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Event at Britain’s Parliament -Hrant Dink’s Memorial at the House of Commons

Event at Britain’s Parliament -Hrant Dink’s Memorial at the House of Commons by Edwina Charles [Exclusive to GIBRAHAYER.cyprusnewlsetter.com]

On January 30th 2007, at the House of Commons, the Great old Britain’s neo-gothic Parliament building, a most prestigious commemoration was held for Hrant Dink’s untimely death. The event was organised by Eilian Williams of Armenia Solidarity and supported by the London Nor Serount Cultural Association. A select group of people including Lord Avebury, gathered at 1 pm (London time) for a vigil at Parliament Square, led by the famous defender of Human Rights from the House of Lords. The proceedings inside the Commons (committee room 8) opened, with the reading of a special message sent by Tony Simpson, an Editor of the Quarterly The Spokesman, from Professor Ken Coates, Chairman of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, answering a call from his cherished friend, Professor Khatchatur Pilikian, who took the floor to pay his tribute to Hrant Dink, with consummate dramatic skill and poetic panache, holding the audience in spiritual turmoil. An original poem dedicated to Hrant Dink followed, written and read by the authoress herself, Ms Seta Cox. The second main Speaker was Professor Hovhannes I. Pilikian. He captivated the guests with his biting humour, and scholarly references. With the cold eye of an historian, Professor Pilikian made plain that there were harsh lessons to be learnt from what he saw as the cold blooded political murder of Hrant Dink, his personal friend. He spoke fondly of the memories of his friend sitting behind his dingy desk in a dark and dank newspaper-office (of the AGOS Hrant published) in the European section of Istanbul … Unlike a post-modern Western news-media Mogul, Hrant hadn’t made a penny out of his popular newspaper, still on shoe-strings, after a decade of existence! Respectfully, Pilikian described Hrant as the pure ‘poor’ traditional intellectual, totally disinterested in sordid money-making; Hrant was a pioneer of Armenian Turkish reconciliation and it is for this reason that Pilikian found his assassination an act of impure politics and sheer stupidity. Pilikian spoke movingly and passionately, wanting his captive audience to understand that Hrant’s unlawful death need not be in vain. “There are four important lessons to be learnt from this” said the Professor addressing the audience directly. As Lesson No.1, Professor Pilikian mourned the waste and sheer stupidity of political assassinations – he drew a parallel with the ex-Israeli PM Ariel Sharon’s self-declared assassination – with approval from the American government – of the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who throughout his life had made every possible concession to … Israel, finally delivering the much derided Oslo Agreement … securing Israel’s interests for good! In Lesson No. 2 we learnt of the abuse of the Armenian question from the moment of its invention by the Western imperialist powers – Britain, Germany, Tsarist Russia etc. In their need to control their Muslim populations, they used the stick of the Christianity of the Armenian people to beat the Ottoman Sultanate with, to plunder its economy and finally divide up its vast colonial spoils. Professor Pilikian proved exhaustively that the genocide of the Armenians was never caused by a religious war, as even the German Kaiser, Queen Victoria’s grandson and a prime culprit of the First World War, had intended. A pamphlet in Arabic published by the German Embassy in Syria had survived calling on the Muslim Arabs (the co-religionists of the Ottoman Turks) to declare jihad=Holy War upon the Armenians. Not only the true Muslims, the Arab peoples of the Middle East failed the Imperial German efforts, they moreover ultimately rebelled against them (the Arab Revolution led by Shariff Hussein), and received the Armenian survivors of the Ottoman genocide with open arms in the Middle East. Today, Euro Christian fundamentalists (perhaps led by the Vatican itself) endanger the safety of the Armenian communities in the Arab countries by cynically exploiting the “Christian Armenian” card to keep Turkey out of the European Union, not because it is ruled by a fascist military political elite, but because it is a … Muslim country! Professor Pilikian labelled this “the racist pornography of genocidal politics”. Lesson No. 3 consisted of the similitude between the Jewish Holocaust and the Genocide of the Armenians, which served as the paradigm for the Nazi genocide of the Jews. Referring to the pioneering work of the Sociologist Professor Vahakn Dadrian, Professor Pilikian emphasized the fact that the national archives (in Bonn) of the German governments is awash with the eye witness reports of the German imperial functionaries in Istanbul at the time of the genocid, some, with notes on the margins by the hand of the Kaiser himself! Two thousand officers of the German imperial army commanded the Ottoman armies in situ … and later became the Nazi hierarchy, including Hoss, the Commandant of Auschwitz. The Jewish- American Ambassador in Istanbul, Morgenthau frequently made the point in his famous Memoires, that if the German Imperial Government wanted to, could have instantly stopped the genocide of the Armenians let alone guide its execution. The audience sat in hushed silence awaiting for the final Lesson No. 4; the revelation of what Professor Hovhanness Pilikian labelled as “the grand secret of the British Empire” – complex socio-economic ideological factors that resulted in setting the British imperialist mindset, secretly provoking genocides, for world-domination. Similar views are well-established by the work of the American Professor Noam Chomsky, concerning the attempts at world-domination by the American political elite. What was highly original in Professor Pilikian’s own theorizing was the extraordinary fusion of well-rehearsed historical facts – the Malthusianism of British politics still active today in the Thatcherism of the New Labour – blaming the poor for their lot, and wishing to control their fertility ; The birth of the grotesque Eugenic movement in Britain, with modern echoes in the US perpetrated by Ku Klux Clan-type organizations ; He spoke about Social Darwinism which advocated the Superiority of the Western Christian race – meaning of course, the Victorian British – entirely grounded on Darwin’s pseudo-scientific Origin of the Species, the original First Edition (1859) title of which is nevermore published (thank god!). It reads (incredibly for modern tastes) – “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the preservation of favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. In that use of the conjunctive “or” – Professor Pilikian pointed out, hangs a genocidal tale … It manifested the British imperialist Establishment’s ‘secret’ intention to find a respectable ‘scientific’ theory to justify causing global wars (and two world wars did follow… in obscene frequency) for ‘the survival of the fittest’ “Favoured Race” to emerge as a ‘naturally selected’ ruler of the world … Professor Pilikian’s contention was that the Industrial economic Revolution created in Britain was evolving (in a Darwinist manner) into the 19th c British imperialism, with voracious appetites for global markets – very much the case, he felt, of present so-said Globalization. Britain let rip the First World War led by Queen Victoria’s grandson, the German Kaiser who considered himself to be the better … British! And the trigger for this murderous Darwinian “laboratory”exercise was the genocide of the Armenians in 1915! Siegfried Sassoon, an Establishment figure (like Darwin), but an active war-poet, had “almost” worked this secret out, when he had accused the British government of deliberately prolonging the first world war for imperialist greed. As a punishment, the British Establishment disgraced Sassoon labelling him as mentally ill. Professor Pilikian concluded his historical analyses with an astounding conclusion; that these ideas were not in the past, but in fact very active today in Anglo-American global politics. He referred to British Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s recent much-trumpeted speech advocating global warmongering. Mr Blair had successfully destroyed all the distinctive Socialist traditions of the Labour Party, except one – its Pacifism. The Prime Minister now wanted to ensure that before he resigned, he “could genocide” that last Socialist survivor of Old Labour… The stunned silence of the distinguished audience was broken by the woman MP Nia Griffith, fixing Professor Pilikian with a warm stare and thanking him for all she had learnt today. Turning to the guests, she added that the stream of information passing through an MP’s office is unimaginable, and that the process of learning is slow but worth it, when it is properly organized by constituents as effectively as today. Ms Griffith herself had put down a Parliamentary Motion recording Hrant Dink as a campaigner for the Recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians by Britain. Among the guests were Lord Rea (with Lord Avebury) very well-known for his defence of Human Rights issues in the House of Lords; Dr. Fariudin Hilmi, ex Cabinet Minister of the first government of Kurdistan in Iraq, who was invited by the Chair Eilian Thomas to pay his own personal tribute ; Paddy Tipping , MP, member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Armenia ; David Howard, Liberal Democrat MP ; Martin Short, famous author and documentary film-maker (Inside the Brotherhood on modern Freemasonry, Crime Inc. on the US Mafia etc.) ; Vaughan Pilikian, award-winning film-maker, Sanskrittist Editor and Translator of Clay Sanskrit Library (of a Hundred Volumes) ; Artour Oshakantsi – the renowned Painter from Armenia, regarded as the Founder of ‘Abstract Naturalism’; Ms Estella Schmid, an excellent orator, the very well-known London activist and the long-battling fighter for Kurdish Rights ; the distinguished Turkish human Rights journalists Koray Duzgoran, his wife Arman, and Mustafa Yasacan, who paid tribute in the name of progressive Turkish journalists, and spoke movingly of his personal prediction of the murder a whole year before it happened … The guests parted company on an intellectual high … while congratulating Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian for his radical insight into the genocidal politics of the British Empire framing the genocide of the Armenians as the first of its kind, urged him to write down his speech, and dispatch copies by e-mail … for further circulation on the world-wide Net.

“Türk halkı bizim düşmanımız değil” - Responses

Londra’da yaşayan ve Türklere yakınlığıyla bilinen Ermeni tarihçi ve sanat eleştirmeni Prof. Hovhaness Pilikian, 'O tarihte yaşanan olayları, ister soykırım, ister katliam, isterse etnik temizlik olarak değerlendirin, ne olursa olsun ortada yaşanan bir durum var. Ancak ben bunu bir tarihçi olarak değerlendirdiğimde, bunun arkasındaki asıl planlayıcı güçlerin İngiliz ve Alman emperyalizmi olduğunu gördüm' dedi... Anadolu kökenli Prof. Hovhaness Pilikian ile yazarımız Ali Keskin sohbet etti...

- Hrant Dink’i tanır mıydınız?- Evet. Kendisiyle İstanbul’da Agos gazetesinde ziyaret ettim... Kendisini iyi tanırdım... O bozulmamış, tertemiz bir insandı. Türkiye’yi seven, Türk halkının ve Ermeni halkının diyalog kurmasına köprü olabilecek, Türk-Ermeni sorununun çözülmesinde olumlu rol oynayabilecek bir aydındı. O’nun bir cinayete kurban gitmesine çok üzüldüm. Bu cinayette tüm cinayetler gibi aptalca bir eylem, aptalca bir hareket olmuştur...

- Evet hepimiz gerçekten üzgünüz...- Düşünceleri ne olursa olsun, bir insanın öldürülmesini, vahşice bir cinayete kurban gitmesini kimse onaylayamaz. Bu cinayeti işleyen o genç çocuk için de çok üzgünüm. O bu olayda sadece kullanılmıştır. Zaten katilleri her zaman psikolojik sorunu olan, zavallı insanlardan seçiyorlar. Onun sadece bir maşa olduğunu unutmamalıyız. Bunun arkasındaki asıl güç istihbarat servisleridir. Yıllar boyunca sistem tarafından yaratılan milliyetçi, ırkçı atmosferdir. Tüm baskılara rağmen 301’in kaldırılmamasında ısrar eden hükümettir...

- Cinayet, Türkiye- Ermenistan ilişkilerini nasıl etkiler?- Sanırım olumsuz etkilenir... Ermeniler zaten Türklere güvenmiyor ve Türklerin değişebileceğine inanmıyor. Hatta tanıdığım bazı Ermeniler Türklerin dükkanlarında alışveriş yapmayı bile reddediyor. Ancak Hrant gibi düşünen, benim gibi düşünen, hala Türklerle barışı savunan insanları yok ederek, onları öldürerek bir kazanç sağlanamaz.

- Türkiye ve Ermenistan arasında yaşanan “soykırım” tartışmaları hakkında neler söyleyeceksiniz?- Benim ailem Anadolu kökenli. Babam 1915 yılında Adapazarı’ndan göç etmek zorunda kalmış. O tarihte yaşanan olayları, ister soykırım, ister katliam, isterse etnik temizlik olarak değerlendirin, ne olursa olsun ortada yaşanan bir durum var. Ancak ben bunu bir tarihçi olarak değerlendirdiğimde, bunun arkasındaki asıl planlayıcı güçlerin İngiliz ve Alman emperyalizmi olduğunu gördüm. İngilizler ve Almanların fikir hocalığını yaptığı Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa tarafından örgütlenen çeteler "Ermeni Soykırımı”ndan sorumludur... Yaşananların sorumlusu olarak Türk halkını özellikle de bu günkü Türkiye halkını göstermek doğru değil. Halkların birbirine düşmanlığı olamaz. Babam bana bunu öğretti.

- Aileniz soykırımdan söz eder miydi?- Babam hiçbir zaman Türk halkını yaşananlardan sorumlu tutmadı ve bazı Türklerin de kaçmalarına yardımcı olduklarını anlattı. O zaman yaşananlardan tamamen o zamanki yönetici sınıf sorumludur... Her şeye rağmen Ermeni ve Türklerin diyaloğundan ve yakınlaşmasından yanayım... Çetelerin sorumlu olduğu katliamı Türk halkının reddetmemesi önemlidir...

