageous that in pursuance of infantile American models, Britain’s Chancellor of Exchequer, and a Prime Minister-in-waiting, Gordon Brown, a Scotsman himself, who every now and then comes up with the worse of right wing idiocies – last year on a visit to Africa, he glorified British Imperialism… and now wishes to go “unashamedly patriotic” as if there ever was a pure British race – like the ridiculous Americans trying to fantasize a pure American nation with flag-waving and wolf-whistling and balloon-flying at party conferences, which have become the laughing stock of the political world! (see newspaper article, ‘Gordon’s Flag Day – As Premier of patriotism, Brown will encourage us to celebrate our great nation’, by Benedict Brogan, Political Editor, Daily Mail, January 14, 2006, p.10).

No wonder Chancellor Brown delights the lower guts of every Great-Britain Daily-Mail nationalist creep in the land – “He will urge an American style move towards more open expressions of nationalism – including a flag in every garden”, Mr Brogan continues joyfully, “he has explicitly defended the achievements of the Empire”, and here comes the punch-line, the horrible truth in the small-print, in the concluding paragraph – Britain’s future Prime Minister really truly is only after creating the next generation of cheap slave-labour force – “Mr Brown will call for the creation of a British national community service, based on an American model and aimed at young people from poorer backgrounds.” The wealthy young people can inherit the Banks… and the cocaine ‘service’.

The above example of Mr Brown’s Don Quixotic antics on the theme of racist nationalism is enough evidence that historians have not yet grasped the multi-ethnic nature of the rise of ancient ‘nations’.

In spite of all Nazi attempts at modern nation-building via racial purity, the British of today are an excellent example of multi-ethnic identity – I, an Armenian, came to London from the Lebanon. I married my first wife, a Celtic flame-haired American surnamed Rademacher – of Dutch, Jewish, German and English mixture. We produced three British Armenian Dutch German Jewish English children. I married a second time, my present wife surnamed Stephens – an English rose, of Jamaican African parentage, born and bred in Derby – a heartland of English pure… we produced three children of British African Armenian Jamaican English descent.

Armenians were Hai (from ‘King’ Haik), Armens and Arameans (from ‘King’ Aram); Achaeans, Achaemenians, Hittites – these called themselves Khatti – ‘Kh-ai’ in the Van dialect of Armenian (= ‘Armenian’) is the phonemic root of also A-chae-ans and A-chae-menians, all descended from Armenia’s region around Lake Van; Phrygians – Herodotus considered the Phrygian language to be Armenian; Lydians, Celts – Herodotus brings them out of Anatolia, ancient Armenia; Urartians (= Ararat-ians); Parthians – the Parthian King Mithridates was married with the sister of Armenia’s King, whence he also found safe haven escaping the Medes; the inventor of no less than the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots was Parthian; Persians, Medians, were Assyrians and Babylonians – the Armenian legend of Shamiram, the fertility Queen of Babylonia… Ionians – the phonemic root is Ai =Armenian in literary Armenian language, became Etruscans in ancient Italy – a rare copy in the British Library of a book published in London 1841, titled The Armenian Origin of the Etruscans, by Ellis.

Armenians were even … Chinese – according to the 5th c. historian, Movses Khorenatsi, the Armenian aristocratic house of the Mamikonians that had the sole duty of defending the Medieval realm of Armenia was founded by the Chinese nobleman Mamkun, who had reached Armenia in search of a safe haven escaping the endless internecine wars in China!

And Jews – the ‘national’ legend of Noah and his Ark saved (from a global disaster of climate-change producing the Flood) on the peaks of the Ararat Mountains – later sanctified as the Ark of Covenant containing the sacred Torah which records the Genesis of the legend itself – leaves no doubt whatsoever that it is a historical record of the Jewish origins in the heartland of Armenia. To deny this, as Zionists have done, is an act of ‘national’ masochism or self-immolation!

