Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hitlerite Blitzkrieg and Nazi Atrocities in the Lebanon - Committed by Proxy by the US Neo-Cons


After months of thinking and research, I was preparing to review the US Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein’s extremely important books on the Arab-Israeli conflict – he is a modern Prophet of ancient Israel, true son of true Holocaust- survivors, yet much reviled and denied in modern Israel. Why? – For speaking the truth, and nothing else but the truth.

And now this senseless, mindless, pointless, vengeful, unfair, unjust, O so stupid were it not so despicably criminal Hitlerite Blitzkrieg on the Lebanon – blowing up a sweet defenceless baby-mouse with a cannon!

I mourn the Innocent – dead in the Lebanon, and Israel.

I mourn the death of Israel’s Socialist Soul – the Jewish State, with its classical tradition of Judaic Humanism could become a beacon for the rest of the world, of civilized culture and civil society, liberating the oppressed – 90% of the world – from murderous governance, saving the planet with its scientific genius from the world’s Number One polluter and compulsive warmonger – the USA.

Instead, Israel’s State has allowed itself to become the neo-Nazi lap-dancer of the US old-Nazi neo-Cons, doing their dirty business, committing sheer Nazi atrocities whenever, wherever…

Together, lap-dancer and US master, they deny (for example) the genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Young Turks, against other nations like the French, the German, and the Russians who acknowledge it as a despicable paradigm of the very Holocaust itself – it is now established beyond any reasonable historical doubt that the Nazis perpetrated their attempted genocide of the European Jewry following the Young Turk state-terrorist acts as a text-book example – the Nazis created the Einsatzgruppen with the sole purpose of murdering Jews, concerned that even their Gestapo hyenas may not want to cannibalize the Jews they had dehumanized, just as the Young Turks had trained teshkilat mahsusiye (= ‘special groups’) knowing full-well that their own ordinary Turkish citizenry would reject any demands of mass murder of their Armenian neighbours.

I do not believe the polls in Israel – supposedly most of its citizenry approve of the Hitlerite Blitzkrieg on the Lebanon – “Widespread support for war among Israeli public”(1)
Bloody Lies, I say, we in Britain are the world’s greatest masters of lying-through-statistics. One of the great British imperialist Prime Ministers, the Jewish Disraeli (1804-81) who, determined to deny his Jewishness (added D- on “Israel” to reject it), pretended to be a classical English Dandy, and defined it most memorably – “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” [quoted in the classic Penguin book titled “How to lie with Statistics”, by Darrell Huff, 1991].

We have even coined a post-modern porno word for it – “massaging figures” – the Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher was a past master of it, her understanding of economic theory was bounded by her fame as the notorious masseuse of unemployment figures, dumping some onto sickness-benefits, others unto disability welfare, in a few months, miraculously, 2 million unemployed had disappeared into the nooks and crannies of other Statistics…

It is a great Nazi lie that the Israelis are all mono-ethnic Jewish – Jews themselves are one of the world’s most multi-ethnic mixtures; many Soviet citizens of all ethnic hues cheated the system by immigrating to Israel as Jews… Desperate to displace the Palestinian Arabs, the State of Israel happily perpetuated the lie.

Israel the Beautiful Bride

There is an Israel rising from the dark-blue sea as beautiful as a Boticelli Venus, with its divine head in the mountains, where the air she breathes is healthy and wholesome, milk and honey and fruits aplenty – heaven on earth – Zirkon Yakov, for example – protected by the natural boundary of the Mediterranean Ocean, safe and secure, ancient ruins at its feet (Ceasarea), of incalculable world-historical heritage-wealth, letting Israeli archaeologists reconstruct mankind’s past slowly and surely.

That Israel, entirely built from absolutely nothing in only 50 years is a miracle of human endeavour and achievement, the whole world should know about. Yet, the world knows only Tel Aviv built on sand… sordid and sickly, Jerusalem – a brutal and brutalized city, the ugliest I have seen, perpetuating religious lies after lies under Vatican’s gaudy and camp ornamentation of rocks in caves… People argue over a Da Vinci fantasy code, whether Jesus was married or not, as if Jesus himself was a historical figure… US tourists rent a crucifix from the Church of Ascension, to walk the Via Dolorosa, thinking they’ve become Jesus Christ, ready to vote for President Bush!