- AB'yi ve Türkiye'nin üyelik sürecini nasıl değerlendiriyorsunuz?- AB'yi Hristiyan Kulübü olarak algılayan Avrupalıları ve Türkiye’nin AB’ne girmesine karşı çıkan Ermenileri eleştiriyorum. Türkiye’nin AB’ne girmesini kesinlikle destekliyorum. Bu Türkiye’nin demokratikleşmesi için bir kazanım olacaktır. Hem Ermeni, hem de Türk olarak bugün dünyamızda yaşanan sorunlara duyarlılık göstermemiz gerektiğine inanıyorum. Dünyamız çok ciddi sorunlarla karşı karşıya. Emperyalizm, dünyamızı yaşanmaz hale getirdi. Savaşlar yüzünden her gün yüzlerce insan ölüyor. Küresel ısınma nedeniyle dünyamız yok olma tehlikesiyle karşı karşıya. Bu gün içinde bulunduğumuz sorunlar yüzünden dünyamızın sonunu hazırlıyorlar. Bunları düşünürsek, Ermeni olmanın, Türk olmanın bir önemi yok aslında...

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Hitlerite Blitzkrieg and Nazi Atrocities in the Lebanon - Committed by Proxy by the US Neo-Cons


After months of thinking and research, I was preparing to review the US Jewish Professor Norman Finkelstein’s extremely important books on the Arab-Israeli conflict – he is a modern Prophet of ancient Israel, true son of true Holocaust- survivors, yet much reviled and denied in modern Israel. Why? – For speaking the truth, and nothing else but the truth.

And now this senseless, mindless, pointless, vengeful, unfair, unjust, O so stupid were it not so despicably criminal Hitlerite Blitzkrieg on the Lebanon – blowing up a sweet defenceless baby-mouse with a cannon!

I mourn the Innocent – dead in the Lebanon, and Israel.

I mourn the death of Israel’s Socialist Soul – the Jewish State, with its classical tradition of Judaic Humanism could become a beacon for the rest of the world, of civilized culture and civil society, liberating the oppressed – 90% of the world – from murderous governance, saving the planet with its scientific genius from the world’s Number One polluter and compulsive warmonger – the USA.

Instead, Israel’s State has allowed itself to become the neo-Nazi lap-dancer of the US old-Nazi neo-Cons, doing their dirty business, committing sheer Nazi atrocities whenever, wherever…

Together, lap-dancer and US master, they deny (for example) the genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Young Turks, against other nations like the French, the German, and the Russians who acknowledge it as a despicable paradigm of the very Holocaust itself – it is now established beyond any reasonable historical doubt that the Nazis perpetrated their attempted genocide of the European Jewry following the Young Turk state-terrorist acts as a text-book example – the Nazis created the Einsatzgruppen with the sole purpose of murdering Jews, concerned that even their Gestapo hyenas may not want to cannibalize the Jews they had dehumanized, just as the Young Turks had trained teshkilat mahsusiye (= ‘special groups’) knowing full-well that their own ordinary Turkish citizenry would reject any demands of mass murder of their Armenian neighbours.

I do not believe the polls in Israel – supposedly most of its citizenry approve of the Hitlerite Blitzkrieg on the Lebanon – “Widespread support for war among Israeli public”(1)
Bloody Lies, I say, we in Britain are the world’s greatest masters of lying-through-statistics. One of the great British imperialist Prime Ministers, the Jewish Disraeli (1804-81) who, determined to deny his Jewishness (added D- on “Israel” to reject it), pretended to be a classical English Dandy, and defined it most memorably – “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” [quoted in the classic Penguin book titled “How to lie with Statistics”, by Darrell Huff, 1991].

We have even coined a post-modern porno word for it – “massaging figures” – the Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher was a past master of it, her understanding of economic theory was bounded by her fame as the notorious masseuse of unemployment figures, dumping some onto sickness-benefits, others unto disability welfare, in a few months, miraculously, 2 million unemployed had disappeared into the nooks and crannies of other Statistics…

It is a great Nazi lie that the Israelis are all mono-ethnic Jewish – Jews themselves are one of the world’s most multi-ethnic mixtures; many Soviet citizens of all ethnic hues cheated the system by immigrating to Israel as Jews… Desperate to displace the Palestinian Arabs, the State of Israel happily perpetuated the lie.

Israel the Beautiful Bride

There is an Israel rising from the dark-blue sea as beautiful as a Boticelli Venus, with its divine head in the mountains, where the air she breathes is healthy and wholesome, milk and honey and fruits aplenty – heaven on earth – Zirkon Yakov, for example – protected by the natural boundary of the Mediterranean Ocean, safe and secure, ancient ruins at its feet (Ceasarea), of incalculable world-historical heritage-wealth, letting Israeli archaeologists reconstruct mankind’s past slowly and surely.

That Israel, entirely built from absolutely nothing in only 50 years is a miracle of human endeavour and achievement, the whole world should know about. Yet, the world knows only Tel Aviv built on sand… sordid and sickly, Jerusalem – a brutal and brutalized city, the ugliest I have seen, perpetuating religious lies after lies under Vatican’s gaudy and camp ornamentation of rocks in caves… People argue over a Da Vinci fantasy code, whether Jesus was married or not, as if Jesus himself was a historical figure… US tourists rent a crucifix from the Church of Ascension, to walk the Via Dolorosa, thinking they’ve become Jesus Christ, ready to vote for President Bush!

The Beautiful Israel needs no polluted Jerusalem or West Bank to disgrace its name. It is there – for me the most beautiful country in the world with god’s plenty of all the necessities of life – the spirit of the mountains emerging from the body of ancient ruins.

God named Jacob “Israel" in acknowledgment of his struggle with god’s Angel – look at Jacob Epstein’s sculpture of it in London’s Tate Britain to understand the love between them. They did not murder each other like the Roman Gladiators had to do. Israel’s power in history was always defensive, never offensive and genocidal as that of its post-modern American slave-masters. By turning itself fascist-Nazi, the state of Israel has become a disgrace to its god-given name.

When Ariel Sharon over a decade ago genocided the Palestinian innocents in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps of Beirut using as proxy the Lebanese “Christian” (my foot!) fascist-Phalange cut-throats, the world was stunned into silence, because the American government protected him.

Encouraged, Sharon then asked openly and received cheekily permission from his US puppeteers to… murder the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. And he did. Arafat was poisoned overnight, in full view of the world. Yet again, the world was raped into silence.

Is it any wonder then, that today, the old-Nazi neo-Cons of the ‘same’ government let their Rottweiler Ehud Olmert trained by Sharon loose in the Lebanon?

The indiscriminate bombing of the Lebanon even on the TV screens looks no different from the US bombardment of Baghdad – the concept of massive aggression without any regard to the non-combatant innocents (children and women, old men) was the only contribution to military history Hitler’s diseased brain could spawn – now very much the fashion adopted by the US/Israeli military.

Check out the results of their war crimes on http://www.beirutlive.blogspot.com and especially http://fromisraeltolebanon.info if you’ve got the stomach for it – such depravity and atrocities can only be compared with pictorial Nazi documents – frankly, even worse than theirs, as war-technology was in its infancy then.

If this is what God’s chosen people can do to gratify the bloodlust of a US Presidency, then God help … America!

Another US President (the 28th ), Thomas Woodrow Wilson, who tried (and failed) to dismantle the Old World (European) imperialism after the genocidal horrors (perpetrated upon the Armenians) of the First World War, promising all nations their right of self-determination, must be spinning in his grave in total shame and anger.

The Neo-Cons’ Nazi Lap-dancer and, who’s war is it truly?

The Nazi destruction of the Lebanon has nothing to do with Hamas, Hezbollah, Amal, Islamic Jihad or any other … Arab children’s army you care to mention. Suddenly forgetting Hamas and their Palestinian-problem, the Israeli Military publicly announced that they intended to put Lebanon back 20 years… In the words of a professor at the Hebrew University, “the Israeli army is hitting Hizbullah”(1).

The truth of the matter is that Hezbollah is the one thing not being hit in the Lebanon – everything else is, especially children – nothing can explain away or justify the King Herod’s massacre of the children in the Lebanese village of Qana, on Sunday, 30th July, 2006 – even the hard pro-Israeli-nosed Jeremy Paxman of the BBC Newsnight programme was shaken on Monday, and would not let heartless Israeli apologists off the hook.

I had seen a week ago a fellow Armenian, Sarkis Shekherdemian (in another BBC Newsnight report) shattered amongst the ruins of his… bottle-making factory in the Bekaa valley – as an Armenian, the poor guy could not be a Hezbollah by definition, even if he wanted to…

I feel very proud of my people in Beirut, who have opened their Christian quarters to the Muslim refugees from the South – not only their public buildings like schools and youth clubs, but even their private homes to accommodate shattered Arab families – the most efficient and best organized Armenian political party in Beirut, the Tashnak have done a magnificent job the British NGOs could learn from www.hairenik.com/hairenikTV//HA_TV_clip25.htm .

In a heartrending letter to the Editor – Simon Aynedjian – published by him in http://gibrahayer.cyprusnewsletter.com a schoolteacher from Beirut Sarine Khatchikian gives her own eyewitness account of refugee life under bombs and in abject deprivation, and asks most memorably a simple question to drive home man’s inhumanity to man in the fabricated context of genocidal violence – “Do we really know what it means to have 200 people use 4 toilets and not have a single drop of water to flush it?”

My own much genocided parents had found safe haven in Mosul – Iraq. I spent my youth in Beirut – Lebanon; both countries now devastated by the American Generals. The only reason I do not hate the Americans, is not because of my liberal education at the American University of Beirut, but because of my Marxist understanding of History, and Leninist disbelief in terrorism as an inadequate means of solving political problems.

Terrorism only feeds the vicious circle of violence that feeds excuses to the organized imperialist states (like the US) promoting terrorism for world domination via organs of violence (the CIA) created for the very purpose. The US government should promote… Leninism to halt the global spread of violence, instead of the Taliban to fight the spread of Leninism! Every survivor of Israel’s destruction of the Lebanon shall become an America-hating Hezbollah fighter – the only antidote would be Marxist-Socialism…

In a hilarious speech immediately after the destruction of the Twin Towers, President Bush was desperately seeking the name and address of the world’s greatest terrorist state that was responsible for it … I was saying to myself – look no further than in your backyard mate – the whole world knows CIA to be the world’s greatest terrorist organization.

There cannot be ‘good’ imperialists – something President Roosevelt, and now the British Prime Minister in waiting, Gordon Brown fantasize about. Imperialism, by definition, is the crude desire for Domination, by enslaving others. You cannot dominate without oppression and enslavement. And you cannot oppress and enslave without being a despicable racist, of skin-colour, or gender. Genocide is the modus operandi (and vivendi) of Imperialism – inhuman man’s most evil invention, the great shame of mankind.

The British wife of a Muslim preacher not allowed to return home says sweetly and naively: “if something terrible happened [to her husband] then Tony Blair would have blood on his hands”(2) – in fact the devout Catholic Blair is… swimming in blood, and “shoulder to shoulder” with the fundamentalist Christian Bush performing daily American girlie synchronized dancing in blood, for the whole world to see, from Yugoslavia, Afghanistan to Iraq and now in the Lebanon.

This latter war was obviously planned and packaged at least a year ago when the peaceful Syrian army was pushed out of the Lebanon… we, ordinary mortals could not work out then the conspiracy. The taste of the pudding is in the eating – now anyone can see that the purpose was to stage-manage today’s Nazi atrocities upon a defenceless Lebanon freed from Syrian protection – an easy prey for the proxy of the American military bogged down in Iraq – it has nothing to do with propaganda icons – Hezbollah this, Hamas that, or even Jews and Arabs in general – it is Bush’s and his Nazi Neo-Con gang’s war by proxy against Syria and especially Iran.

The London Independent (18 July 2006) provided the hard-core evidence by publishing on its first page the Bush/Blair conversation “overheard at the G8”– in porno lap-dance foul language, President Bush puts it on the line for the whole world to hear;

“You see, the … thing is what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit”

I personally do not believe that the casual conversation was “accidentally broadcast”, but meticulously stage-managed, including the President’s munching-on-food-with swear-words, to prove that Bush is … human – because post-modern Hollywood theory of aesthetics dictates that artistic truth be revealed by showing people eating and shitting, at least verbally (3).

The published dialogue provides even more revelatory gems not-picked on by the international news-media – the British Prime Minister’s remarkable, inexplicable, unnecessary and embarrassing servility to President Bush that had earnt him the sobriquet of a “lap-dog” – Tony Blair offers himself as a poodle to the US interests, inviting himself to the Middle East, saying; “I can go out and just talk” – the confession provides a unique insight into the corrupt ways of modern politics – go there, on a gravy train, enjoy the freebies, to merely talk and talk and get nothing done!

Then comes the homoerotic reference to someone nobody knows who – another lapdog? The Independent thinks it is Kofi Annan, the UN general Secretary, another talker and no-doer; “Bush : Yeah, yeah, he is sweet.
Blair: He is honey.”
And gosh, how sickening this pillow-talk, when the Lebanese multi-ethnic people are bombarded on public roads the Israeli army ordered them to take…

The porno shamelessness of post-modern Politics

There was a time when political leaders strived to assume a public image of morality and peacemaking. Morality flew out of the White house window when President Clinton was caught smoking cigars with Ms Lewinsky in odd places… politicians in the West today take pride in blatant immorality and warmongering.

A day after The Independent’s revelation, the London Guardian (19 July 2006) headlined on its first page the most shocking genocidal fact of the story so far, in one of the most incredibly shameless confessions of war crimes – “United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah – Bush ‘gave green light’ for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources”.

And what would an unlimited attack entail? Israel’s nuclear bomb which would eliminate Israel too out of existence, to make Hitler orgasm beyond the grave!

After the massive defeat in Vietnam, the US Generals thought they could do a Hitlerite Blitzkrieg in Afghanistan, and Iraq – two minute jobs, in and out quickly! That’s what Hitler thought when codenamed Barbarossa = Red-Beard, he rolled his ‘Israeli’ tanks into the Soviet Union.