From Armenia back to Armenia, with love…

When the Armenian King Tigran (referred to as King Tiridates in Greco-Roman sources) created his Empire matching the Roman – a century before the Romans sacked Jerusalem, Tigran had transported a whole community of Jews from Palestine he had captured, to populate a new capital city he built in the heartland of Armenia and named after himself; Tigran-a-kert = gloriously-built-by-Tigran.

It was a homecoming for those Jews – mentioned nowhere else but in the 5th c. Armenian “History” by Movses Khorenatsi (= Moses of Khoren). According to the same Khorenatsi, the Medieval Armenian aristocratic house of the Bagratuni that ruled the famous city of Ani with its one-thousand-and-one churches was progenitor-ed by a Jew named S-mbat (perhaps a linguistic derivation from Hebrew ‘shabbat’ – also the Armenian name for ‘Saturday’ – the week-day).

I love those ‘Jews’ of the Bible, and Jesus Christ first of all – in my own father’s immortal Armenian ashkharhi arachin isgagan hamainavereh = the world’s first true communist – who taught man’s barbaric world lost deep in the Jungle the rules of Socialist humanism, compassion, love for the neighbour (though not his wife…) – all that makes a human being humane, and not a mindless senseless thug, despite and, perhaps even in spite of, the most horrendous foul deeds the mindless racist world did to each other.

My father was such a one – appropriately named Israel… as a child of ten, he was deported with mum and dad and the relatives from his hometown in Adapazar (present day Turkey), had walked for three years to Kirkuk (in present day Iraq), had buried his younger brother of five under a few stones in a ditch on the road to the river Khabur (in Syria), had seen his younger sister snatched by a Turkish soldier, gone for-ever… {Is there any new Turk on the Internet with an Armenian mother snatched out of genocide in Kirkuk? They’ll be my cousins I would love to hear from).

Israel, my Dad, had supped full of Satan’s Last-Judgment bloody deeds, and yet he suffered no hatreds, bore no vengeances, would wish no one ill, helped all he could anyone, but anyone, in need … he had lost several fortunes doing so, having made them in the first place through sheer honest work in Iraq and Lebanon, and until his last days in London aged 95, my father Israel could not understand at all the mind of those set on Revenge.

I love the Old Testament Prophets, and Moses first of all – History’s greatest… Bastard – literally, not metaphorically – suckled by an Egyptian princess – perhaps her first healthy child born outside the incestuous sheets of the Egyptian aristocracy.

I love Isaiah and Jeremiah who braved the ‘Zionist’ evils of their own people to teach them self-esteem via self-criticism – the foundation stone that gave rise to human conscience – the single trait that distinguishes the humans from the animals that altogether lack even the possibility of building up Conscience, because conscience needs self-analytical linguistic skill animals cannot develop. And without the emergence of Conscience, there can arise no civilization.

I love the post-modern prophets of old Israel, the two Jewish American professors, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein – the sole well-known truth-speakers in the whole of America, and every member of the heroic B’Tselem – the Israeli human rights organization watching and screaming like a hawk over the Zionist state-crimes perpetrated upon the Palestinian Arabs. Together, they stand proud like the Ararat Mountains, shielded by their sheer truth against the fascist lies of Zionist Israel – or is it the Zionist lies of modern fascist Israel?

The problem of Jewish identity (who is a Jew?) is as complex as identifying the multi-ethnic strands constituting the identity of any one of the ancient peoples. As shown above, historians hitherto have lacked even the intellectual framework to begin pulling the strands of the multi-ethnic ball of wool to knit the true tapestry of ancient history.

The label ‘Jew’ in English signified no more than a linguistic equivalence to refer to ‘people from Judea’, which is a geographical appellation of a region filled to the brim with multi-ethnic people – Phoenicians, Canaanites, Arameans, Armenians, Amorites, Arabs, Persians, Philistines, Bedouins, Ethiopians – Queen Sheba visited King Solomon (as much a Jew as Moses…) born of King David’s Hittite wife – not even Solomon’s mother was Jewish… and Solomon kept a harem of several hundred women from all ‘nations’…

I have met Orthodox Jews in London’s Golders Green who think they are the ‘pure Jews’, their Rabbis descended directly from Moses… They don’t consider Reform synagogues to be Jewish at all. And they label the rest of the world including the Ashkenazim – in their books non-Jews – as Goi-im = cattle! When the Nazis dehumanized their Jews as ‘vermin’, they were really following suit…

But will the Jewish state created at the heart of multi-ethnic greater Palestine survive the extra-Zionist act of historical…poetry?