The Beautiful Israel needs no polluted Jerusalem or West Bank to disgrace its name. It is there – for me the most beautiful country in the world with god’s plenty of all the necessities of life – the spirit of the mountains emerging from the body of ancient ruins.

God named Jacob “Israel" in acknowledgment of his struggle with god’s Angel – look at Jacob Epstein’s sculpture of it in London’s Tate Britain to understand the love between them. They did not murder each other like the Roman Gladiators had to do. Israel’s power in history was always defensive, never offensive and genocidal as that of its post-modern American slave-masters. By turning itself fascist-Nazi, the state of Israel has become a disgrace to its god-given name.

When Ariel Sharon over a decade ago genocided the Palestinian innocents in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps of Beirut using as proxy the Lebanese “Christian” (my foot!) fascist-Phalange cut-throats, the world was stunned into silence, because the American government protected him.

Encouraged, Sharon then asked openly and received cheekily permission from his US puppeteers to… murder the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. And he did. Arafat was poisoned overnight, in full view of the world. Yet again, the world was raped into silence.

Is it any wonder then, that today, the old-Nazi neo-Cons of the ‘same’ government let their Rottweiler Ehud Olmert trained by Sharon loose in the Lebanon?

The indiscriminate bombing of the Lebanon even on the TV screens looks no different from the US bombardment of Baghdad – the concept of massive aggression without any regard to the non-combatant innocents (children and women, old men) was the only contribution to military history Hitler’s diseased brain could spawn – now very much the fashion adopted by the US/Israeli military.

Check out the results of their war crimes on http://www.beirutlive.blogspot.com and especially http://fromisraeltolebanon.info if you’ve got the stomach for it – such depravity and atrocities can only be compared with pictorial Nazi documents – frankly, even worse than theirs, as war-technology was in its infancy then.

If this is what God’s chosen people can do to gratify the bloodlust of a US Presidency, then God help … America!

Another US President (the 28th ), Thomas Woodrow Wilson, who tried (and failed) to dismantle the Old World (European) imperialism after the genocidal horrors (perpetrated upon the Armenians) of the First World War, promising all nations their right of self-determination, must be spinning in his grave in total shame and anger.

The Neo-Cons’ Nazi Lap-dancer and, who’s war is it truly?

The Nazi destruction of the Lebanon has nothing to do with Hamas, Hezbollah, Amal, Islamic Jihad or any other … Arab children’s army you care to mention. Suddenly forgetting Hamas and their Palestinian-problem, the Israeli Military publicly announced that they intended to put Lebanon back 20 years… In the words of a professor at the Hebrew University, “the Israeli army is hitting Hizbullah”(1).

The truth of the matter is that Hezbollah is the one thing not being hit in the Lebanon – everything else is, especially children – nothing can explain away or justify the King Herod’s massacre of the children in the Lebanese village of Qana, on Sunday, 30th July, 2006 – even the hard pro-Israeli-nosed Jeremy Paxman of the BBC Newsnight programme was shaken on Monday, and would not let heartless Israeli apologists off the hook.

I had seen a week ago a fellow Armenian, Sarkis Shekherdemian (in another BBC Newsnight report) shattered amongst the ruins of his… bottle-making factory in the Bekaa valley – as an Armenian, the poor guy could not be a Hezbollah by definition, even if he wanted to…

I feel very proud of my people in Beirut, who have opened their Christian quarters to the Muslim refugees from the South – not only their public buildings like schools and youth clubs, but even their private homes to accommodate shattered Arab families – the most efficient and best organized Armenian political party in Beirut, the Tashnak have done a magnificent job the British NGOs could learn from www.hairenik.com/hairenikTV//HA_TV_clip25.htm .

In a heartrending letter to the Editor – Simon Aynedjian – published by him in http://gibrahayer.cyprusnewsletter.com a schoolteacher from Beirut Sarine Khatchikian gives her own eyewitness account of refugee life under bombs and in abject deprivation, and asks most memorably a simple question to drive home man’s inhumanity to man in the fabricated context of genocidal violence – “Do we really know what it means to have 200 people use 4 toilets and not have a single drop of water to flush it?”

My own much genocided parents had found safe haven in Mosul – Iraq. I spent my youth in Beirut – Lebanon; both countries now devastated by the American Generals. The only reason I do not hate the Americans, is not because of my liberal education at the American University of Beirut, but because of my Marxist understanding of History, and Leninist disbelief in terrorism as an inadequate means of solving political problems.