Ignorant it seems of Hitler’s fate, having already forgotten even the lessons of recent Vietnam, the arrogant US military never reckon with the global opposition to their crimes against humanity.

Worse, they are so inefficient that they always get bogged down by their fast-food Hmburger-styled battles – still jerking in Afghanistan and Iraq, unable to sustain a third front against Syria and Iran, they abused the willing Israeli government to realize their fantasies of world-domination, especially that they have to live up to the image that their lap-dogs flatter them as the world’s most powerful nation… that cannot even repair the damage done by a hurricane in New Orleans!

Childish arrogance is one way of papering over un-intelligent failure in adults of which the US military suffers aplenty – they have used the British aerospace not only for transporting Muslim prisoners to ex-East European countries for inhuman torture, but also to replenish the genocidal armaments currently used by the Israeli state on Lebanon. The Brits made some brouhaha pretending ignorance, and Bush made some noises of apology about not informing his partners of crime about the nature of the Airbus A310 cargo planes refuelling at Glasgow’s Prestwick airport. But not even the anti-war Independent would make headline news, or protest about the even more shocking news for the British peace-advocates, mentioned in a small print somewhere; “The value of arms exported to Israel from the UK in the past 18 months is £25m.”(4)

The great Mao (Zhedong) had the more apposite metaphor for the British media’s camp claim nowadays of ‘the world’s most powerful nation’ – a “paper Tiger” that could be burnt with a matchstick – a giant with the feet of clay, as the Nazis turned out to be after conquering all of Europe stretching to… Moscow!

What else did the Nazis do?

They targeted an innocent victim group – the European Jews, dehumanized them by name-calling – a habit much practised by the Murdoch-press (The Sun Newspaper) in London – to eliminate them out of existence.

And what have the neo-Cons done? They have targeted Hezbollah, turned them into anti-Christian ogres – only to try and genocide them – in fact, compared to the Israeli army, Hezbollah is a ‘children’s army’, full of televisual bravado that titillates Western news media, and who are best at killing their Sunni brothers, and even better at killing themselves…

Max Hastings, one of the great right-wing intellectuals, sometime editor of the bastion of old-world imperialism, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, recently seems to be suffering from pangs of conscience causing a desire for truth-speaking, of all places in the Daily Mail, a lap-dog of the above mentioned Telegarph. The whole of the introductory paragraph of a recent article by him is worth quoting, as it would horrify his younger alter-ego and the present egos of Bush and Blair partners in war-crimes;

“Just before leaving for my first trip to Vietnam in 1970, I telephoned a veteran correspondent for advice. ‘Just remember,’ he said, ‘they lie, they lie, they lie.’ By ‘they’ of course, he meant American politicians, diplomats and commanders, and he was absolutely right.”(5) And it has taken Max Hastings 36 years to reveal this truth – not the case of Robert Fisk, the most distinguished journalist of The Independent, who writes nothing else but the truth on the dot, revealing it at every corner “the vast packs of lies that have characterized this filthy war [on Lebanon]” (6).

Another truth-speaker of that vanishing species in British journalism, Martin Short, the brave documentary film-maker of many bold subjects – on the US mafia, and the British Freemasonry among them – hits the nail memorably on the head that may have terrorized many an intellectual from being falsely charged by New York Jewry as anti-Semitic; “Israel was largely created through terror.”(7)

The Independent has published a letter by Richard Skellington, the editor of Open University’s Social Science journal [comment.independent.co.uk/letters/article1199331.ece] where among many excellent points one says “that our government has consented as Israel has pursued its ethnic cleansing in Lebanon brings shame on Britain” – worse, partnership in Nazi war crimes.

What else did the Nazi’s do?

While Hitler’s diseased little brain invented the concept of the Blitzkrieg fought by the US General Schwarzkopf in the first Gulf war, Hitler’s footman Goebbels, of the lame foot and brain, re-invented the Machiavellian political Big Lie – very much the norm of daily political life now in the USA and Britain. If you want to know the Truth about international situations (and not only China), forget CNN, New York Times or any other Times… subscribe free to People’s Daily Online – http://english.poeple.com.cn it gives you clear brief factual accounts on every significant subject under the sun, and minus pornography of course.

That Lying is becoming the pandemic infecting the political life everywhere else in the Western world is no consolation, especially that they are merely imitating the Anglo-US paradigm. It works like this; Speak of freedom when you butcher human beings. Babble of democracy, when you practice genocide. Declare the halt of bombardment, while continuing it relentlessly… Hitler had signed a pact of non-aggression with Stalin, when he unleashed his barbaric blitzkrieg packs of Barbarossa.

Even better, let your country … dance in the streets while you give the green light to the Israeli military to bomb Lebanon into a rubble – On the 22nd of July (2006) the whole of Britain was made to dance in the streets via the London Mayor and the Arts Council of Great Britain and the BBC – the Trafalgar square was converted into a stage with blazing colours – cogs in the wheel of a government led by a Prime Minister who together with his US presidential mate had given the green light for the Nazi atrocities to be committed by a prime minister of Israel.

The Israeli army dropped a million leaflets from the air telling the local people to leave, to escape the Israeli bombs made in US – the best in the world!

How Goebbels-like caring – why should people leave their ancestral homes and land? And to go where? To make room for the Israeli army, behind the great Litani River…Lebanon’s only water source, so that Israel can yet again steal its waters as it had done for two decades…

Remember Hitler’s Lebensraum? – making nice living space for the German murderers in Poland and Russia, ultimately the whole world really…

And you won’t read in our British press, not even in the ‘lefties’ that the leaflets printed in Tel-Aviv Arabic are obscene, with the kind of caricatures that inflamed European capitals some months ago… to see them, go to http://www.beirutlive.blogspot.com .

You cannot read in our free British press that Israel has used poison bombs, just like Saddam Hussein when he had approval from then his masters in the US and Britain to genocide the Kurds of Halabja… go to www.fromisraeltolebanon.info to see the raw evidence – children’s bodies – not Hezbollah ‘fighters’ – turned to a butcher’s window display – it shall make you sick, you need a swine’s stomach for it.

What else did the Nazis do?

They corrupted the souls of innocent children – Hitler did not hesitate to abuse them as soldiers in the last days of his empire, before he shot himself as a rat trapped in his bunker.

The American mother’s boy who dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima had scribbled his own mother’s name – “Enola Gay” on his aeroplane.

See the photographs of the child-abuse of the prettiest sweetest Israeli children of Kiryat Shmona scribbling messages on the massive bombs to be dropped on the Lebanon.

Those who abuse Jewish children like that should be arrested as dangerous paedophiles – like the Sado-Masochist Nazi Dr. Mengele was, who used to smash the heads of babies on the walls of his laboratory.

All Religious Fundamentalists are the same

As an atheist intellectual, I consider Religion to be no more than emotional madness – the fundamentalists, madder than the mad... whether Arab, Jew, US-Christian, they all need their heads examined. To name a political party as “God’s Party” (=Hezbollah) presents a prima facie case for psychiatric treatment. I would not be surprised at all if one day it is discovered to have been created and trained by the CIA lunatics, just like the Taliban, and Bin Laden’s followers were.

Is not the US occupied and sustained Saudi Arabia the country where even today its citizens are graced with the public entertainment of enjoying weekly beheadings by the sword… When will President Bush, with his British dog in the lap, and Condi on his side, finally go and witness with his own eye-holes such a beloved Saudi entertainment!

A Dr. Mamoun Faudy, on 24th July, reassured us, BBC Newsnight watchers, that he had just had a chat with several of the Saudi ruling Royalty, who all told him without exception that they are delighted with the Israeli attempt to genocide Hezbollah – something they themselves wanted to but were unable to do. And they were certain the Egyptian and Jordanian governments embraced similarly the Israeli dogs of war.

The US Neo-Cons – the political wing of the Christian Fundamentalists who believe their Lord God created the world 4000 years ago – the older Pyramids, and the Chinese? Satan’s work! – are so fed up waiting and hoping for Armageddon, and getting their predictions wrong about the exact date, that they are determined to cause it. The Internet is awash with such US fundamentalist sites preparing the world for the end of the world, abusing the Bible, even the quatrains of poor old Nostradamus.

Pat Robertson, the notorious lunatic and spiritual mother-father of President Bush, thinks that the whole event should kick-start with the formal overt public murder by the US government of Hugo Chavez, the saintly President of Venezuela – the saviour of the poor of his country that love and adore Chavez...

The danger to the rest of us in the world is that the Bush-lunatics are convinced they will not only survive Armageddon, but constitute the chosen few that shall live for-ever as promised in the Book of Revelations – they believe it with the same absolute conviction and certainty as the Hezbollah suicide bombers who prefer to go to Paradise full of a thousand concubines for each, waiting …

Impotent old Pat Robertson, with his gang of cronies at Death’s door, think they shall live forever if only they could make Armageddon happen while they are alive … thence the urgency and the rush to the neo-Cons and next year in Jerusalem before even their Boy Bush completes his last term of office! They cannot risk a Democrat president coming to free scientific cell-research, and re-liberate the liberated Gay and Lesbian San Franciscans…

Modern Warfare as a Dangerous Pollutant causing Climate Change

Ancient warfare, one-to-one battle had a beneficial side – the dead fertilized the earth! Modern technological warfare of aerial bombardments and poisonous bombs is a thousand percent pollutant of the atmosphere we all breathe. It is sheer madness for our politicians to buy-and-sell Carbon quotas, while allowing warmongering on Afghanistan, Iraq and now the Lebanon – those fighter aeroplanes pollute hugely, unimaginably, massively the world’s atmosphere, their bunker-busting, uranium bombs destroying the ozone layer etc.

There is alas no scientific consciousness of this fact, let alone any research undertaken to assess the irreparable damage done to mankind’s global health and warming by the US-British-Israeli warmongering.

I appeal to Greenpeace and the Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International, and to all other campaigning organizations globally to raise the alarm upon this matter. The governments of our countries have perhaps done as much damage to global warming as all the cars in the world for a decade!

Genocides cause plagues

I personally have no doubt that the so-said ‘mysterious’flu epidemic of the First World War was the direct result of the attempted genocide of the Armenians by the Young Turks, when a million people were put on a death march of starvation and thirst – a total breakdown of even minimal hygiene.

It is naive science to think that because the outbreak showed itself first in the US among the soldiers returning from the European theatre of war, or that the first European outbreak occurred in a pig-farm in France, therefore it had nothing to do with the 1915-events of the genocide of the Armenians in the Syrian deserts of Deir-Zor.

Again, the most feared bird-flu epidemic producing nightmares at the World Health Organization (WHO) I think has everything to do with the US destruction of Vietnam, where every imaginable filthy bomb was dropped by the US military masturbators to defoliate even the very Nature in Vietnam… the fact that the dreaded symptoms of H5N1 are emerging only recently in the whole of South East Asia among the chicken of Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and the Hong Kong … must be no consolation to the US-British-Israeli warmongers. Time is not a significant factor in the evolution of plagues directly caused by dirty warmongering.

Western archaeology, ignorant of lost ancient history, still perpetuates a romantic, touristy and a fraudulent image of ancient Egypt – the Old Testament record of the 7 most terrifying plagues are evidence of Pharaonic imperialist US style warmongering in the ancient world.

Atmospheric pollutants from modern technological air-mongering destroys human immunity that produces all manner of horrendous incurable illnesses – AIDS should serve as an example of a cluster-of-diseases, the first time such a phenomenon occurred in known human history. Nobody can predict what new clusters shall arise in the Middle East, even perhaps in Israel, as a direct result of the US-British-Israeli cluster- and uranium-bombs.

Inner/Outer Causality

Imperialist nations could never grasp the inner, deeper, dialectical causality. Obsessed with world-domination, their blinkered mindset could only stretch to the outer, superficial, mechanical causes. They forced historical results through mechanistic interference, by the use of force, raping nations (as they raped their women at home) into submission.

The same imperialist idiocy still forms the mindset of Western governments – they think that if they genocide the Lebanese Hezbollah (or the Palestinian Hamas) mechanistically with Israeli aeroplanes, tanks and what not, they will succeed in winning the game – for them, all is a game, and the infantile US games-theory at that, of winners-and-losers, cowboys-and-Indians…

G-8 governments shall never understand that nobody can eliminate profoundly inner, dialectical causes. Only Karl Marx and Engels understood this profound causality they developed from its roots in ancient classical Greek thought (especially Aristotle) via Medieval philosophy based on Christ’s wisdom – evil contains its own seeds of destruction – capitalism bears the seeds of its own destruction, just as a pregnant mother carries a child that shall manifest his parents bad or good, and the tiny oak-seed becomes the massive tree (Aristotle’s famous example).
Newtonian physics understands only external causality – the imperialist mindset. Quantum physics on the other hand manifests inner dialectical causes as effects, and a Marxist training may do US Quantum physicists much good…

The grand US stupidity of the 20th c. was the rise of Joseph McCarthy and his blind and mentally blinding anti-communism causing much of the grief of our times.

If the CIA had not invented the Taliban monster that bit its head, communist Afghanistan today may have become the envy of … Pakistan that partners the USA in mafia corruption.

If the US neo-Cons could even succeed in genociding the Hezbollah, a thousand more shall be born as a direct result of that genocide. The Young Turks were fearful, that even if half-an-Armenian would be left, he would spawn a million to avenge their crime.