That the State of Israel MUST survive is a global wish, but the question remains, can it? Those who would be puzzled by the very question must remember that Israel has been locked in literally a daily battle of survival from the very first day of its birth fifty years ago.

In pre-historical times, city-states were created by mythical heroes. Theseus was presumed to have been the founder of Athens, Romulus founded Rome; Haik of the ancient Armenians founded the H-Ai of the Old Testament.

Few people can appreciate today that, unlike the old semi-mythical heroes, the creation of the Jewish State was an act of great utopian… Poetry, written by the Austrian-German journalist-playwright Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), who conceived of it first on… paper [published as a book titled The Jewish State (1896)], and died before he could witness its actual physical birth by violent-Zionist midwives.

The almost-fascist Zionists turned the newborn State of Israel immediately into the Whore of Babylon for Anglo-American imperialism, as the only path they could see for self-defence and survival. That less genocidal alternatives did exist is a fact, although contingent historical acts (and the facts about them) cannot be altered, and may be regarded as evolutionary accidents of mankind’s overall history. Although the past cannot be changed, the present can, for a better future.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, under American tutelage and pressure, came to convert whatever of Democracy for the Palestinian Arabs was left in Israel into an oppressive fascist state. His most despicable act, and the final clinch onto the body of genocidal fascism was the secret military treaty he signed with the other great fascist state in the area, Turkey – a desirable Anglo-American NATO ally (I would say a whore of Nato) blatantly and brutally genociding the Kurds under our noses.

Ehud Barak’s landslide victory at the dawn of the new millennium (1999) signposted the final stage of the cancer festering at the heart of the Israeli state, manifested by the murder of Rabin by no less than an Orthodox Jew.

Barak I think understood that the Israeli electorate gave him the mandate to cure the cancer by re-democratising the Jewish state, as the very Soul of Israel itself, is on the verge of extinction (ancient Egyptians were certain that Souls too may become mortal). Barak, whether by subtle design or political impotence, alas, failed, and worse, turned an international liar, going around Anglo-America telling TV companies that as prime minister he had offered everything the Palestinian Arabs had ever wanted, but that their leader Yasser Arafat had turned him down.

Modern Israelis may be free themselves, but they are treating their Arabs as Old Testament slaves, and like all slave-masters are turning Nazi. We all know what happens to the Nazis – they die like rats in bunkers.

The Threat to the Jewish Soul – Danger to World Peace

It is not the Jewish soul as such that is in danger of mortality, nay, the vitality of the Jewish Diaspora communities is more alive and powerful than ever before at any time in the last thousand years of human history.

But no amount of vivification from the Jewish Diaspora can save the Zionist dehumanization of the Israeli soul, without the latter’s own democratic internal revitalization. Israeli people are in a desperate state (and I intend the pun!)

And all the Judophiles in the world must do all they can to help save Israel’s soul from Nazi concentration camp commandants like Ariel Sharon, who, because of full US support for his genocidal actions at the Palestinian Sabra and Shatila camps in the Lebanon, dared do the same in 2002 at Jenin, this time at the heart of Arab Palestine.

It had taken Western Christianity two thousand years to finally officially and formally forgive the New Testament ‘Jews’ for what they had done to Jesus Christ. Ariel Sharon had the cheek to turn back history, threaten with tanks the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, and that on the day of Easter Resurrection, spitting metaphorically at the Soul of Christendom, just like the Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem gang up regularly literally to spit at the Christian churchmen during formal public processions – our own saintly Patriarch in Jerusalem, Archbishop Torkom Manoukian, the most beatific of holy men imaginable, and a great classical poet in Armenian literature, has even suffered physical attacks by the Orthodox lunatics in Jewish Jerusalem – yet the Christian fundamentalists of the USA kept silent, and the Pope said nothing!