Terrorism only feeds the vicious circle of violence that feeds excuses to the organized imperialist states (like the US) promoting terrorism for world domination via organs of violence (the CIA) created for the very purpose. The US government should promote… Leninism to halt the global spread of violence, instead of the Taliban to fight the spread of Leninism! Every survivor of Israel’s destruction of the Lebanon shall become an America-hating Hezbollah fighter – the only antidote would be Marxist-Socialism…

In a hilarious speech immediately after the destruction of the Twin Towers, President Bush was desperately seeking the name and address of the world’s greatest terrorist state that was responsible for it … I was saying to myself – look no further than in your backyard mate – the whole world knows CIA to be the world’s greatest terrorist organization.

There cannot be ‘good’ imperialists – something President Roosevelt, and now the British Prime Minister in waiting, Gordon Brown fantasize about. Imperialism, by definition, is the crude desire for Domination, by enslaving others. You cannot dominate without oppression and enslavement. And you cannot oppress and enslave without being a despicable racist, of skin-colour, or gender. Genocide is the modus operandi (and vivendi) of Imperialism – inhuman man’s most evil invention, the great shame of mankind.

The British wife of a Muslim preacher not allowed to return home says sweetly and naively: “if something terrible happened [to her husband] then Tony Blair would have blood on his hands”(2) – in fact the devout Catholic Blair is… swimming in blood, and “shoulder to shoulder” with the fundamentalist Christian Bush performing daily American girlie synchronized dancing in blood, for the whole world to see, from Yugoslavia, Afghanistan to Iraq and now in the Lebanon.

This latter war was obviously planned and packaged at least a year ago when the peaceful Syrian army was pushed out of the Lebanon… we, ordinary mortals could not work out then the conspiracy. The taste of the pudding is in the eating – now anyone can see that the purpose was to stage-manage today’s Nazi atrocities upon a defenceless Lebanon freed from Syrian protection – an easy prey for the proxy of the American military bogged down in Iraq – it has nothing to do with propaganda icons – Hezbollah this, Hamas that, or even Jews and Arabs in general – it is Bush’s and his Nazi Neo-Con gang’s war by proxy against Syria and especially Iran.

The London Independent (18 July 2006) provided the hard-core evidence by publishing on its first page the Bush/Blair conversation “overheard at the G8”– in porno lap-dance foul language, President Bush puts it on the line for the whole world to hear;

“You see, the … thing is what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit”

I personally do not believe that the casual conversation was “accidentally broadcast”, but meticulously stage-managed, including the President’s munching-on-food-with swear-words, to prove that Bush is … human – because post-modern Hollywood theory of aesthetics dictates that artistic truth be revealed by showing people eating and shitting, at least verbally (3).

The published dialogue provides even more revelatory gems not-picked on by the international news-media – the British Prime Minister’s remarkable, inexplicable, unnecessary and embarrassing servility to President Bush that had earnt him the sobriquet of a “lap-dog” – Tony Blair offers himself as a poodle to the US interests, inviting himself to the Middle East, saying; “I can go out and just talk” – the confession provides a unique insight into the corrupt ways of modern politics – go there, on a gravy train, enjoy the freebies, to merely talk and talk and get nothing done!

Then comes the homoerotic reference to someone nobody knows who – another lapdog? The Independent thinks it is Kofi Annan, the UN general Secretary, another talker and no-doer; “Bush : Yeah, yeah, he is sweet.
Blair: He is honey.”
And gosh, how sickening this pillow-talk, when the Lebanese multi-ethnic people are bombarded on public roads the Israeli army ordered them to take…

The porno shamelessness of post-modern Politics

There was a time when political leaders strived to assume a public image of morality and peacemaking. Morality flew out of the White house window when President Clinton was caught smoking cigars with Ms Lewinsky in odd places… politicians in the West today take pride in blatant immorality and warmongering.

A day after The Independent’s revelation, the London Guardian (19 July 2006) headlined on its first page the most shocking genocidal fact of the story so far, in one of the most incredibly shameless confessions of war crimes – “United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah – Bush ‘gave green light’ for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources”.

And what would an unlimited attack entail? Israel’s nuclear bomb which would eliminate Israel too out of existence, to make Hitler orgasm beyond the grave!