Science rid the world of TB, which is returning even more virulent… not because its elimination was delusional, no, but because the circumstances (of abject mass poverty, bad housing, lax hygiene etc.) which gave rise to it in the first place has also returned to the Western countries.

A great Conspiracy of Modern Times

Look at the mess today’s world is in – the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Kashmir Pakistani-Indian problem, the need for Reparations arising from the acknowledgment of the genocide of the Armenians, The South African Apartheid – although dismantled, but still keeping the South African people in abject mass-poverty etc. etc.

Every problem in the modern world is a left-over from British imperialism. Today’s world was invented by the British imperialists. Divide-and-Rule – they deliberately created in white-halls black-holes – ‘insoluble’ problems based on religious-national emotionalism that plunges individuals into emotional turmoil, and engages their ethnic groups in genocidal hatreds, forcing them into an endless cycle of violence.

The British imperialists thought they were for-ever, and would forever be the globe’s Policemen – they did not reckon with the awakening of self-respect-and-reliance, a side-effect of the Feminist Revolution, for example. The British imperialists in partnership with their American brethren operate still in that time-warped mindset with still some success, alas, however much it may be Nazi-inhuman.

The Hebrew Torah – the sacred book of the Jews, which is the oldest section of the Old Testament – makes it abundantly clear that Abraham fathered both Ishmael (the progenitor of the Arabs) and Itskhak (the progenitor of the Jews).

I have sat in conferences where the intelligent Arabs have proudly referred to their Jewish colleagues as “Cousins”, while some Orthodox Jews among them have referred to their Arab cousins in my hearing distance as “Hamor”=Donkey.

The Torah makes it also symbolically clear that the Arabs are the older ones, probably by at least a thousand years – Ishmael was 13 when Isaac was born. His mother’s name, “Hagar” (=Stone) sounds right even in the modern Egyptian dialect of Arabic, where “j” (as in ‘jar’) is pronounced as “g” (as in ‘garden’), Gamal Abdel Nasser (=Beautiful Slave of Victory)] instead of Jamal.

By this account in the Torah, Hebrew is undoubtedly a dialect of Arabic – which would be anathema for the Orthodox Jews to accept – they have no doubt whatsoever that Hebrew was what God spoke, as all Arabs firmly believe that Allah spoke in the Arabic of the Koran.

When the anglophile wealthy Armenian capitalist Calouste Gulbenkian led the British imperialists to the oil-wells of Iraq – in Kirkuk … he was happy to receive a 5 percent interest for himself, letting the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) get the 95, leaving nothing for the multi-ethnic Iraqi people, with huge Jewish and Armenian communities, Kurds, Sunni Muslims etc. And the British government owned IPC guzzled and guzzled and guzzled the Petrol, counting on the loyalty of the local anglophile workforce – one of them was the husband of my cousin, an engineer, so loyal to the British and loving of the British, that one day, he climbs up one of the massive tanks to fix a problem and falls in it… IPC’s operational capacity came first!

If Jews and Arabs, as cousins, would unite, creative genius and the world’s petrol in their bowels, they could easily smash British imperialism to smithereens, let alone dominate the world as a consequence – something possible even today.

What better prevention of this than the creation by the foxes of British imperialism of the Arab-Jew hatred seeded in Palestine, the heart of the vast Arab lands split up into many fraudulent nationalities, like Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Lebanese… most people in the world do not seem to know that they were all Arabs, before the British imperialists invented them artificially in our own lifetime, as a means to dominate them and steal their petrol, only to see it stolen by the new American thieves…

The war in Iraq is really a return to the days of British petrol-thieving now on the hump of the Americans – no wonder the British Prime Minister won’t get off his ride!


(1) Title of an article by Rory McCarthy, The Guardian, July 19, 2006, p. 6.

(2) ‘Wife of hate preacher begs: Bring him back from Beirut” by Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter, Evening Standard, 21 July 2006, p.5.

(3) American Presidents are notorious with their habit of using filthy language – Richard Nixon was the worst offender, to be followed by John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson. The present lot at the White House of the neo-Cons surpass even Nixon – Dick Cheney, the Vice President, is such an arrogant fool, who thinks nothing of shooting his hunting mate on a duck shoot, is reported to have barked at the Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy; ‘go fuck yourself’– cited in “A telling insight into the one-sided relationship with Bush” by Rupert Cornwell, The Independent, 18 July, 2006, p. 2.

(4) The Independent, 26 July, 2006, p. 7.

(5) “Bloody Betrayal – In this furious denunciation, military historian MAX HASTINGS argues that ministers have contemptuously lied about Afghanistan – leaving our desperately undermanned Army to make good Blair’s bad cheques in blood”, Saturday Essay, by Max Hastings, Daily Mail, July 8, 2006, p.16-17.

The author’s and the Daily Mail’s bellyache is not that Britain has no place in Afghanistan, he scolds “Great nations such as Germany and France” for having “turned their backs on Afghanistan” – Nay, Hastings and his right-wing Rottweilers want a better British fighting machine in Afghanistan – better armed, more lethally equipped, with all the paraphernalia of professionalism in murder capability about which the British governments brag frequently.

(6) “Blow up my city and I’ll blow up yours” by Robert Fisk in Kfar Chim, Lebanon, The Independent, 18 July 2006, p.3.

(7) Letters to the Editor, under the general heading “Terrorism and the origins of the conflict in Lebanon”, The Daily Telegraph, July 25, 2006, p. 23.


An Afterword

I had just completed my article when my much educated son Vaughan – a first class graduate of 3 of the world’s leading universities Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard – e-mailed me some website references.

I was overwhelmed to discover that my logical analysis and conclusion about the Israeli massacre of Lebanon being long-time coming was fully correct – according to an article in San Francisco Chronicle, 21 July 2006 “Israel set war plan more than a year ago etc.”; see http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/07/21/MNG2QK396D1

It seems there was a long-standing US government plan (others may call it a conspiracy) titled the Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI), conceived “in late 2003” and presented to the G-8 for imperialist priming – massaged into even a bigger catchments-area, re-titled as the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative (BMENAI)… http://www.meib.org/articles/0407_me2.htm.

Lebanon with its unique entertainment facilities from sea to snowy mountains could be converted into a nice brothel for the US personnel, just as the whole of Thailand was designated to be so for the exclusive use of the US Army fighting the Viet Cong … Thailand of course never recovered from the US porno transformation – has now evolved into the paedophile sex capital of the whole world!

Many of my friends and colleagues are puzzled by Israel’s hatred of Hezbollah, as the latter have nothing to do with the Palestinian issue… on the same above-mentioned website www.meib.org/articles/0407_12.htm is an eye-opener never even hinted at in the so-said very well-informed British press, titled “Hezbollah and the West African Diamond Trade” – my Black humour joke that Hezbollah may even be a CIA trained force seems to have had some kind of a hunch in it as the article speaks of the Lebanese traders being the dominant conduit of the diamond downloaded onto the global markets from the Sierra Leone mines, and the “flow of Hezbollah financing from smuggling networks in the United States”!

And here comes the coup de foudre that explains Israel’s compulsive hatred of Hezbollah and its Old Testament god’s vengeance ordering the genocide of the Lebanese – “Joseph Momoh [the president of Sierra Leone]… sought to cut his regime’s ties to Lebanese merchants by inviting Israeli diamond traders into the country.” There it is – the full sickening capitalist truth – behold the naked emperor, for whose glory the Lebanese children of Qana were massacred by the diamond-crazed Israeli chiefs…

And finally, the most ludicrous news yet of this obscene war of diamond-whores – A lunatic US Attorney Yehudah Talmon, with a gang of similar cynical idiots of his profession, intends to sue the Lebanese government for … war damage and compensation – check out http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3278932,00.html.

Imagine if the German government at the end of the Second World War had taken the emaciated walking ghosts that were the concentration camp survivors to court, to charge them with the destruction of German cities… Such stupidity frankly can only occur in America where most people believe in alien abduction…

Or could it be that Yehuda Talmon is really a super-intelligent communist-under-the-bed… trying to make America and Israel the laughing stock of the world, even teaching the Lebanese a perverted lesson to actually take Israel to court for war damages and reparations…which then of course will have to be paid for by its US pimps? If so, then Mr Talmon deserves a Nobel Prize!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Re-Discovered: A Sensational 2,000 Year Old Masterpiece Neglected by Art-Historians A Radical Iconographic Analysis

This is a most powerful piece of a Roman wall-painting found in Pompeii, now preserved in the National Museum of the city of Naples (Italy), believed to be 2,000 years old (from the first century AD), representing Medea, moments before the killing of her own children. As the pictorial visualization of an emotional psychological moment of immense tension and pressure, it is unequalled in the world’s history of art – the madness in the eyes, engulfing her whole visage is clearly captured.

What is even more extraordinary and unique is the ultra-eroticism of the picture’s iconography, and the most shocking sexual messages encoded by the unknown painter, enlightening the socio-philosophical dimensions of human sexuality, two thousand years before our own Freudian post-modernism.

Medea is holding a kind of super-long ‘meat-cleaver’, with a broad blade (faded out into the background) stuck on a phallic head, the handle of which – seen in the reverse direction – plunges into Medea’s cupped hands – and there’s the rub!

Medea’s hands, with thumbs just touching, form a most blatant opened-up vulva. Computer technology offers a miraculous opportunity to art historians and critics for the very first time in history to demonstrate (make explicit) their implicit interpretative insights – and here is how ; by stretching the above close-up of Medea’s hands, one gets a graphic, almost a pornographic thumbnail image of the vagina, with the ‘sword’ handle inside giving it an extraordinary perspectival depth, five hundred years before such experiments were undertaken by the Renaissance painters (like Masaccio, for example, foreshortening figures). Additionally, the dagger-handle gives the vaginal cave-like opening the appropriate textured walls almost photographically, as a physiologically true close-up. Now rotate the thumbnail close-up 360 degrees, and the photogenic eroticism becomes almost intensely photo-realistic… The female plumpness of the hands display a ‘naked’ ‘clean-shaven’ Mons Veneris (the pubic triangle labelled in antiquity as the Mound of Venus, frequently depilated among the aristocracy), the triangular shape of which (five hundred years later identified as Leonardo Da Vinci’s compositional trademark) is emphasized and re-emphasized several times in connection with the naturally curved arms – triangle, within a triangle, within a triangle, like a Chinese box.

Medea, thus (on the verge of child-murder) is portrayed as a woman with a phallic dagger plunged right into the wide-open orifice of her very genitals (almost ready for child-birth) – Jason’s action (of neglecting his ethical duty towards his Wife number One – see my article preceding this, titled ‘The Much Misunderstood Medea’) has stabbed her in her, not heart, but over-excited cave-like (because not a ‘civilized’ Greek) vulva!

The classical Greeks (on Vases and Drinking Vessels) portrayed over-sized genitals as symbols of sexual animalism in human beings, usually on Satyrs (with animal hoofs), Bacchic revellers and … Foreigners. The latter as a social class were considered to be ‘uncivilized’, hence ‘barbaric’, identified with uncontrollable animal sexuality with large genitals.

In this Roman portraiture heavily clothed, the painter succeeds with extraordinary subtlety and painterly skill in painting a naked Venus-mound – smooth-skinned plump hands (in the absolute foreground of the painting), highlighted by the layered background of the heavy clothing – a most remarkable iconographic achievement in the world-history of painting.

Medea’s abundantly bejewelled right arm criss-crosses the folds and the patterns of the heavy fabric of the clothing, creating the visual illusion of a tiger and/or a lion skin, Medea’s chest being its head…with dark-blood red nipples as the fiery eyes. Moreover, the latter, has more in it than meets the eye – the painter’s iconography
(1) Underlines conceptually the tragic ambiguous intensity of Medea’s
Emotional state, sprouting blood instead of milk and
(2) In terms of sheer painterly craft, skilfully indicates a transparent blouse for the nipples to be seen (and bleed) thus.
It remains to be aware that the milk-white sunlight (the Milky Way was known to the classical Greeks) falling on her chest is a reference to Helios – the sun-god, who was Medea’s divine grandfather, and saviour of her skin from the unforgivable act of murdering her own children, only and only and for no other reason but to deeply and mortally wound their father, Jason, because he loved them infinitely – obviously, she didn’t, because she could kill them for sheer power-games – and all because she felt deeply insulted, stabbed and wounded in her c*** as uniquely illustrated in this most extraordinary masterpiece screaming down the millennia that All is sexual, and Sexuality is All.

The Much Misunderstood Medea of Euripides Radical new interpretations of ancient Problems


I contend that Sexuality is all, and all is sexual.
This definitional concept of Life usually linked with Freud’s name, has really nothing to do with him, and is as old as wo(man)kind and her/his first consciousness of it. It is definitely the first principle, grounding the Hebrew Old Testament, classical Greek Drama, and Plato’s Philosophy that followed it. It is there, the cornerstone of the arch that subtends the life of Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus that begins on the theme of its failure – the decimated fertility of all, the land and its people, in search of an urgent cure. It is the fulcrum upon which Euripides’ play Medea balances, with the mythical Aegeus, father of the mythical Theseus, trying desperately to procreate… with the promise of help from Medeanic sexual therapies! [vide, my article following this one, titled ‘Re-Discovered, A Sensational 2,000 years old Masterpiece etc.’]