If not restrained by the sane world (hopefully by the Chinese government, as the only power balancing an America gone mad, while Russia is being converted into a drugs-brothel by its dollar-gobbling Mafiosi), an Ariel Sharonite would dare genocide the whole of Arab Palestine, which has been deliberately turned into a heavily guarded concentration camp over the last decade by the Israeli State ready for such an eventuality.
The greatest danger today to world peace are not the Saddam Hussein-type Don Quixotes, full of hot air – Saddam was threatening Armageddon in Kuwait, and his much feared Republican Guards laid down their tanks in the sands, kissed the boots of the American soldiers, and sobbed for their mummies in Baghdad, while another Nazi madman like Sharon called appropriately in German a “Black Head” – General Schwarzkopf – bombarded them to smithereens from the air. How can that General Block-head sleep at nights, decorated for his inhumanity?

The greatest danger to world peace today are Israeli prime ministers in the image of Ariel Sharon, who has the Bomb (Saddam carried a hunting rifle!), and would not hesitate to use it, as my friends in Tel Aviv have told me frequently, just to kill Palestinian Arabs, even if it also meant Israel’s death. It will be the greatest suicide bomb of all time, exploded not by a sad Palestinian stone-throwing Arab child, but by a Jew, the likes of whom killed Rabin, the peace-maker, whose bosom-friend Shimon Perez, sometime prime minister too, blessed Sharon’s every madness – no wonder, he is also the greatest Israeli denier of the Turkish genocide of the Armenians!

The sane Voice of British Jewry – the Only Hope

Forget the American Jewish elite – Israel is their violent hobby. Ariel Sharon went to President Bush to seek approval, and got it, for his murderous intention to literally kill Yasser Arafat, his Arab cousin from the seed of Abraham – incredibly, lunatically, Sharon announced it globally, proudly – an act for which he can only be forgiven ironically in heaven by the New Testament God of Love he hates – for which he could never be forgiven by the Old Testament God of universal Justice acting in this world.

But the sane voice of British Jewry is (finally!) speaking out – Gerald Kaufman, MP an ex-Labour minister, the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, a superb intellectual and a scholar, are supporting the rational voices heard in Israel itself, like former minister Yossi Beilin, Prof. Ilan Pape, Yehoshuya Leibovitz, the true Jews of B’Tselem, etc. and most heart-warmingly the wise group of young Israeli soldiers refusing to kill in the Palestinian Arab territories.

What are the choices offered to Israel by History here and now?

They are three:

(1) The strong-arm power-obsessed dominating-master option the Zionists perpetrate, which one would think had vanished and written out of history with the mad Roman Emperors like Nero – who burnt down Rome to sing a song, and Caligula who declared his horse as co-emperor… The master-slave politics is still very much the guiding principle of Anglo-American foreign policy, alas, imitated the world over by every pathetic government fantasizing about acquiring global power.

Power-based and obsessed politics is inherently imperialist, racist, warmongering and genocidal. It succeeds only temporarily because of the use of military violence. Ultimately, it always fails, thank God.

The greatest evidence of my theory is the absolute fact of the universal collapse of all empires throughout human history. There is not a single exception to this global historical rule, that genocidal violence and all wars to sustain empires always ultimately end in the annihilation of the very empires they foolishly conspire to eternalise.

The beginning of the end of the Catholic Church, for example, came when, by the eleventh century, the Pope had become a…American President of today – the most powerful man of the medieval world, a wholly power-crazed politician, that evolved into the anti-Christ when in the name of Christ the Popes gave birth to the Inquisition that butchered a million Europeans…

The latest proof of this almost mysterious law of human history was the collapse of the all-powerful Soviet Union in our own lifetime, overnight, like a pack of cards. It is a pity that the present super-powers (America and Britain) still persist in their childishly hysterical power-obsessed view of the world, having learnt nothing of the lessons of History. Power-games are infantile (and most dangerous) when the adults play them.