After the massive defeat in Vietnam, the US Generals thought they could do a Hitlerite Blitzkrieg in Afghanistan, and Iraq – two minute jobs, in and out quickly! That’s what Hitler thought when codenamed Barbarossa = Red-Beard, he rolled his ‘Israeli’ tanks into the Soviet Union.

Ignorant it seems of Hitler’s fate, having already forgotten even the lessons of recent Vietnam, the arrogant US military never reckon with the global opposition to their crimes against humanity.

Worse, they are so inefficient that they always get bogged down by their fast-food Hmburger-styled battles – still jerking in Afghanistan and Iraq, unable to sustain a third front against Syria and Iran, they abused the willing Israeli government to realize their fantasies of world-domination, especially that they have to live up to the image that their lap-dogs flatter them as the world’s most powerful nation… that cannot even repair the damage done by a hurricane in New Orleans!

Childish arrogance is one way of papering over un-intelligent failure in adults of which the US military suffers aplenty – they have used the British aerospace not only for transporting Muslim prisoners to ex-East European countries for inhuman torture, but also to replenish the genocidal armaments currently used by the Israeli state on Lebanon. The Brits made some brouhaha pretending ignorance, and Bush made some noises of apology about not informing his partners of crime about the nature of the Airbus A310 cargo planes refuelling at Glasgow’s Prestwick airport. But not even the anti-war Independent would make headline news, or protest about the even more shocking news for the British peace-advocates, mentioned in a small print somewhere; “The value of arms exported to Israel from the UK in the past 18 months is £25m.”(4)

The great Mao (Zhedong) had the more apposite metaphor for the British media’s camp claim nowadays of ‘the world’s most powerful nation’ – a “paper Tiger” that could be burnt with a matchstick – a giant with the feet of clay, as the Nazis turned out to be after conquering all of Europe stretching to… Moscow!

What else did the Nazis do?

They targeted an innocent victim group – the European Jews, dehumanized them by name-calling – a habit much practised by the Murdoch-press (The Sun Newspaper) in London – to eliminate them out of existence.

And what have the neo-Cons done? They have targeted Hezbollah, turned them into anti-Christian ogres – only to try and genocide them – in fact, compared to the Israeli army, Hezbollah is a ‘children’s army’, full of televisual bravado that titillates Western news media, and who are best at killing their Sunni brothers, and even better at killing themselves…

Max Hastings, one of the great right-wing intellectuals, sometime editor of the bastion of old-world imperialism, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, recently seems to be suffering from pangs of conscience causing a desire for truth-speaking, of all places in the Daily Mail, a lap-dog of the above mentioned Telegarph. The whole of the introductory paragraph of a recent article by him is worth quoting, as it would horrify his younger alter-ego and the present egos of Bush and Blair partners in war-crimes;

“Just before leaving for my first trip to Vietnam in 1970, I telephoned a veteran correspondent for advice. ‘Just remember,’ he said, ‘they lie, they lie, they lie.’ By ‘they’ of course, he meant American politicians, diplomats and commanders, and he was absolutely right.”(5) And it has taken Max Hastings 36 years to reveal this truth – not the case of Robert Fisk, the most distinguished journalist of The Independent, who writes nothing else but the truth on the dot, revealing it at every corner “the vast packs of lies that have characterized this filthy war [on Lebanon]” (6).

Another truth-speaker of that vanishing species in British journalism, Martin Short, the brave documentary film-maker of many bold subjects – on the US mafia, and the British Freemasonry among them – hits the nail memorably on the head that may have terrorized many an intellectual from being falsely charged by New York Jewry as anti-Semitic; “Israel was largely created through terror.”(7)

The Independent has published a letter by Richard Skellington, the editor of Open University’s Social Science journal [comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article1199331.ece] where among many excellent points one says “that our government has consented as Israel has pursued its ethnic cleansing in Lebanon brings shame on Britain” – worse, partnership in Nazi war crimes.

What else did the Nazi’s do?

While Hitler’s diseased little brain invented the concept of the Blitzkrieg fought by the US General Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf war, Hitler’s footman Goebbels, of the lame foot and brain, re-invented the Machiavellian political Big Lie – very much the norm of daily political life now in the USA and Britain. If you want to know the Truth about international situations (and not only China), forget CNN, New York Times or any other Times… subscribe free to People’s Daily Online – http://english.poeple.com.cn it gives you clear brief factual accounts on every significant subject under the sun, and minus pornography of course.