A Promethean Box vs. Pandora’s

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) discovered a Pandora’s Box of subliminal sexual forces at work throughout human history. He didn’t know what to do with it – he struggled to open the box fully, but couldn’t manage, he frequently jammed the lid, and some of his own mental illness caused by decades of cocaine snorting (Wilson and Zarate 2002) was stuffed through the holes of the punctured box already full of unknown diseases… While awarding him the status of a pioneer, we shall not deal with Freud’s pornographic fantasies; paedophiliac child-sex interest, female penis envy, male Oedipal incestuous desire for own mother, sexual jealousy cum hatred of own father, homoerotic friendship amongst the male of the species (Freud-Fliess correspondence) etc. all of which gained public respectability in an age of private hypocrisies.

Ours is the discovery of a ‘Promethean Box’ of secrets of healthy evolutionary developments that have forged human history via the power of natural heterosexuality.

One of the first such secrets revealed here for the very first time shall be the profound observation that human cultural history has been the product of the enormous tensions arising from the massive forces of the Polygamous social structure defending itself in diametrical and dialectical opposition from the equally powerful force – a tidal wave of Monogamy threatening to engulf globally all human social relations, under pressure from Western Christianity. Today, what American and English sociologists misunderstand childishly as a political “clash of civilizations”, I would define as a titanic World War between the socio-sexual forces of the polygamous Islam, and Africa, collapsing under the effective hypocrisies of monogamous Christianity. Political causality apart, suicide-bombers firmly believe in the reality of the fantasy of entering heaven to be instantly awarded with endless courtesans and concubines… their political masters merely exploit the youth’s (no OAP-bombers here) pent-up heterosexual frustrations within the strict Islamic context of sexual mores prohibiting sex-before-marriage. As for the permissive African heterosexuality – the AIDS virus came to devastate whole economies, the long term effects of which are still incalculable.

Christian monogamy in the West, after 2000 years of theoretical definition, still has not won the day from mankind’s natural state of heterosexual polygamy – instead, Christian institutions, including the religious ones, have turned hypocritical, harbouring vicarious vicar-ly perversions like Paedophilia.

Many are the ways of human ingenuity that subvert the monogamous strictures of Western Christianity that needs further research. A common way, for example, has been the ‘homosexual marriage’ of convenience – Hollywood stars acting as heterosexual camouflage. Secretive male homosexual liaisons, until the success of Gay Liberation, were the acceptable polygamous alternative for the ‘happily’ married Christian wife to tolerate. Open Homosexuality itself, by definition, cannot be monogamous (of course there are exceptions – exceptions do not make the rule) – it blossoms and thrives ideally within the Christian monogamous matrix as an alternative dialectical polyandrous sexual practice.

Although in a definitional sense Monogamy was invented by St. Paul who constructed it on a dictum of Jesus about ‘man and wife becoming one flesh and blood’ (symbolized by the Christian marriage ceremony), the seed of evolutionary monogamy arose in nature, and developed very slowly, almost invisibly in all ancient cultures through the individual female’s need for exclusive security of survival for her own progeny.

Those seeds are detectable and come to sudden blossoming in a play like Euripides’ Medea to such an extent that in the hands of Christian commentators – historically the whole of the Western culture, whether atheist or not, people brought up in the monogamous tradition – it overrides the evidence of polygamous social infra structures, which are then drowned in the mire of ‘Christian’ scholars’ intellectual super-structures, distorting the original meanings of the play some of which (more would need a book!) we shall attempt to recover and re-discover.

Massive amounts of misinterpretations in endless treatises have treated the entirely misplaced ‘problems’ of Euripides’ play – Why does Medea kill her children? Must she become mad (maddened by ‘love’ = sex, really – see, my article following this one, titled ‘Re-Discovered A Sensational 2,000 years old Masterpiece etc.’) for such an act to follow? She wants to hurt her ‘husband’ – a Christian notion this – if the Greek word is ‘aner’, it means merely ‘a man=the male of the species’ – and, why hurt herself too as the Chorus warns her?

You may become the most miserable woman
(Loeb classical Library, No. 12, line 818, in my own translation from the original Greek).
The sentence is definitely multiple-meaning, equally valid grammatically to translate as the most miserable of all women).

And then, Medea gets away with murder, literally, as Euripides allows the oldest Sun-god (an aspect of the God of Gods under whatever guise – in this play it is Helios, although a divine name, the word also literally means sun) be Medea’s grandfather, thence protector, and saviour. Why should that be? And of course the whole paraphernalia of Christian-monogamous nonsensical interpretations, accrued over centuries of misunderstandings – that Jason broke his marital bond, commitment, faith, and what not…Christian problems all.

The most reasonable, rational, and compassionate Jason is universally abused, mocked and ridiculed by post-modern feminists as a sexual weakling and a fool, an uncaring father and a paedophile pervert chasing young skirt! Etc.

The golden key to the absolute truth of the play (buried under centuries of monogamous Christian hogwash) – and it is here revealed for the very first time – is in 5 lines from the dialogue between Medea and Jason (ll. 585-90).

I shall forego examining the original text in classical Greek, only because their translation does not present cruces in terms of the points I shall make. Let me quote here two different translations (for the non-Greek scholars among the readers) to show that they more or less agree in terms of the overall content; first the banal outdated translation by Philip Vellacott (1963);

Medea: One word will throw you: if you were honest, you ought first
To have won me over, not got married behind my back.
Jason: No doubt, if I had mentioned it, you would have proved
Most helpful. Why, even now you will not bring yourself
To calm this raging temper.
Medea: That was not the point; (ll. 587-91)

Now for an excellent ‘translation’ by Eleanor Wilner, who I think does not know Greek (with Ines Azar, I think the Greek scholar in the partnership) (from Slavitt and Bovie 1998);

A single point destroys your case –
if this marriage were so advantageous to us all, you would
have asked for my consent before you made it, and not
gone sneaking out to wed behind your family’s back.

And a fine support you would have given had I brought
you this proposal before the fact; had I asked for your
approval of a marriage, which even now, being done,
has set a raging fire in your heart – a fire which neither
reason nor good counsel can persuade you to put out. (ll. 629-37)

Revealed here for the First time

A large bracket here necessary to explain some of the innovative discoveries researched for this essay to validate the further points in the forthcoming argument – Never captured hitherto by classical scholars, a Euripidean sardonic pun on the name of the King (Creon) in this play is the word khreon=prophecy, an ancient prophet-king so short-sighted as not to predict Medea’s plots unravelling under his nose – what is already known to the Chorus, the King’s very own subjects!

One of the most widely used puns of the cognate verb-forms khreomai / khraomai is the extension into the sexual meaning for intercourse, throughout Herodotus, for example – khresthai gunaiki means nothing else but to f*** (a woman in this case), with precisely the same connotations as in English (rarely understood by ordinary folk) of sexual use meaning abuse. Even the Homeric non-sexual use of the word (attack, assail, be eager) indeed includes violence and desire, the basic components of sexual lust. Another ancient cluster of presumed non-sexual meanings (perhaps even contemporary with Homer) is to scrape, graze, wound – yet all cognate with the violence/thrust of the male sexual act.

Aristophanes, history’s greatest writer of comedies, used abundantly the different forms of the verb khrao as a deliberate pun on its extended meaning of f*** and nothing else.

What has never been understood hitherto by the grand Anglo-German conglomerate of Christian classical scholars of Greek Drama is that the Aristophanesian pun is indeed very active and alive in all of Euripides, and possibly is the source of Aristophanes’ own inspiration.

Incredibly, this point is ‘discovered’ in this essay for the very first time – why are we so certain?

Because it could never occur to any ‘respectable’ German or Victorian Oxbridge classical Greek scholar (Gilbert Murray et al.) that so-said ‘obscene’ language, even camouflaged as puns, could ever be used in grand Greek Tragedy – their imperialist racist purist conceptual framework would never permit such ‘filth’ in noble Greek Drama – the source of Wagnerite myth-making for the delectation of the upper classes. Of course they could not and would not deny its existence in the ‘lesser’ medium of Comedies written for the rabble by Aristophanes.

They could hardly speak of the Satyr plays (with massive ‘mechanical’ phalli worn by the actors as part of their standard costume – profusely in evidence on Greek vases), performed in honour of the Dionysiac phallic cult, even though, they could not deny the uncontroversial archaeological fact that a priapic statue (=with massive outsize erection) of Dionysos, the god of drama (and wine, and female wild sexuality, and Transvestism etc.) would have been placed as an altarpiece in the Orchestra before any theatrical performance.

Euripides’ Medea (pre-dating Aristophanes) using abundantly the different forms of the verb khrein / khraomai throughout the play, puns each time saying to Jason ‘literally’ you’re f***ed! Another instance of the same pun occurs for example, when Medea is complaining to the sexually-stressed-obsessed Aegeus, who has been unable to impregnate women, and is on his way to consult a friend about the Oracle of Delphi he has visited for a cure, that Jason has been adikei=unjust to her (line 691) – a great barbaric insult this, because dikeh=justice was synonymous with civilized citizenry, Aegeus asks with a naughty Euripidean pun; “What necessary [khrehma] has he done?”(line 693) – the pun translates absolutely as post-modern as in a Tarantino US film – “what the f*** is he doing?”

Yet another First

The Anglo-German Victorian ‘imperial’ dogmatists fixed once and for all (or so they thought), for all eternity, the meaning of the label orchestra as the spatial place in the Greek classical theatre where the Chorus dances… deriving the noun from the verb orcheomai = to dance, which produces a cluster of cognate meanings – orchestes = a dancer, orchesis = a dance, etc.

No ‘noble’ classical dogmatist could allow himself to grasp that the Greek orchestra has everything to do with the (ironically feminine) word orchis meaning literally and nothing else but testicle!

Thus, the orchestra in the classical Greek theatre, the temporary home of the Greek Chorus – one of the most astounding inventions in the history of theatre – was actually conceived of as a seed-bed of fertility – ‘the place of the testicles’… To combine both the traditional and the new meaning herein suggested for the first time ever, let us say succinctly that the classical Greek orchestra was the playing field area reserved for the dancing testicles – a woman’s body as a field to be sown with male seeds is a commonplace metaphor in all of Greek Drama (and Comedy) – upon which depended the fertility and the very life of a society and its city-state.

It is precisely where Sophocles, the second of the triumvirate of the greatest Greek dramatists the world has ever seen, takes up the story of Oedipus Tyrannos, history’s most famous play – it begins on the plight of a society in meltdown, because the fertility of its people and their sustenance-providing animals is decimated for a mysterious reason not even the Oracle at Delphi is able to clarify.

The plight of Aegeus desperately seeking fecundity in Euripides’ Medea is a mini-caricature of Sophocles’grand Oedipean theme (made the paradigm of all Tragedy by Aristotle in his book the Poetics, the first book of literary, and art-criticism in general, in history) – the name of Creon, Oedipus’ uncle, surfaces blatantly un-altered in Euripides’ play, for no other conceivable reason – there is, for example, no known king of Corinth bearing that name! Close the bracket.

Medea’s (both play and Character) true problem hitherto not-understood

But what is the significance of all the above in terms of the play’s central meaning(s)? Having explained some of the true meanings of the original Greek, we can now state with confidence that the passage (quoted above at length in translation) contains the throbbing heart of Euripides’ immensely complex, historical world of socio-cultural, psycho-sexual multiple-meanings hitherto un-discovered – a mirror held to the strictly ‘hieratical’ hierarchical social stratification of polygamous social relations, the single focal seminal rule of which – its cardinal law – is the consent of the 1st wife to the taking of a 2nd wife, and so further on sequentially down the line, viz. the consent of the 1st and the 2nd wives must be obtained absolutely by the patriarchal alpha male (‘husband’) for the 3rd etc.

This archetypal grand rule of polygamy is still preserved in all African polygamous societies still extant in our own times, and is fundamental to the Koranic shariah law in Islam (which limits the number of wives to 4, and de-limits the number of ‘concubines’ ad infinitum – hence the total elimination (for the male) of any potential for illicit adultery. If the latter would still occur… then it can only be regarded by the Sacred Law as the result of sheer lunacy and/or defiance of it, hence meriting death by stoning!

Of course the problem for the female should not even exist, as theoretically, in patriarchal law globally – also in ancient China, and not only in Islam – the woman’s sexuality is defined and identified exclusively in relationship with the male.(*) The female lacks any autonomous sexual definition outside her relationship with the alpha male. This cardinal seminal law of polygamy ensures and identifies progeny, as a necessary evolutionary change in human social relations different from the animal kingdom, where other more violent mechanisms are at play – the alpha lion of the pride for example, kills the babies of all the females he takes over from the male he topples, to impregnate them afresh!

Demosthenes (384-322 BC) has preserved a record of the survival of this (Sabben-Clare and Warman 1978, p.34), almost a thousand years before the appearance of historical Islam;
Living together, means producing children, enrolling sons among clansmen and
demesmen and giving away daughters as one’s own to husbands. Courtesans we
have for pleasure and concubines to satisfy our daily bodily needs, but wives to
produce true-born children and to be trustworthy guardians of the household.

Extraordinary functional distinctions of the female are refined within this terse text – ‘wives’ ensure the certainty of the paternal progeny (hence family wealth), and once inseminated are taken out of the male sexual-needs formula altogether – they are used to sustain power relations for aristocratic alliances, while countless numbers of females service “the daily” male sexual needs – the distinction between these as courtesans…for pleasure playing music, reciting poetry, conversing intelligently, and concubines to satisfy…daily bodily needs surfaces a thousand years later in Islam almost verbatim.

Thus, it is that cardinal seminal law of polygamy, with its profound evolutionary socio-economic repercussions, that Euripides’ Jason is breaking, as evidenced by the hugely important 5 lines/passage discussed above in two translations.