The Prof HIP Law of History

Like a mantra, let us not weary from repeating endlessly this iron rule (and may I call it ‘The Prof HIP Law of History’), as foolish governments seem to always forget it – if human Hegelian ‘Spiritual’ History has one single lesson to teach mankind, it is precisely this;

Crude brutal barbaric force, military power and genocidal inhumanity, shall never survive global compassion and humanism, proven ad nauseam by the passing of all empires, the Babylonian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Roman, British, you name it.

The State of Israel can be no exception. As a military fascist state, it will surely die, like all such states before it.

For the State of Israel, fifty years of whoredom to Anglo-American militarism, the acquisition of the atomic Bomb itself, and the pocketing of the corrupt Arab leaders with US dollars, proved useless against the stones of the Palestinian Children (Intifada). The mere pebbles of the poor and the meek of the Arab youth could stone to death the fornicating fascism of the NATO whore in Israel.

Now, only the road to Peace with the Arab peoples may yet save Israel physically and spiritually, something the numbers belonging to the Israeli Peace movement have grasped. If the State of Israel will continue on the Netanyahu-Sharon track, its trains will self-destruct and make the heart of Hitler laugh in Hell.

Of all nations, especially Israel is nothing without the humanist (I would say Socialist) soul at the heart of Judaism. Unlike America, Israel cannot survive on a diet of military garbage – it is even questionable as to how long the US paradigm itself led by porno-presidents can go on feeding on its mafia-infested sewage.

Could Israel survive

(2) as a peaceful but separatist ethnic unit in the sea, nay, ocean of Arab peoples? The answer is a simple Yes, as already wealthy Jewish communities did exist throughout the Arab world pre-dating the Zionist madness.

No amount of stealing Armenian Patriarchate land in Jerusalem can help the Zionist state, building ridiculous walls of racist exclusion, when the worst wall of them all – the Berlin Wall – tumbled down proving the Prof HIP Law of History yet again.

Walls may keep the undesirables out, but also keep the walled ones in… the Master that needs the Slave is as much enslaved! No amount of deep blue sea shall liberate the Israeli Soul from its back to Sharon’s Wall.

The Arabs gently and naturally absorbed the Armenian survivors of the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks in 1915, when thousands of Armenian ghosts found haven in the bosom of the Arab peoples, whose co-religionists were the Turkish proto-Nazi Young Turks. The Arabs, by their compassionate hospitality and warm humanism, put paid to the fascist fantasies of religious fundamentalists, who always instigate genocidal wars while babbling of religious hocus-pocus.

The Young Turks in the pay of the German Kaiser Wilhelm (a grandson of the British Queen Victoria) who led the world into the first global war, had no doubts that the Arabs, in the name of Islam, would participate avidly in their attempt to genocide the Armenians. A book in Arabic published… in Berlin by the German government, called on the Arabs to declare Jihad. Not only the Arabs did not, in fact led by Sheriff Hussein, the Keeper of Holy Mecca, they rebelled against the Ottoman Turks – their Muslim “brothers”.

As the Arabs, horrified by the crime of their Turkish co-religionists, housed and fed and nurtured in their midst the Christian Armenians, there is not the slightest historical doubt that the Arabs would happily have accommodated the Jews too, historically their first cousins anyway, if the latter had not come as Zionist usurpers and cut-throats, whose first major achievement was the genocide of the Deir-Yassin Arab village in Palestine.

There were already vibrant Jewish communities in the best locations throughout the Arab world (and still in Arab North Africa), not persecuted, well respected and cherished. Suddenly, guided by the fascist lunacy of Zionism, overnight, Arab Jews began selling their properties to the locals who were too poor to afford them for more than tuppence, pulling apart their own communities, astounding their puzzled neighbours including the Armenians, leaving them aghast at the sheer inexplicable madness of it.