That Lying is becoming the pandemic infecting the political life everywhere else in the Western world is no consolation, especially that they are merely imitating the Anglo-US paradigm. It works like this; Speak of freedom when you butcher human beings. Babble of democracy, when you practice genocide. Declare the halt of bombardment, while continuing it relentlessly… Hitler had signed a pact of non-aggression with Stalin, when he unleashed his barbaric blitzkrieg packs of Barbarossa.

Even better, let your country … dance in the streets while you give the green light to the Israeli military to bomb Lebanon into a rubble – On the 22nd of July (2006) the whole of Britain was made to dance in the streets via the London Mayor and the Arts Council of Great Britain and the BBC – the Trafalgar square was converted into a stage with blazing colours – cogs in the wheel of a government led by a Prime Minister who together with his US presidential mate had given the green light for the Nazi atrocities to be committed by a prime minister of Israel.

The Israeli army dropped a million leaflets from the air telling the local people to leave, to escape the Israeli bombs made in US – the best in the world!

How Goebbels-like caring – why should people leave their ancestral homes and land? And to go where? To make room for the Israeli army, behind the great Litani River…Lebanon’s only water source, so that Israel can yet again steal its waters as it had done for two decades…

Remember Hitler’s Lebensraum? – making nice living space for the German murderers in Poland and Russia, ultimately the whole world really…

And you won’t read in our British press, not even in the ‘lefties’ that the leaflets printed in Tel-Aviv Arabic are obscene, with the kind of caricatures that inflamed European capitals some months ago… to see them, go to http://www.beirutlive.blogspot.com .

You cannot read in our free British press that Israel has used poison bombs, just like Saddam Hussein when he had approval from then his masters in the US and Britain to genocide the Kurds of Halabja… go to www.fromisraeltolebanon.info to see the raw evidence – children’s bodies – not Hezbollah ‘fighters’ – turned to a butcher’s window display – it shall make you sick, you need a swine’s stomach for it.

What else did the Nazis do?

They corrupted the souls of innocent children – Hitler did not hesitate to abuse them as soldiers in the last days of his empire, before he shot himself as a rat trapped in his bunker.

The American mother’s boy who dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima had scribbled his own mother’s name – “Enola Gay” on his aeroplane.

See the photographs of the child-abuse of the prettiest sweetest Israeli children of Kiryat Shmona scribbling messages on the massive bombs to be dropped on the Lebanon.

Those who abuse Jewish children like that should be arrested as dangerous paedophiles – like the Sado-Masochist Nazi Dr. Mengele was, who used to smash the heads of babies on the walls of his laboratory.

All Religious Fundamentalists are the same

As an atheist intellectual, I consider Religion to be no more than emotional madness – the fundamentalists, madder than the mad... whether Arab, Jew, US-Christian, they all need their heads examined. To name a political party as “God’s Party” (=Hezbollah) presents a prima facie case for psychiatric treatment. I would not be surprised at all if one day it is discovered to have been created and trained by the CIA lunatics, just like the Taliban, and Bin Laden’s followers were.

Is not the US occupied and sustained Saudi Arabia the country where even today its citizens are graced with the public entertainment of enjoying weekly beheadings by the sword… When will President Bush, with his British dog in the lap, and Condi on his side, finally go and witness with his own eye-holes such a beloved Saudi entertainment!

A Dr. Mamoun Faudy, on 24th July, reassured us, BBC Newsnight watchers, that he had just had a chat with several of the Saudi ruling Royalty, who all told him without exception that they are delighted with the Israeli attempt to genocide Hezbollah – something they themselves wanted to but were unable to do. And they were certain the Egyptian and Jordanian governments embraced similarly the Israeli dogs of war.

The US Neo-Cons – the political wing of the Christian Fundamentalists who believe their Lord God created the world 4000 years ago – the older Pyramids, and the Chinese? Satan’s work! – are so fed up waiting and hoping for Armageddon, and getting their predictions wrong about the exact date, that they are determined to cause it. The Internet is awash with such US fundamentalist sites preparing the world for the end of the world, abusing the Bible, even the quatrains of poor old Nostradamus.

Pat Robertson, the notorious lunatic and spiritual mother-father of President Bush, thinks that the whole event should kick-start with the formal overt public murder by the US government of Hugo Chavez, the saintly President of Venezuela – the saviour of the poor of his country that love and adore Chavez...