Medea is absolutely entitled to her archetypal single grand right of consent to Jason’s choice of a new heterosexual relationship (‘wife’ in the Christian sense). It is precisely what Medea is accusing Jason of – not seeking her consent – but doing it stealthily behind her back.

Euripides’ Jason’s thunderous reply comes as a sardonic classical Greek ‘post-modern’ mockery of the whole socio-political structure of Polygamy, decrying the absurd contradiction of its socio-sexual relations grounded on the grand rule of the 1st wife’s consent, which dis-empowers the alpha male within the context of volcanic female sexual jealousies – in evolutionary terms, female sexual jealousy guards the security of exclusive access to male resources – while simultaneously empowering him in the patriarchal social sphere…

Euripides is thus converting Jason into the post-modern ‘new’ man of his day – causing shock and horror to the expectations of the ‘traditionalist old guard’ – the aristocrats among the audience, while at the same time winning the gleeful admiration of the ‘new’ young citizens of his day – Euripides, like Socrates, was accused of corrupting the young…

I have no space here to analyze further the enormous ramifications of the sensational discovery revealed above in terms of the rest of Euripides’ play.

Suffice it to conclude that Sexual liberation for both genders has never been complete, or without volcanic consequences – human sexuality still remains the most powerful force in Nature forging history – one could even reinterpret the military-industrial complex responsible for the wretchedness of the world as no more than a pathological aspect of it – military personnel exposing themselves to the rest of the world seeking macho admiration for their perverted tools…


(*) In the Chinese grammar, there is no gender. Traditionally, in the patriarchal Chinese culture, down to the days of Mao’s wife’s political power, ‘the woman’ did not exist – she was there all right, but the Chinese would not notice ‘her’, so much so that, unlike in the West, vicious misogyny is completely absent from Chinese literary documents. One of the worst practices of Imperial China was of course female baby foot-binding, whereby the adult female would develop stunted baby-feet for sexual purposes pleasuring the male – but this had no conscious evil purpose in it (as the burning of the witches in the West), rather was the product of ignorance and stupidity.
It is only in our own days that ‘the woman’ is finally ‘surfacing’ in China, but unlike in the West, without any baggage of misogyny hindering her appearance and progress.
The Chinese language today reflects and documents this huge sociological phenomenon in a most fascinating manner – The most interesting linguistic evolutionary phenomenon witnessed today in current Chinese use is the case of the genderless ‘character’ for the third person pronoun ta=he/she, which is being differentiated for the very first time in the Chinese language today by the pre-fixal addition of the character for woman=nu signifying altogether she, and the radical for the ‘standing man’ to signify he, even though these additions do not amount to gendering the pronunciation of the differentiated characters, they are still pronounced in both cases as the traditional genderless ta.


Loeb Classical Library, Number 12, Euripides, Cyclops, Alcestis, Medea, Bilingual edition by David Kovacs, 1994//2001, Harvard University Press.

Sabben-Clare, J. P. and Warman, M. S. (eds) (1978) The Culture of Athens, LACTOR 12, Lact Publications, Text CA92, p. 34.

Slavitt, D. R. and Bovie, P. (eds) (1998) Euripides, 1 – Medea, Hecuba, Andromache, The Bacchae, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press.

Vellacott, P. (1963) Euripides, Medea and other Plays, London, Penguin Classics.

Wilson, S. and Zarate, O. (2002) The Freud Wars, Icon Books UK + Totem Books USA.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Sea Scene on my Mother's Day

For Clarice who read this first

I do not know if all men and women die the same way

Waiting and hoping she would be coming home
I was certain the doctors were entirely wrong

She lacked any signs of a wasting disease
She’d never smoked – a teetotal almost by birth

She looked so healthy and Confucian wise
Only a little old

Mah-mah Ho-kiss * used to banter with me
Pour frequently freezing water over my magisterial confidence

“ Son, tell me, now!
At this very moment, what’s in my heart?
How would you know it? ”

Her mind was in her heart – that much I knew
“ Who can tell what’s in anybody’s mind? ”

As on earth, so in their vision of the Underworld
The ancients thought of the Sea and its shore as a metaphor
The dreaded Charon transported the dead souls ‘to the other shore’

Little did I know how right and true the old Greeks were!

I had feared death mortally
Would change my path to avoid
A funeral cortege on its way to the seaside…

“ When do you think I can take her home, Nurse?
Shall we call for a taxi? ”

“ Will you not understand, good Professor
Your mother is dying, No! She’s not going home! ”

The Irish male nurse burst the shores of his temper
Flooding me with furious oceanic anger

“ No, Prof., you won’t be taking her home ”
He repeated and rubbed tons of sea-salt in my just-wounded soul

I trusted my sister alone and she was dead silent…

Okeanus the classical Greek Titan
Encircled the known world like a belt
Overhanging a fat man’s beer belly

The father of all earthly water was a mother too…

My sister Ar-sineh of Montreal thought I was mad
Cracking camp jokes, babbling of ancient Greeks

Mah-mah Ho-kiss was gasping for breath through an oxygen mask

It was the evening of a long day watching over her hospital bed
And I wanted to make her laugh

“ Mah-mah, Ho-kiss, tell me
What’s in your heart now? ”

Leaning over out of a fearful boredom
I whispered right into her ears my face very close to hers

In the past our cue for a Confucian joke…
But she was not laughing this time

Dead worried I repeated my Armenian catchphrase
Mah-mah Ho-kiss in-dzi ehs-say +

“ I’ve nothing to say ”

The fury of all the fifty Furies chasing Orestes in Aeschylus
Etched suddenly on her visage through the transparent mask

She gulped
And choked on air

Mah-mah Ar-sineh Ho-kiss hold her Nurse help pull her up
She’s sinking in the sea

And the last bubbles of her universal breath
Slowly one by one surfaced from her unfathomable soulful seaful depths

Luce-tania she was and Titanic

The fiery chiaroscuro sun-disk at dusk
Floating like a feather down into Turner’s depths of an infinite sea

I and Ar-sineh left orphans on the shore
Dumb, dead, and broken hearted
Soul destroyed

How and what shall we could we must we tell Israel our father
Ninety years ago he’d seen his people a million massacred by the Young old Turks

What and how might we must we will we tell our absent siblings
Kha-tchik in Hounslow, Mar-karid in Paris, Mari-noss in Toronto

A gust of gentle wind
Her soul I think on the way out of Golgotha
Breezed through the hospital sea shore
Banging doors and blowing the ward windows wide open

A quiet rumble alighted in a quick flash lightning
Rain fell painfully on the panes outside for just a few moments

Was my mah-mah ho-kiss Christ’s sister?

The fear of death had almost killed me
Until the day I saw the scene of my Mother’s Day
When the titanic Okeanus sank my mother’s ship

Death the Reaper rapes all life before it

Do not avoid your parents’ death my child

Witnessing their passing away at life’s seashore
Shall give you the courage you need

To survive in sanity in a world harvested
Regularly by God’s own very Rapist

* Armenian, translates my mother, my soul

+ Armenian, translates my mother, my soul, tell me! – The Indo-European root of the Armenian verb “ehs-say-l” (infinitive form) is indeed cognate precisely with the English verb to “say”.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Who needs love? The New-Millennial Search For Emanuel Swedenborg – the Last Sage of the World

(The text of the millennial Public Lecture, delivered to the London Swedenborg Society, on 30th January, 1999, in celebration of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Birthday)

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist turned mystic and sage. Prof. Pilikian calls him the world’s last sage. There is in London a venerable old institution established in 1810 - The Swedenborg Society, housed in its own sumptuous premises in the heart of central London’s renowned Bloomsbury area. At the dawn of the new millennium, Prof. Pilikian was invited by this Society to deliver the millennial public lecture, in celebration of the Sage’s birthday, 29th January (1688). With enthusiastic co-operation from Stephen McNeilly, Editor and Head of Publications at the Swedenborg Society, Prof. Pilikian staged a micro-cultural-festival for the packed house – his brother, Khatchadur Pilikian, Bel-Canto trained opera-singer from Italy, delighted the audience with a classical concert, while Armenia’s contemporary painter, Artur Oshakantsi had unveiled his masterly portrait of Emanuel Swedenborg for the occasion, preceding Prof. Pilikian’s lecture, the text of which is published herein for the very first time.

It shows the Professor as a master of philosophical discourse, rooted in the practical matters of our politics-ridden daily lives. Richard Lines, the distinguished lawyer, past president of the Society and present Secretary had pronounced the words of the Society’s appreciation. The Professor’s predictive words and critical analyses are as fresh and valid today, perhaps even more so! His description of Swedenborg as the world’s Last Sage may even be a tad ambiguous, if we wish to create some elbow room for our own Professor! – Simon Aynedjian, Editor, GIBRAHAYER Internet Magazine.
I love Swedenborg. And I am very grateful to the Swedenborg Society for this opportunity to share some ideas with you.

The reason I love his works so much is because I consider Swedenborg to be a man of… the future. And in our age of disposables, there are very few such great minds left. Swedenborg's time has not come yet.

I am not in the business of predicting the future, but I have learnt (from the British Establishment) to anticipate trends, with the fond hope of being able to influence some. The purpose of my lecture is to humbly suggest that the next millennium may be Swedenborg's time, hoping that the Swedenborg Society in London readies itself for such an eventuality.

May I briefly outline Swedenborg's biography for those of you who have not even heard of him (Swedenborgians predictably forget that the subject of their love is unknown to others, and one must not tire of introducing him every time. Moreover, a speaker's choice of highlights will already reveal much of his own intended message. I am aware of this and I intend it to be so).

Swedenborg was a Swedish Scientist of the 18th century, who in mid-life (feminists would argue for a male menopausal cause) decided to chuck it all in, and dedicate the rest of his life to writing about spiritual matters, primarily the Bible. This of course puzzled and still does all those who dealt with his massive encyclopaedic output. The puzzle resolves itself if one remembers that until Darwin's Origin of Species a hundred years later, Religion and Science were almost one, rather complimentary, at least not in total dialectical opposition as today. However, I am not forgetting at all the horrors the Vatican had perpetrated against the likes of Galileo. In fact, I shall go further and suggest in virulent defence of the scientists, that the formal Church is itself wholly responsible (and no pun intended) for the situation arising in our own times whereby Science had to turn wholly a-moral to liberate itself from the shackles of the murderous Inquisition, the first genociders in post-Renaissance history.

It is a shocking fact that hitherto the Catholic Church has not found the moral courage to denounce its Inquisition, and apologise for the genocidal deaths of millions of innocent European peasantry. Until such time, frankly, the Church does not deserve the respect of Modern Science, although I suggest that the latter desperately needs a truly holy and spiritual Swedenborgian-kind Church for moral guidance, sooner rather than later ..We all know what un-holy acts modern scientists are capable of. And it is a great pity. It does not have to be like this. With Swedenborgian ethical values, Scientists, not fornicating politicians could lead the way to happier times.

Swedenborg loved London. He even died here.

Isaac Newton was young Swedenborg's ideal scientist. Newton too, had spent most of his days deciphering Biblical mysteries, a biographical fact which was heavily camouflaged by later post-Darwinist scholars of science.

As a preamble to some of my future references, which some of you may find provocative, I would like to articulate a few basic post-modernist credentials.

I believe in total and absolute democracy, humility and enlightened social tolerance, for a very good philosophical reason – the basics of Being and Becoming are still such a mystery, that all arrogance whether scientific or religious-fundamentalist, render power-obsessed people totally ridiculous.

To me, the mystery of Life is not in some grand remote conceptual scheme to be cracked by scientists one day, but in the fact (emphasised by Swedenborg) of second-by-second Breath-taking (not to say Breathing), which people usually forget. Life is so delicate, on such a knife-edge, it takes very little, and just a second's choking, to extinguish it instantly (which of course all murderers and political torturers know well).

One needs life every second of one's life, for which reason I think this mystery (of Why Life at all?) shall remain so for-ever, as no amount of scientific cracking of the genetic codes shall ever be able to explain (I am not of course referring to the usual mundane explications of Oxygenation etc.).

Swedenborg's beautiful spiritual theory, as an Influx of Life directly from God into every particle of every living thing, every milli-second, sustaining it at all moments throughout its life span, while a heart-warming concept, I find it to be unsatisfactory to my own perhaps hopelessly spoilt scientific tastes, and which serves as an occasion for me to declare that my love of Swedenborg is not sycophantic or religious, but reasoned, rational, scientific and Spiritual. I consider Religion to be a matter of Spirituality rather than the other way round. I love reading Swedenborg for its scientific rationality even about spiritual matters.

A second good reason for democracy and social tolerance is phenomenological. To appreciate it, one has to go back to the Pre-Socratic Greeks. One of the greatest discoveries they made was the observation that Everything Is and Is not. There are several variations on this very broad theme. Heraclitus put it in the most perceptive and poetically beautiful way – you can never step in the same River twice, as the waters are in a constant flux in a flowing river.

Another variation lies in the concept of the monetary coin. According to Herodotus, it was invented by the Lydians in ancient Armenia. Remarkably, it went out of use for a millennia (plunging Medieval economy into the Barter-system), before it re-surfaced in Renaissance Italy.

Conceptually, the two-sided monetary coin (compared with the flat-surfaced single-dimensional medallion) I think manifests a most stunning philosophical awareness – the Hegelian dialectical opposites. I personally think that it had to do with the invention of the Wheel (acknowledged by historians of Technology to be the first most important discovery of Man, after Fire).