Without the Zionists, Israel could be built up gradually, peacefully, without wars or genocidal crimes, multiplying of itself healthily and naturally, without the frightening stupidity of Zionist importation of millions of immigrants losing their famed fertility meanwhile, under the unnecessary pressures of fending for themselves in artificially created hostile environments – today Israel has the lowest fertility amongst the well-to-do nations, which brings us to the third and perhaps only option left for Israeli survival – as a distinctive state of multi-ethnic Jewish people;

(3) A multi-ethnic federal state with the Arabs. Such an act could become a paradigm to imitate for all other nations desperately seeking peace. In an age of cheap travel, Internet, global village-making, consciously and passionately desired and intended multi-ethnicity is the future of mankind, and it is incumbent on Israel to lead the way for the rest of the world to follow.

Israel, must stop stealing Arab and Armenian land in the West Bank, for its own sake, must create an Arab Palestinian State, to unite with in a federative form – the sooner; the better. Postponement of such a realization will only cost more lives, spill more innocent blood, and ultimately fail miserably, finally killing not only the Arabs but the very Soul of Israel itself.

There is already a beautiful Israel built in the ‘East Bank’ – a miracle of the 20th c. the world knows little about and which is being foolishly walled-off. That Israel does not need any of the West Bank or the Gaza desired only by the Zionists purely for American regional mischief making.

If Israel must survive further in its present form of a fascist state, it can only count on the Bomb, and will surely self-destruct by exploding it.

The Arabs, just as the Diaspora Jews, can undoubtedly survive a nuclear explosion (in terms of sheer numbers), but Israel itself shall be no more. And that would be the greatest pity of all time.

Nota Bene

When a primitive version of the above article was first published in a small London Magazine in 2002, Jewish friends from the vibrant Manchester community pleaded with me to publish it more widely, in a national newspaper of global significance.

I found it impossible to mitigate my horror at the murderous deeds of prime minister Ariel Sharon. Any human being in distress, especially vulnerable children and old people are a heartbreaking sight. If Hitler was alive today and drooling in a wheel chair, I would have felt sorry, as I did seeing the Chilean Hitler, the doddering old fool General Pinochet on TV. I hope I do not see Sharon in coma. Even if one does not seek it, global news media have a way of forcing it down peoples’ throats.

The Judge of History cannot be compassionate – the Hindus had grasped this since time immemorial by defining the Law of Karma – the equivalent of the Old Testament Hebrew Law of Jehovah. It is a pity that neither the Hindus nor the Hebrews in Power care to practice what they preach – when in good health, they abuse it to control their underlings, not themselves – they forget their mortality.

A final thought about a Sane Solution to the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Israel was the name God in the Old Testament gave to Jacob – its etymology, as in all cases of ancient nomenclature can never be finally settled – the accepted dogma gives it the meaning of “(Is’ra-el) [Contender (Perseverer) With God; or, God Contends]” (Insight, On the Scriptures, volume 1, p. 1228, col. 1, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, USA).

I myself derive the meaning of Israel from the Hebrew word Eish = man, Ra = the most ancient god of all, the Egypitan sun-god, El = god, altogether delivering the meaning of ‘A man of the sun-god’, or, ‘Sun-god Man’, or, ‘the first human form/manifestation of the Sun-god’, or, ‘the epiphany in human form of the most ancient of the gods’ etc.

‘Israel’ thus, can be my father’s name, and my own second name, but does not have to be the name of a country. What is in a name, as Shakespeare’s Juliet asks, if it be full of enmity and hatreds.

As it is, the Zionists with their genocidal treatment of the Palestinian Arabs soiled Jacob’s god-given name so irreparably, that it needs to be abandoned as atonement for peace. The great Theodor [incidentally, a Greek name = God’s gift] Herzl usurped by the Zionists did not label his dream ‘Israel’ – but the ‘Jewish State’!
A federative State in Palestine can revert to its original name, and apply to the United Nations as the country of Palestine – constituted of the simply descriptive The Jewish State, and The Arab State – it sounds and smells wholesome, like freshly baked bread, and cleansed with a flick of the pen of all horrendous memories of foul deeds and murderous Zionist preservatives...


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