The danger to the rest of us in the world is that the Bush-lunatics are convinced they will not only survive Armageddon, but constitute the chosen few that shall live for-ever as promised in the Book of Revelations – they believe it with the same absolute conviction and certainty as the Hezbollah suicide bombers who prefer to go to Paradise full of a thousand concubines for each, waiting …

Impotent old Pat Robertson, with his gang of cronies at Death’s door, think they shall live forever if only they could make Armageddon happen while they are alive … thence the urgency and the rush to the neo-Cons and next year in Jerusalem before even their Boy Bush completes his last term of office! They cannot risk a Democrat president coming to free scientific cell-research, and re-liberate the liberated Gay and Lesbian San Franciscans…

Modern Warfare as a Dangerous Pollutant causing Climate Change

Ancient warfare, one-to-one battle had a beneficial side – the dead fertilized the earth! Modern technological warfare of aerial bombardments and poisonous bombs is a thousand percent pollutant of the atmosphere we all breathe. It is sheer madness for our politicians to buy-and-sell Carbon quotas, while allowing warmongering on Afghanistan, Iraq and now the Lebanon – those fighter aeroplanes pollute hugely, unimaginably, massively the world’s atmosphere, their bunker-busting, uranium bombs destroying the ozone layer etc.

There is alas no scientific consciousness of this fact, let alone any research undertaken to assess the irreparable damage done to mankind’s global health and warming by the US-British-Israeli warmongering.

I appeal to Greenpeace and the Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International, and to all other campaigning organizations globally to raise the alarm upon this matter. The governments of our countries have perhaps done as much damage to global warming as all the cars in the world for a decade!

Genocides cause plagues

I personally have no doubt that the so-said ‘mysterious’flu epidemic of the First World War was the direct result of the attempted genocide of the Armenians by the Young Turks, when a million people were put on a death march of starvation and thirst – a total breakdown of even minimal hygiene.

It is naive science to think that because the outbreak showed itself first in the US among the soldiers returning from the European theatre of war, or that the first European outbreak occurred in a pig-farm in France, therefore it had nothing to do with the 1915-events of the genocide of the Armenians in the Syrian deserts of Deir-Zor.

Again, the most feared bird-flu epidemic producing nightmares at the World Health Organization (WHO) I think has everything to do with the US destruction of Vietnam, where every imaginable filthy bomb was dropped by the US military masturbators to defoliate even the very Nature in Vietnam… the fact that the dreaded symptoms of H5N1 are emerging only recently in the whole of South East Asia among the chicken of Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and the Hong Kong … must be no consolation to the US-British-Israeli warmongers. Time is not a significant factor in the evolution of plagues directly caused by dirty warmongering.

Western archaeology, ignorant of lost ancient history, still perpetuates a romantic, touristy and a fraudulent image of ancient Egypt – the Old Testament record of the 7 most terrifying plagues are evidence of Pharaonic imperialist US style warmongering in the ancient world.

Atmospheric pollutants from modern technological air-mongering destroys human immunity that produces all manner of horrendous incurable illnesses – AIDS should serve as an example of a cluster-of-diseases, the first time such a phenomenon occurred in known human history. Nobody can predict what new clusters shall arise in the Middle East, even perhaps in Israel, as a direct result of the US-British-Israeli cluster- and uranium-bombs.

Inner/Outer Causality

Imperialist nations could never grasp the inner, deeper, dialectical causality. Obsessed with world-domination, their blinkered mindset could only stretch to the outer, superficial, mechanical causes. They forced historical results through mechanistic interference, by the use of force, raping nations (as they raped their women at home) into submission.

The same imperialist idiocy still forms the mindset of Western governments – they think that if they genocide the Lebanese Hezbollah (or the Palestinian Hamas) mechanistically with Israeli aeroplanes, tanks and what not, they will succeed in winning the game – for them, all is a game, and the infantile US games-theory at that, of winners-and-losers, cowboys-and-Indians…

G-8 governments shall never understand that nobody can eliminate profoundly inner, dialectical causes. Only Karl Marx and Engels understood this profound causality they developed from its roots in ancient classical Greek thought (especially Aristotle) via Medieval philosophy based on Christ’s wisdom – evil contains its own seeds of destruction – capitalism bears the seeds of its own destruction, just as a pregnant mother carries a child that shall manifest his parents bad or good, and the tiny oak-seed becomes the massive tree (Aristotle’s famous example).
Newtonian physics understands only external causality – the imperialist mindset. Quantum physics on the other hand manifests inner dialectical causes as effects, and a Marxist training may do US Quantum physicists much good…

The grand US stupidity of the 20th c. was the rise of Joseph McCarthy and his blind and mentally blinding anti-communism causing much of the grief of our times.