The monetary coin iconographically is a mini-wheel, letting an economic transaction roll on smoothly. In terms of philosophical Logic, it manifests the two equally valid sides of any truth-proposition. Conceptually, it shows the two contradictory sides of an argument. For example, it is quite perturbing for un-trained minds to note that any affirmation stated verbally, immediately produces its counter-factual, even its exact opposite. Suppose I say, the sky is blue. You can immediately state with equal validity that No, it isn't (it never is in Britain anyway! And, most interestingly, the Victorian Pantomime seems to be based on such a relationship with its audience. I am referring to the audience members heckling usually the evil ones on the stage).

One of the greatest laws of the Universe is not found necessarily in the gravitational forces of the Newtonian mechanics, but I think in this, that to every Rule there is an exception (because everything is and is-not). Hence, I suggest philosophical Logicians waste their creative energies trying to locate exceptions. I contend further that one can define a Law valid for the whole universe, thus – No universal law can be valid universally without at least one exception. I name this – the First Law of Universal Being and Becoming.

This is proven by Quantum mechanics, at sub-atomic plane of particle-being and becoming. Being cannot become, without such a singularity. Being becomes, through the exception. It cannot be otherwise. Becoming can only be, via the possibility of its exception. Thus everything is, and is not, subversively referred to by Shakespeare's Hamlet as "To be or not to be" – we are dead while being alive. We carry an immense amount of dead cells in us, upon us (dead skin, for example). Equally, a dead body carries an equivalent amount of live bodies in and out – live bacteria and viruses which act to disintegrate the dead body.

The single most vital and essential fundament of Swedenborg's thinking is from the Biblical metaphor which conceptualises God manifested in Jesus Christ as Life itself. This in turn is the meaning of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton, most sacred, YA(H)WA, which derives from a Hebrew root meaning "To Be", hence Jehovah's declaration to Moses, etymologizing his own name, "I AM THAT I AM".

Swedenborg elaborates philosophically on this linguistic derivation to make it the conceptual framework of his whole philosophy; that God being Life, is alone alive, all else, the whole universe is dead. However, therefore, all, the whole universe and everything in it (including the Angles, no exception made of them) receive their lives as an influx directly from God himself. And God does this out of Love and Wisdom, which is equally in turn the rational proof that God is in fact the very essence of his love and wisdom, consequently, Life itself emanating directly from Him is, can be nothing else but the great universal It – Life and Wisdom.

The second most important intellectual force in esoteric literature belonged to Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Her monumental masterpiece, the Secret Doctrine, appeared in two massive volumes in 1888. She knew and was influenced by Swedenborg's work, reversed it into its dialectical opposite (the other side of the coin, the is-not), arguing that in fact All is alive, even when commonly thought as dead. For Blavatsky, there is no dead matter. Matter is alive at all times by the dynamic energy and motion of its constituent atomic particles. Most remarkably for a non-scientist, she saw the equivalence of Energy and Matter, one of the greatest discoveries of all time credited to Einstein (it made the production of nuclear energy possible).

Einstein's formula, one of the most famous in the History of Science, E=MC2, where C is the speed of Light (Swedenborg's Divine Light of Wisdom), I would argue is the non-formula of all time, entirely tautological, as the speed of light raised to its second power is so large that anything multiplied with it will simply vanish into it. Einstein’s formula then is no more than E=E (a tautology).

And few people know that Einstein carried Madame Blavatsky's book (“Secret Doctrine”) as a constant desk top companion throughout his life. I therefore suggest that Einstein's equivalence of Energy and Matter is entirely owed to Madame Blavatsky's remarkable insight, inspired from Swedenborg's Nebular Theory of Creation of Matter, which alas, I cannot elaborate here further.

That everything is and is not should make us all weary of inhumanity, racism, political tyranny, and all forms of evil. It is my argument for absolute democracy and social tolerance. No one knows best. No one can know best. Those who think they do, whether arrogant scientists or lunatic American fundamentalists, are merely "whistling in the wind", in the immortal obscene joke by Shakespeare's Goneril, King Lear's Gonorrhoea-infected daughter.

We need more democracy, never less. Incredibly, even our democratic governments constantly and continuously attempt to rape our democracies to which they merely pay lip-service.

I intend no offence to any individual (even though I shall never give up my right of free speech), for the simple existential reason, that so long as all men and women must die unable to take anything with (although the ancient Egyptians, much trumpeted for their esoteric wisdom, foolishly tried to do so), so long as women and men must be born naked from the woman's limbs (not Adam's ribs or Zeus' head), let no man or woman think he or she is better than another.

However, the problem of Evil remains always ultimately the soul-destroying touch-stone testing one's democratic faith in social tolerance. For example – Could I (or Swedenborg for that matter, who despised un-truth in any shape, of lies, hypocrisy, fornication etc.) forgive a murderer like General Pinochet, or his bosom friend Mrs Thatcher who almost succeeded in destroying our own country, or a fornicator like President Clinton? My answer lies in another question – Have you noticed how pathetic and sad figures tyrants cut in their old age ? Of all people Hitler knew this very well, and committed suicide knowingly in his Bunker to die young-ish, not to look pitiable as a captured dog.

I think I personally could forgive even Hitler as a wheelchair bound incontinent old man, and would happily pay from my taxes for a nurse to look after him. But I perfectly understand the victims who may wish old Hitler to be thrown to Rottweilers, first bred by the sado-masochists of his Gestapo.

People may be forgiven as sad human beings, but never their acts of evil consequences. In these days of a flu-epidemic, more than ever the thatcherite destruction of our health service is tragically obvious even to the former ardent Thatcherites. One of the main news-media supports of that destructive regime, the Daily Mail, today eating the words of its past headlines, runs a campaign to recruit nursing staff for the National Health Service (NHS), when for almost two decades they lied babbling of overstaffing, forcing deep cuts onto the service, with the purpose of making it attractive for privatisation; according to a small print in the January 23rd issue ("Blair's £4m bid to recruit nurses", p. 9), Blair's Government needs "to attract 15,000 new nursing recruits into the NHS ... adverts will target the 160,000 nurses who are qualified but are not working in the profession."

How could one ever over-staff Health and Education, when the ideal of both is one-to-one (not something unattainable, as official government propaganda would have you believe, when for example such a perfect ideal is already practised in Education at the elitist Oxbridge level).

It is criminal that our children are taught in classrooms of thirty and more, when any reasonable decent human being (no need for left-wing educationists much reviled by the Daily Mail's and the Telegraph's) would know that even ten in a classroom is too many for overwrought teachers.

I cannot of course discuss all of Swedenborg's interesting theories even though his work is one of a piece, like a Roman mosaic, constructed with a consummate skill. He is Plato and Aristotle harmonised, the whole of the Bible (Old and New Testament) re-invented, with the integration of what was regarded by the official Church as heretical elements, like Gnosticism, the Eastern Orthodox Church, then additionally the Koran of Islam, the Jewish Qabbalah, the Masonic sun-cult etc. And of course, Newtonian Science, which Swedenborg had devoured. Herein lies my first port of call on the way to the next millennium, to declare Swedenborg as the paradigm of the future scientist.

Immoral scientists

For too long now scientists have denied the existence of the Spirit. A groundswell is building up within modern hard-core science for the recognition of the Soul (Einstein's Blavtskean infinite Energy? Definitely, the Subconscious in Freud, or the massive Consciousness of Psychology), which is bound to lead to the eventual acknowledgement of the Spirit, the classical Hindu notion of God's essence permeating all Being, thence the unity of all existence, being and becoming.

A-moral science (a-moral anything) I contend is a form of immorality, hiding cowardly behind neutered safety.

A leading biologist (from the University College, London) whose name I shall not pronounce because it is not his person I wish to aggress but his grotesque ideas which are not beyond ridiculous stereotypes, frequently expressed by other inarticulate scientists regurgitating each other, states "Science has absolutely nothing to do with morality. It is value-free and has no moral or ethical questions" ("In defence of scientists", an interview with "leading Biologist Wolpert", Camden New Journal, 14 January, 1999, p. 15).

That science is value-free is a lie most social scientists would prove easily. The leading biologist then goes on to make a most astonishing statement, which I am glad to acknowledge is nothing if not moral – he says in self-damning self-contradiction; "when scientists uncover dangers, for example the BSC scare [the Mad-cow disease], they must behave as 'accountants who uncover corruption' and blow the whistle. 'Scientists must not become unquestioning tools of government or industry'". Absolutely! But what better moral task for Scientists, with a social conscience.

My only disagreement here is that the leading biologist gets his metaphors morally confused, accountants being notorious for their a-morality and tax-avoidance schemes, and cover-up of corruption rather than its revelation.

The leading biologist then protests that scientists "are always portrayed as mad, bad and soulless", which is precisely what they are by their own admission of disbelief in the soul!

Scientists do become bad and mad when they have "absolutely nothing to do with morality", for which reason they are portrayed as such!

Here is what Swedenborg has to say in a tiny book about such scientists; ".. it is evident into what blindness, darkness, and stupidity those may fall who know nothing of the spiritual world and its sun [God]: into blindness, because the mind, depending solely upon the sight of the eye, becomes in its reasoning like a bat, which flies by night in a wandering course, and sometimes against linen clothes which may be hanging up; into darkness, because the sight of the mind, when the sight of the eye is flowing into it from within, is deprived of all spiritual light [lumen], and becomes like that of an owl; into stupidity, because the man still thinks, but from natural things concerning spiritual, and not contrariwise; consequently, idiotically, foolishly, and insanely." (“The Intercourse of the Soul and The Body, p.ii/4).

In a most ridiculous conclusion, our leading London biologist protests, "The problem is ignorance. We seem to fear chimeras, of mixing organisms." But we must indeed, absolutely, the Species Barrier whereby reproduction across species is prevented, is one of the crucial levers of Darwinian evolutionary mechanism, which mad, immoral, frankly perverted scientists must be prevented from destroying even by Law if need be. Would the leading biologist like to mate with an ass and produce mules as his children?

The Bad news is that there are horrible things going on in the world; institutionalised racism, governmental corruption, scientific immorality, political genocide, etc. etc.

I feel uncomfortable sharing a moment of joy with you in remembrance of a Spiritual giant like Swedenborg, when I remember that a sweet young man Stephen Lawrence was murdered in cold blood by a pack of rabid youths simply for not sharing their skin-colour. The murderers were publicly identified by the Daily Mail a year ago, and five years after the murder they are still at large, the victim's family still unable to get the justice they, and all of us as a civilized society, need.

The European Union bureaucracy is cancerously corrupt to the core, almost like the Ottoman Empire a hundred years ago labelled as “The Sick Man of Europe”, ending with the genocide of one and a half million Armenians (in 1915). The European Parliament which accepted the corruption (as if they didn't know, we have been frequently informed of the MEP's gravy train for at least the last decade), immediately covered it up yet again, with a vote of confidence.

The MEP (Member of the European Union Parliament) who was strangely both instrumental in the revelation and subsequent cover up of it (another case of scientific factual amorality?) confesses cheekily, confirming even more horrors, that "the Common Agricultural Policy, which accounts for nearly half the EU's budget and where fraud is proven". ("Euro Talk, London North MEP Pauline Green gives us her view from the centre of the storm", Times Group Newspapers, 21 January, 1999, p. 10).

And pray, what is she or anyone else in the European Union doing about it? – Obviously nothing, for at least twenty years now.

I feel uncomfortable to remember John Pilger's documentary on East Timor (shown a few days ago on the British ITV channel) where the Indonesian government has been murdering at least quarter of a million East Timorese with arms supplied by the British thatcherite governments and now by New Labour, which had professed otherwise. Foreign policy is made by a Robin Cook, who is so awkward in human relations as to break the news of his decision to divorce his wife, according to his ex-wife's memoirs, at just the moment when she was devastated "because her beloved horse had been put down." In one of the most hilarious moments of human stupidity I have come across, Mr Cook is reported as saying, "I think, though, since you are obviously so upset [about the horse] I may as well tell you some other bad news. As you suspected, I've been having an affair." ("Delicious revenge of Margaret Cook", from extracts published from her book and an accompanying Sunday Times interview, Daily Mail, 11 January, 1999, p. 6).

In Islamic countries (Pakistan, Jordan etc.) thousands of women "are killed annually because of alleged immorality. ("Queen in 'honour killings' campaign" – The Times, 21 January, 1999, p.17). Meanwhile, in our own civilized Britain, "Abusive parents are getting away with murder because of the willingness of pathologists and coroners to settle for a cot death verdict without sufficient investigation when a child dies unexpectedly, according to a leading paediatrician – “.. Nearly all the killers were the mothers, who usually smothered their children.” ("Doubt cast on cot death verdicts" – The Guardian, 7 January, 1999, p.1).

The Good news is (and I cannot say how good you may think the news to be) mankind's history has never been otherwise but full of incredible evil.

There is nothing new under the sun. Mothers smothering their children has a long 'respectable' Victorian tradition in Britain, stretching back to the Middle Ages of all European countries, when children were openly ritually murdered, following the Herodian paradigm in the New Testament, in turn replicating the Pass-over act of God himself murdering the first-born of the Egyptians to punish them for injustice against the Jews. Medieval Christians then reversed this biblical given and accused the European Jewry of regular child-murder and blood-drinking to cover-up their own paedocide.

There is no period of human history which could compare in murderous depravity and criminal perversion with the last days of the Roman Empire, when anything and all was possible literally, a liberal model which seems to be the longing of the post-modernists in our own times.

I hope such a day never returns. Yet even earlier than the Roman times, Herodotus two thousand five hundred years ago reports encountering a tribe "who do everything in public that others do in private and vice versa "… presumably mating sexually in full view of their society. Judging by some of the Channel 4 programming standards, we do not seem to be far off those times.

The Library of the Holy See of the Vatican contains the world's largest collection of Pornography. The official historian of the Byzantine Empire, Procopius, had also written a Secret History (which has survived and can be bought in a Penguin edition) about the rulers of Byzantium in the 6th century, where the great Queen herself, Theodora, would think nothing of displaying her sexual organs in public. Times have changed, or have they? Everything is and is not.

What has evolved is the tragic fragmentation of the human being. The mind responsible for this spiritual nuclear explosion belonged to Plato. Two thousand four hundred years ago, the father of Philosophy split the Body from the Mind, and since then, Western man has failed to join them together as a whole again. We are still suffering from the nuclear fall-out of Plato's massive explosion. Descartes, in the 17th century, regarded as the father of modern philosophy, while wishing to achieve the reverse, in fact caused unwittingly a further minor explosion increasing the gulf between the Mind and the Body.

The advances in Genetic engineering may produce the third major and even more dangerous explosion, this time on perhaps the quantum level. For the first time in human history there is the possibility of eliminating human sexuality altogether, specifically the heterosexual intercourse, which many people may think no bad thing at all, as all evil seems to have begun, at least biblically through the heterosexual knowledge.

The Histories of Herodotus start with a Big gang-Bang, the sailors of a visiting Phoenician ship rape the daughter of the King of Argos, causing all subsequent world wars produced by the pressure of necessary military training and alliances. The easy and free proto-feminist Phoenician princess had gone to the beach with her girl-friends for a bit of fun, guessing little what sex-starved Greek chauvinist dogs could get up to.

The physical elimination of human sexuality may be a god-sent technology for evil governments seeking total population control.

Births in controlled numbers can be ordered like groceries from national incubators. Sex-for-fun (inclusive of homosexuality, sado-masochism, Bestiality, paedophilia, all, unlike the biblical dictum of heterosexuality-for-procreation) can be provided with virtual reality porno-computers. The totalitarian government can then precisely quantify the needs of Economy, Health and Education for the foreseeable future. All unpredictable exceptions will be eliminated.

The World’s Last Sage

If however, on the positive side, the elimination of the human physical sexuality will produce finally the ideal monogamous spiritual erotic relationship, then Swedenborg may yet be greeted as the greatest human mind ever.

One of his major works is titled "The Delights of Wisdom Relating to Conjugial Love followed by the Pleasures of insanity relating to Licentious Love". It is great fun to read, and I recommend it universally.

The greatest single contribution of the New Testament dogma to the world's intellectual history, I consider it to be the concept of the Monogamous marriage for life, which is then raised to the highest possible plane of sacredness, by the implication of Divine involvement. Monogamy is sacred to God himself. And the only great book on the subject is undoubtedly Swedenborg's.

This idea that All – the whole universe – is born of Love (Eros) is very ancient in Greek thought. Greek Scholars are unanimous in accepting it as actually the most ancient concept ever.

It is millennia later that other ‘gods’ develop, and Eros is reduced to becoming Aphrodite's child from her fornicatory union with Aries, the god of War (Aphrodite was formally married to Hephaistos, the god of craftsmanship and artistic creativity). The modern equalisation of Love with Sex was a very gradual process of reductionism from being All, the very cause of the whole universe coming into being, to meaning no more than coital sex lasting minutes.

Saint Paul, the great discoverer and formulator of the sacred Monogamous marriage, undoubtedly knew of the original Greek concept of existential causality, and may have unwittingly used it as his source of inspiration. But his discovery and definition of monogamous love I consider being one of the greatest achievements of the human mind and totally a scientific concept, because it is quantifiable and testable.

Where it occurs in 1Cor13 is some of the most unique words ever written, and here it is in the New International Version; "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. ... these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. "

Patience, kindness, humility, non-judgmentalism, rejection of evil deeds, delight in truth, are all quantifiable traits in psychological methodology. One could devise psychological tests of modern sophistication to produce measurements for Saint Paul's observations, and arrive at a mathematical formula defining monogamous Love precisely, what has been hitherto regarded and I think mistakenly as the greatest indefinable.

As defined by St Paul and later elaborated and developed into new rational heights by Swedenborg and labelled by him as Love, monogamous love needs absolutely the total context of truth-speaking and absence of pornography to exist, let alone survive.

Lying and fornication completely submerge and eventually kill off the possibility of such love, cause social deterioration producing a life of crime and warmongering, for which reason Swedenborg was convinced that his paradigm of Conjugial Love did not and could not exist in the times he lived, as people were corrupted through Lying and fornication. He therefore hoped that what he was constructing as a model inspired by New Testament monogamy was one for the future. Three hundred years after Swedenborg, it is still the case, alas.

Here are the very first words upon which Swedenborg begins his book, The Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom; “There is but little comprehension in the world as to what Love is, and yet it is man's very life. This is evident from its being frequently asked, What is Love? The reason for this ignorance is that love is not apparent to the sight of the Understanding etc. etc. love is the very soul or life of thought, therefore thought, if deprived of love, grows cold and lifeless, like a flower deprived of heat; for love kindles, enlivens and animates thought ...love is the life of the Understanding, and so of the thought; and being the life of the Understanding and so of the thought, it is also the life of the whole man; for it is the life of all sense and of all motion, thus it is the life of the organs by means of which sense and motion come into existence; that it is also the life of the other viscera will be seen below. Etc."

In sheer Swedenborgian terms of Truth being predicated to God's very being, cognate simultaneously and interchangeably with Goodness itself ("Indeed, they are the Lord, for He is Divine good itself and Divine truth itself." CL, para. 84 / 1), the unforgivable crime of the thatcherite governments was to make Lying socially respectable, even desirable – suffice it to refer to the Scott Report, published by Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London, on the Iraq-Iran war whereby one million people were killed, with armaments supplied to both sides by Mrs Thatcher's government under the cover of ministerial lies to the House of Commons etc.

Even now as a direct result of the socio-political developments from the thatcherite days of President Reagan, frightening new corruptions are pouring out of academic America advocating Lies as an acceptable socio-evolutionary biological mechanism enhancing the interests of the Selfish Gene – the title of an influential book by a proudly thatcherite Oxford Don, Professor Dawkins. BBC Nature programs frequently show you how Fishes, Birds, Monkeys lie and cheat for food and sex.

John Updike, one of the best known American novelists of fornicating Couples, produced a thick tome of essays at the height of thatcherite Reaganism promoting the idea that all art is no more than the art of lying, and it is better for it. Not only that it is so, for Mr Updike, but that it must also be so!

Updike was of course re-hashing the old Platonic objection in the Republic, with the difference that Plato would not wish it to be so. Aristotle wrote one of the greatest books of all time, his Poetics, to try and correct his old teacher's misunderstandings of the craft of the poet's art. Aristotle, unlike Updike, was actually pointing out that Poetry (hence all Art) is based on Truth, its own internal truth of the imagination, which is very different from the external factual truth Plato mistook for a lie, because of poetic license.

Truth-speaking, not lying, as the Essence of Social life

Like Swedenborg, who believed in the New Testament dictum of Satan being "the Father of Lies", I consider truth-speaking to be monumentally essential for a humanly decent society. Lying, on a personal level would ultimately render all social relations murderous.

How could a spouse sleep in peace with a marital partner at night, if that partner would be a liar, who could then acknowledge no moral boundaries of any sorts, who would then have no hesitation in stabbing that partner in sleep or poisoning his food when it shall serve her purpose, something already it seems commonplace in post-Reaganite America.

Do you remember that notorious British TV shot of Jonathan Aitkin, one-time boy-friend of Mrs Thatcher's daughter, John Major's Minister of Arms-procurement, staring haunted at the cameras splurging dramatically metaphors of being a Knight in shining armour of Truth preparing for battle to fight news-media lies... To-day he stands convicted of Lying and worse, corrupting his spouse and innocent child into doing the same for him.

According to a news report, "He has been seeking salvation among the 'happy clappers' of Holy Trinity Brompton church in Knightsbridge, where he makes newcomers welcome and hands round coffee." (G. Levy, "Slain…by the sword of truth", Daily Mail, 20 January, 1999, p.7). Unlike Swedenborg, most men seek salvation after, not before. If Mr Aitkin had done his coffee rounds while dating Mrs Thatcher's daughter, perhaps he could have taught Mrs T a few truths, and saved Britain’s National Health Service.

As for the famous truth-seekers of The Guardian newspaper who would not let a day pass without branding the liars in huge headlines, it seems they had offered via Lord Saatchi (another professional Thatcher-favourite) "a secret deal ... which would have allowed [Aitkin] to walk away from the case with a sizeable dent in his bank account but his reputation intact." (Daily Mail, 20 January, 1999, "The rejected peace deal", p.6) – So much for the truth seekers of thatcherite Britain!

While the Soviet System fed on public Lies, privately individuals were deeply, suicidally ashamed of possible revelation. Post-Thatcher / Reagan, the Soviet Union nicely eliminated, we are told the polls prove that the American people approve of their President Clinton (accused of Lying) as they consider lying to be an acceptable part of the modern American way of life...which was the hidden way in Soviet life.

President Clinton went one further; he made Pornography respectable, which would be anathema to Swedenborg's very concept of ideal society, based in Swedenborg on monogamous Conjugial Love.

But I wonder if even all that pornography is not a dumbing-down of the American people, covering-up even more horrifying truths – According to a short piece by Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun newspaper ("Did he rape a nurse and run cocaine?", 10 September, 1998, p. 4), " [Clinton's] brother Roger, jailed for drug dealing, is quoted on police tapes saying Bill [Clinton] had a nose for cocaine "like a vacuum cleaner". There are tales of cocaine runs to Colombia and money laundering. ..Some of those who made the claims have been shot dead or disappeared, including eight investigators, nine witnesses and four Clinton associates."

This is the man our own prime minister, Tony Blair loves. What hope then of Tony Blair's anti-drugs policies? To-day's New Labour Britain leads statistically the European league of youth drug-taking, in honour of President Clinton perhaps?

But then is Mr Clinton any worse than any of his predecessors, who could simply get away with it – President Kennedy responsible for Marilyn Monroe's death, President Bush, the partner of the notorious drug baron General Noriega, President Johnson napalming Vietnam etc. God-blessed America seems to be cursed with a string of common criminals as Presidents.

And yet I felt very sad and sorry when Mr Clinton was shown as a bumbling old man trying to preserve some dignity, whatever little of it was left to him.

Swedenborg's concept of Love, nurtured within the context of truth-speaking and Monogamy seems to me to be the only hope for a holistic future.

Love alone as the very life of God flowing into men and women is the divine elixir, the super glue that can cement all aspects of the fragmented and alienated modern individual together. The alternative is virtual reality robotization and madness called ‘Globalization’, which I call ‘Hamburgarization’…

In spite of rampant evil, there seems to be an archetypal universal desire in man of all times and places for, Truth, Justice and the right action, something which no scientific theory shall be able to explain, as it involves none of the necessary and sufficient conditions of the neo-Darwinist evolutionary theory, like Reproductive Success, Parental Investment etc.

Aristotle was convinced that no man does evil knowingly, evil action being entirely the product of the ignorance of the consequences that act may result in.

Most philosophers have constructed theories concerning their solution for the discovery of means whereby one can predict the righteousness of the intended action. The best known of such theories is Kant's Categorical Imperative, not much different from Jesus' dictum of "Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31). Religious people of all denominations would recommend the constant reading of the Bible as a means of finding answers to the puzzles of right action, in readiness for such a need as when and if it would arise.

I call my own theory the Categorical Imperative of the Third Dimension. Dual human heterosexual relationship manifests immense egocentricity and power-obsession. Tying it down to a third dimension may create a possibility of compassion and altruism. The hypothetical child is that dimension. The individual must place that child at the centre of his Life's interest. He must do nothing that could harm the child's well-being whether physically, psychologically or intellectually. One must learn from children, not try to teach them. Compassion would be the first lesson the child would teach adults. But therein is contained a very long Swedenborgian story that needs to be told in detail at some other time.


PS. Unlike instantaneous revolutionary change, evolutionary social change takes many decades to unravel its consequences – Nazi medical practices, for example, begun in Britain under the premiership of Mrs Thatcher, predicted and denounced in my lecture, have indeed infected tragically today Britain’s money-mad body-politic so inhumanly, viciously and cancerously, that, according to a recent Daily Mail first page headlined report (February 24, 2006) “Doctors say heart attack victims should not be revived because money could be better spent elsewhere, Let Old Folk In Care Die, elderly patients [are] starving in care homes, with one in five seriously underfed…”

In the very same issue – a snap-shot of post-modern Britain – the horrendous bloodshed in Iraq caused by Blair-Bush coalition (p.13); the British Gas rip-off “record £1.5 billion profit as [household] bills soar” an indecent 22 per cent (p. 9); a martial arts obsessed son most tragically “slaughtered his parents” (p. 9); “Lover asked me to ‘crack her husband over the head’”(p. 42); and a feminist author “describes her bitter realisation, at nearly 40, that she’ll never be a mother. And reveals her fury over succumbing to the modern mantra that a career and casual sex were her rights as a woman – and that children are for drudges…”(pp. 22-3) etc.

It is Mrs Thatcher’s Britain still evolving into a Nazi monster, and reported by no other than one of her greatest bastions – the very same Daily Mail!