If the CIA had not invented the Taliban monster that bit its head, communist Afghanistan today may have become the envy of … Pakistan that partners the USA in mafia corruption.

If the US neo-Cons could even succeed in genociding the Hezbollah, a thousand more shall be born as a direct result of that genocide. The Young Turks were fearful, that even if half-an-Armenian would be left, he would spawn a million to avenge their crime.

Science rid the world of TB, which is returning even more virulent… not because its elimination was delusional, no, but because the circumstances (of abject mass poverty, bad housing, lax hygiene etc.) which gave rise to it in the first place has also returned to the Western countries.

A great Conspiracy of Modern Times

Look at the mess today’s world is in – the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Kashmir Pakistani-Indian problem, the need for Reparations arising from the acknowledgment of the genocide of the Armenians, The South African Apartheid – although dismantled, but still keeping the South African people in abject mass-poverty etc. etc.

Every problem in the modern world is a left-over from British imperialism. Today’s world was invented by the British imperialists. Divide-and-Rule – they deliberately created in white-halls black-holes – ‘insoluble’ problems based on religious-national emotionalism that plunges individuals into emotional turmoil, and engages their ethnic groups in genocidal hatreds, forcing them into an endless cycle of violence.

The British imperialists thought they were for-ever, and would forever be the globe’s Policemen – they did not reckon with the awakening of self-respect-and-reliance, a side-effect of the Feminist Revolution, for example. The British imperialists in partnership with their American brethren operate still in that time-warped mindset with still some success, alas, however much it may be Nazi-inhuman.

The Hebrew Torah – the sacred book of the Jews, which is the oldest section of the Old Testament – makes it abundantly clear that Abraham fathered both Ishmael (the progenitor of the Arabs) and Itskhak (the progenitor of the Jews).

I have sat in conferences where the intelligent Arabs have proudly referred to their Jewish colleagues as “Cousins”, while some Orthodox Jews among them have referred to their Arab cousins in my hearing distance as “Hamor”=Donkey.

The Torah makes it also symbolically clear that the Arabs are the older ones, probably by at least a thousand years – Ishmael was 13 when Isaac was born. His mother’s name, “Hagar” (=Stone) sounds right even in the modern Egyptian dialect of Arabic, where “j” (as in ‘jar’) is pronounced as “g” (as in ‘garden’), Gamal Abdel Nasser (=Beautiful Slave of Victory)] instead of Jamal.

By this account in the Torah, Hebrew is undoubtedly a dialect of Arabic – which would be anathema for the Orthodox Jews to accept – they have no doubt whatsoever that Hebrew was what God spoke, as all Arabs firmly believe that Allah spoke in the Arabic of the Koran.

When the anglophile wealthy Armenian capitalist Calouste Gulbenkian led the British imperialists to the oil-wells of Iraq – in Kirkuk … he was happy to receive a 5 percent interest for himself, letting the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) get the 95, leaving nothing for the multi-ethnic Iraqi people, with huge Jewish and Armenian communities, Kurds, Sunni Muslims etc. And the British government owned IPC guzzled and guzzled and guzzled the Petrol, counting on the loyalty of the local anglophile workforce – one of them was the husband of my cousin, an engineer, so loyal to the British and loving of the British, that one day, he climbs up one of the massive tanks to fix a problem and falls in it… IPC’s operational capacity came first!

If Jews and Arabs, as cousins, would unite, creative genius and the world’s petrol in their bowels, they could easily smash British imperialism to smithereens, let alone dominate the world as a consequence – something possible even today.

What better prevention of this than the creation by the foxes of British imperialism of the Arab-Jew hatred seeded in Palestine, the heart of the vast Arab lands split up into many fraudulent nationalities, like Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese… most people in the world do not seem to know that they were all Arabs, before the British imperialists invented them artificially in our own lifetime, as a means to dominate them and steal their petrol, only to see it stolen by the new American thieves…

The war in Iraq is really a return to the days of British petrol-thieving now on the hump of the Americans – no wonder the British Prime Minister won’t get off his ride!


(1) Title of an article by Rory McCarthy, The Guardian, July 19, 2006, p. 6.

(2) ‘Wife of hate preacher begs: Bring him back from Beirut” by Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter, Evening Standard, 21 July 2006, p.5.

(3) American Presidents are notorious with their habit of using filthy language – Richard Nixon was the worst offender, to be followed by John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson. The present lot at the White House of the neo-Cons surpass even Nixon – Dick Cheney, the Vice President, is such an arrogant fool, who thinks nothing of shooting his hunting mate on a duck shoot, is reported to have barked at the Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy; ‘go fuck yourself’– cited in “A telling insight into the one-sided relationship with Bush” by Rupert Cornwell, The Independent, 18 July, 2006, p. 2.

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The author’s and the Daily Mail’s bellyache is not that Britain has no place in Afghanistan, he scolds “Great nations such as Germany and France” for having “turned their backs on Afghanistan” – Nay, Hastings and his right-wing Rottweilers want a better British fighting machine in Afghanistan – better armed, more lethally equipped, with all the paraphernalia of professionalism in murder capability about which the British governments brag frequently.

(6) “Blow up my city and I’ll blow up yours” by Robert Fisk in Kfar Chim, Lebanon, The Independent, 18 July 2006, p.3.

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An Afterword

I had just completed my article when my much educated son Vaughan – a first class graduate of 3 of the world’s leading universities Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard – e-mailed me some website references.

I was overwhelmed to discover that my logical analysis and conclusion about the Israeli massacre of Lebanon being long-time coming was fully correct – according to an article in San Francisco Chronicle, 21 July 2006 “Israel set war plan more than a year ago etc.”; see http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/07/21/MNG2QK396D1

It seems there was a long-standing US government plan (others may call it a conspiracy) titled the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI), conceived “in late 2003” and presented to the G-8 for imperialist priming – massaged into even a bigger catchments-area, re-titled as the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENAI)… http://www.meib.org/articles/0407_me2.htm.

Lebanon with its unique entertainment facilities from sea to snowy mountains could be converted into a nice brothel for the US personnel, just as the whole of Thailand was designated to be so for the exclusive use of the US Army fighting the Viet Cong … Thailand of course never recovered from the US porno transformation – has now evolved into the paedophile sex capital of the whole world!

Many of my friends and colleagues are puzzled by Israel’s hatred of Hezbollah, as the latter have nothing to do with the Palestinian issue… on the same above-mentioned website www.meib.org/articles/0407_12.htm is an eye-opener never even hinted at in the so-said very well-informed British press, titled “Hezbollah and the West African Diamond Trade” – my Black humour joke that Hezbollah may even be a CIA trained force seems to have had some kind of a hunch in it as the article speaks of the Lebanese traders being the dominant conduit of the diamond downloaded onto the global markets from the Sierra Leone mines, and the “flow of Hezbollah financing from smuggling networks in the United States”!

And here comes the coup de foudre that explains Israel’s compulsive hatred of Hezbollah and its Old Testament god’s vengeance ordering the genocide of the Lebanese – “Joseph Momoh [the president of Sierra Leone]… sought to cut his regime’s ties to Lebanese merchants by inviting Israeli diamond traders into the country.” There it is – the full sickening capitalist truth – behold the naked emperor, for whose glory the Lebanese children of Qana were massacred by the diamond-crazed Israeli chiefs…

And finally, the most ludicrous news yet of this obscene war of diamond-whores – A lunatic US Attorney Yehudah Talmon, with a gang of similar cynical idiots of his profession, intends to sue the Lebanese government for … war damage and compensation – check out http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3278932,00.html.

Imagine if the German government at the end of the Second World War had taken the emaciated walking ghosts that were the concentration camp survivors to court, to charge them with the destruction of German cities… Such stupidity frankly can only occur in America where most people believe in alien abduction…

Or could it be that Yehuda Talmon is really a super-intelligent communist-under-the-bed… trying to make America and Israel the laughing stock of the world, even teaching the Lebanese a perverted lesson to actually take Israel to court for war damages and reparations…which then of course will have to be paid for by its US pimps? If so, then Mr Talmon deserves a Nobel Prize!


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